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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Governor Martin O'Malley of Maryland is a Moron

Sorry for the onomatopoeia, but I just saw this boob on Greta, and I was amazed at the stupid shit he said about the economy.

For starters, he said that 55% of the national debt was due to George Bush, which is blatantly false.  His logic for that was, of course, that George got us into two unnecessary wars.  That by itself is a crock of shit, because the one who really got us into Iraq and Afghanistan was Bill Clinton.  Yes, that's right, I said Bill Clinton got us into those two wars.  If Bill Clinton had a set of nuts, besides the pair he was stuffing into Monica Lewinsky's face, 9/11 would not have happened, and we would not have had to go into Afghanistan.  Had Mr. Clinton killed bin Laden when he had the chance, no war on terror (except when the Mooslims blow up our boats and embassies).   Slick Willie also got us into the war in Iraq because while he was busy dallying with Miss Lewinsky, Saddam Hussein was blatantly ignoring 17! UN Resolutions to behave.  I know most libtards believe that we can talk all these murderous mooslims in to doing what we want without ever using "the military option", but that is just a fantasy.

Another point Mr. O'Malley made on Greta was that we need another stimulus.  What the hell is in his communion wafers?   A good idea for making progress is to take a plan that failed miserably, and toss it out again to make sure it was the plan that failed, not some other circumstance.  Yeah, that's liberal politics 101:  It didn't work last time, but this time will be different.

shit the bed

1) Making a mistake that many other people recognize as a mistake.
2) Fucking up...really bad

Listen up, O'Malley, and all other liberal politicians and voters:  You guys are shitting the bed and you need to knock it off.


  1. Moron. Sorry to use your language, Tenth, but you clearly are an idiot trying to blame Clinton for 911 and the preemptive invasion of Iraq. And giving GWBush a pass on the economic disaster he left when he departed the White House is equally moronic.

    What have you been smoking, Tenth? Or is it booze?

  2. You are a complete buffoon. Clinton has more responsibility for 9/11 than any other American. And I don't give Bush a "pass" on the economy. Had he vetoed some or all of Pelosi and Reid's BS, we might not be in this mess.

  3. Interestingly enough Afghanistan (the good war) was initiated by George W and then ramped down as the original objectives were largely completed. It was Obama that came in and supercharged the effort (twice)- sort of closing the barn door after the cows were gone as it were.

    Iraq on the other hand was an international effort that would have taken place even had 9/11 not occurred. That is very important to understand - the world community was going to take Saddam Hussein out - period. While liberals like to orient on whether or not there were WMDs and al Qaeda members in Iraq (there were on both counts) - as 10th accurately points out there were 17 UN resolutions and Tony Blair insisted on getting an 18th before the world community lead by the United States went into Iraq.

    While 10th's language is a bit rough - his assessment of the facts as we know them today are largely accurate.

    Please contrast (the original conflict between Mud and I) the difference between the road GW took to war in Afghanistan and Iraq, with the "Oops we dropping bombs and killing people in Libya" method of Obama taking us to war there. Pretty stark difference.

    Anyone know if we've won there yet? What we are trying to accomplish? Or if we are still "leading from behind?"

  4. The point I'm making is that if Clinton had acted as Commander-in-Chief, Bush wouldn't have had to "start" either war. Had Clinton been a little more interested in the interests of the nation, as opposed to his own interests, he would have taken care of al Qaeda, and he would have led the charge on Saddam Hussein.

    CS does bring up an interesting point in that Bush applied to Congress, and received permission, bi-partisan permission, from Congress, to invade Iraq and remove Hussein. Has Obama gone to Congress yet for permission to operate in Libya? I don't think so, all you liberal turds.

  5. mud_rake, try researching ALL of the terrorist events that happened on BJ Bubba's watch. He ignored the buildup of al-qaeda and OBL's leadership of them because blowjobs from a BBW were more important.

    But then again, facts to you stupid ass libtards is like holy water to a vampire or ethics to a Dummycrat.

    Oh, and that wall that Jamie Gorelick put up between the CIA and FBI? it was on BJ Bubba's watch and she was his appointee.

  6. TGP,

    GREAT point on Bush 43 getting Congressional AND Senate approval for Iraq ala the Constitution but Oblowme fails to get any for Libya, Yemen, and Somalia.

    The Left, like mud_rake, are too stupid to see the difference.

  7. Great minds again, Gunny. I just posted a note at your place about Bubba and all the terrorism on his watch.

  8. The key is that Liberals (Socialists, Democrats, Progressives, whatever) only want to fight the war that we aren't currently fighting.

    When GW and the rest of the world were drawing a bead on Saddam Hussein - remember all the screaming from the Left about Darfur and North Korea?

    The key point that the Left wants you to forget is that the World community was on a collision course with Iraq BEFORE 9/11. Wiping out that nasty little nest of al Qeada and taking Afghanistan away from the 7th Century Taliban Troglodytes just jumped to the top of the list.

  9. I do have to ask this, only because it's been on my mind for awhile. I have spent the last 10 years hearing how the Bush administration could have done a better job with the 9/11 situation. Mishandling of intelligence, lack of military service, ect. ect. Hell, I've even heard people claim that he let it happen. Oh, when he was told about the attacks he just sat there and kept reading w/ 3rd graders.

    For arguments sake, I'll agree with anyone posting on this blog that 9/11/01 was Bush's fault. As long as we can concur, that Pres. Bush was in office for 9 months at the time of the attacks.

    My question is this, How can anyone hold Pres. Bush responsible for something that occurred 9 months into his administration, and in turn not hold Pres. Obama accountable for the economic collapse this country is enduring two years and 8 months into his own administration?


    I've had enough of the finger pointing. People that lean towards the left are gonna have to realize very shortly that they f##ked up.

    No matter how highly educated a man is, that doesn't mean he can lead. Let's face it, alot af people voted for Obama to prove they weren't racist. Try voting in 2012 to prove you're not retarded.

  10. It has taken us a long time to accept the idea that the jihadi's have such a lack of respect for life that they would do something like 9/11.

    While I disagree that 9/11 was Bush's "fault", I like your comparison to Obama and the economy. I think Bush handled the initial attacks perfectly. Sitting quietly through the end of the story those children were reading took a strength of character and bearing that I would hope I could portray under those circumstances. I have been in combat, I have been shot at, I have ordered men to attack an enemy position. I am in awe of George W. Bush's calmness under stress.

    The Gunny just posted on his site tonight that Obama couldn't lead a platoon of thirsty Marines to free beer. I second that notion, and having been a thirsty Marine, that's about as possible as catching a fart and painting it yellow.

  11. JOB - that's a lot of stuff. I think your central point - Barack Obama must at some point accept responsibility for his actions - is something that many of us believe. I think that polling shows that around 60% of Americans believe that now too. That is particularly true as Obama had an absolutely free hand for two years.

    I think that I can speak for all the conservatives that post here when I say that we understand responsibility. We understand cause and effect. We understand that the choices we make have consequences. When we failed we were forced to analyze what happened and what part our actions had in those failures. We have a President who has never had that experience. We don't call that "blame" we call that accepting responsibility.

    I don't think that anyone can honestly say today that our Intelligence agencies could have put together in advance that 19 Muslim Religious Fanatics were going to capture four aircraft and crash them into buildings in time to stop it.

    However I must contrast that with the fact that anyone with any experience in government and economics knew that Barack Obama's actions would lead to disaster. You can find any number of people who prior to his election forecast disaster. And I remind you that a majority of the American people opposed his actions while they were being implemented. So now to erase "blame" doesn't seem rational.

    I concur with your assessment. Only the truly foolish person could vote again for Barack Obama.

  12. Has anything been Obama's fault since he took office?

    That sorry P.O.S probably hands out blame to kids for halloween.

    I do love the point about 9 months into Bush's term makes 9-11 his fault while 3 years of Obama and, 5trillion down the crapper (so far)and a 9.5% average jobless also Bush's fault!

    I came up with a way for libs to openly speak out against anything they hate about Obama over a year ago...

  13. -Sepp said...
    Has anything been Obama's fault since he took office?

    Yes, ALL of it according to the clutch of morons sitting on the right side.

    Luckily the GOP-controlled House is a pure as the driven snow.

    Do any of you actually know how government functions or did you all sleep through your 4th grade civics classes?


  14. Just for the record, I do not hold Bush entirely responsible for 9/11. I was just trying to get a debate going with your left-leaning posters. All, or at least most of them have 2 things in common.

    1- They all say how 9/11 was due in large part to Bush's policies.

    2- They ALL tell you that the economic crisis was due to Bush's policies.

    TGP--- I agree wholeheartidly. Bush did some good things in his 2 terms. He also made some bad choices. But by far, the most presidential thing he did was in that classroom on that horrible day. That man showed leadership that I hope every future President will possess.

  15. Excellent comment JOB, and not just cause you agree with me. I don't think Bush will go down in history as the best President, but he'll be close to the top. The bookends to Bush 43 will be last and second to last, count on it.