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Monday, December 17, 2012

Sorrow and Sadness

I haven't written alot lately; I've been working seven days a week, but I'm hoping to start writing more.  I feel obligated to write something about this massacre in Connecticut.

I don't want to discuss gun control, or mental illness, or any other political ideology.  At least not now.  I know that day will come, and I'm sure it will be soon, but first I want to talk about first graders.

I have four children, all girls.  The older two were in school on Friday, and, even as tough as I am, I wanted to go get them when I heard what happened.  I didn't.  But as soon as I got home from work, I hugged all four of them, and told them how glad I was that they were alive.

My first grader, who is the apple of my eye, asked why.  Kids ask why, you ever notice that?  Why, why, why, why, why.  So I told my children that twenty little kids in Connecticut were no longer alive.  My first grader again asked why, so I told her.  Some nut went in there school and started shooting them.

This time, my first grader said, "On purpose?"

I still can't answer that.  Did this guy do this on purpose?  That causes so much pain between my ears that I cannot accept it as fact.  Surely, this deranged young man was possessed by an evil demon.  I simply cannot imagine doing something this horrible to children so innocent.

I have always been a hard man.  I have fought men in nearly every situation I've been in, from drunken brawls, to handing out a beating to someone just because they really needed it.  At one point in my life, I was actually worried I was going to beat someone to death, because of my bad temper.

When the two idiots shot up Columbine High School, I was able to understand their motivation.  I didn't approve; in fact, I found them to be the lowest form of life.  I was wrong.  Here lately, our mass murderers have been terrible, killing strangers, for no apparent reason.  What possible motive can the Colorado theatre killer have?  How about this latest freak?  What could he possibly have had against these kids?

I resisted the urge to go with my children to school today.  I do want to map out their escape route, search out hiding places, identify usable weapons in their classrooms.  But I don't want the other kids thinking my kids daddy is crazy. 

I wonder how much of this story other parents are sharing with their children.  My theory is not to hide the facts, to let my children know that they have to keep an eye out for crazy people.  I want them to know that daddy can't always be there, and they'll have to do their best to avoid bad people until I can get there.  And I really, really want to find them safe at home every night when I get here.


  1. Crazy fools who would have been institutionalized 50 years ago for the protection of society have been let free by the actions of liberals and the American Communists and Liberals Union. Gunny G

    1. Gunny,

      I believe it was that former worst President ever who led us to quit institutionalizing whackos.

      As a parent, I feel bad for this kids mom. She apparently tried to get help, but because of liberal idiots, no help was available.

      That said, I think its a good thing she was his first target; that keeps her from getting lynched.

    2. Not here to argue. Just do an Internet search with the key words "reagan mental health cuts" and make up your own mind.

  2. Tenth,
    Good post. You're a good dad.

    There is much to digest over this whole affair. In the meantime, I remain disgusted at the conduct of our politicians and the media.

    1. I agree. I remain disgusted. I am sure they will do nothing in the future to remove this disgust.

  3. Damn TJ, that was heartfelt and brought a tear to my eye. First, Did you and yours have another child? I thought you only had three. I apologize if it's bad memory, sorry Brother. I honestly thought you had three.
    Second, I feel your pain Brother. I went about it another way. I shielded my daughter from it. That's why there was a shit storm at my place today. I haven't been on the computer, or even allowed news broadcasts since Friday. I thought I was trying to shield Keira from the violence on Friday. But as I think about it more, I wonder if it is just ME not wanting to deal with the horror. Anyway, you did the right thing, and you thought the right thoughts. You know why? Because those are YOUR children, and who is anyone else to judge. Maybe I should have taken the same path, but I didn't. For reasons that I thought were right at the time. I hope you feel the same way.....Talk to you soon.

    1. Hang in there, Jon. And raise your youngun the way you want to.

      It is four, and has been for almost four years now. But I get the bad memory thing; I thought yours was at least ten by now.

  4. Very good post. When will this insanity end? I don't see it anytime soon with a generation already as messed up as it is. I don't see a way back to what some of refer to as "the good old days." Maybe they weren't as good as I remember but I don't think there were kooks running around massacring children. This is totally sickening. Keep being honest with your kids and even though the information might be over their heads right now, they will grow into it and be aware of things over time.