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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Board game continued...

If Mud and Jeff still want to argue about the Constitutionality of birth control, continue here:

Is that Mud and Jeff in the middle?

(Thanks Ron.)


  1. I must give kudos to J.O.B. for bringing up Article V in the U.S. Constitution. Thank you. While learning about the Constitution in school, I was really impressed that section was written into the document meant to guide our Country.

    Although today I find so many people who don't seem to be aware we can control our own destiny. I think that's the point TGP tries so hard to make. Have you ever been at a meeting and somebody stands up and says "But we can't do that because it's not in the bylaws"? It never seems to dawn on them that's why we have elections to vote on candidates and issues.

  2. "Is that Mud and Jeff in the middle?"

    Just saw your comment. LOL (Like I'd be caught dead in heels that didn't match my purse!)