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Friday, June 8, 2012

The economy IS improving

Today, my boss gave me a little raise.  She had me climb a ladder and change some lightbulbs.

All kidding aside, I continued my perfect streak of never asking for a raise, and always getting one.  The secret is working your ass off, and never saying "That's not my job."  If the boss wants it done, then it's your job.  I work like a rented mule.  The boss always asks me if I want to go to lunch.  I say, only if you want me to.

Too many people in our society refuse to work, even when they are at work.  I say off your ass and on your feet.  You should be mortally embarrassed that our politicians say immigrants outwork us.  All you lazy fuckers are giving Americans a bad name, and its pissing us hardworking types off.

If you don't tighten up, we might have to beat you like a rented mule.


  1. THAT is an American work ethic and you are right, TOO MANY Americans think they are owed. YOU are setting the example for others, as well as your kids. I have trained mine in a similar manner.

    Kudos to you brother.

  2. Right on TJ.
    A decent boss knows who his workers are and who the "go to" guys are when important tasks pop up as well as knowing who NOT to count on.

    Like you, I've also never asked for a raise because I got them via performance. If I didn't get one after busting my ass, I began looking elsewhere for places that appreciated hard work.

    If you have a competent supervisor, he'll recognize hard work and want to keep you happy working there.

    My first year out of the Army, I went to work for an auto dealer turning wrenches and, doing whatever crap details came down the pike that the shop prima-donnas would balk at.

    They asked for volunteers to repaint the entire shop and, I stepped up when nobody else would.

    The next week, all the techs were pissed off because I made the bonus board for working overtime...painting.

    The other "bonus" was that the shop overbought on the supplies and they gave me the extra 15 gallons of paint, box of rollers, dropcloths and brushes...which painted the interior of my entire downstairs and saved me about $500.

    People who say "That's not my job" aren't really interested in earning as much as they are in skating by.