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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Does Mitt Think for Himself?

Willard "My Kids Are National Heroes For Trying to Get Me Elected" Romney has pissed me off again.  At the National Governor's Association, Romney advisor Mike Leavitt, former governor of Utah, said the states should get behind the health insurance exchange portion of ObamaCare.  This guy served as the Secretary of Health and Human Services under W.  Apparently being a RINO is okay if you get replaced by Sebelius.

Romney has promised to abolish ObamaCare, saying healthcare reform is a matter for the states.  Now one of his top advisors is promoting ObamaCare.  I doubt Willard disagrees with Leavitt.  My guess is Romney is pulling a John Kerry, not flip-flopping, just pandering.  If (God help us) Willard gets elected, repealing ObamaCare will be the biggest campaign promise he will break.  I can see him already saying "We have commissioned a bi-partisan study group to see what, if anything, needs to be re-worked about the National Health Care Reform Act."  Or whatever its really called.  I bet Willard won't call it ObamaCare after he gets elected.  He'll probably tweak it and call it MittCare.

Please, Republicans, don't vote for this turd.


  1. ...being a RINO

    Ah yes, one more pejorative word from the right-wing arsenal of name-calling. "Turd" as well.Then there is 'Willard.'

    One would think that a man of your age might have left the adolescent thinking stage of his life long, long ago.

    Do you feel more powerful when you name-call? Why can't you write a post that is devoid of put-downs? Hopefully you don't use put-downs while in the company of your children.

  2. Here's a little advice Mud, and all you trolls (sorry for the name-calling; I know you turds are sensitive to that). Leave my kids out of your comments. Nothing will cause me to forget the generations of evolution like messing with my kids. You turds believe we evolved from animals, I'll prove it when I tear your fucking heads off for messing with my kids. Don't make me come up there.

  3. Muddy, you should be the last guy to complain about name calling. I need to only post the word "hello" on your former site in order to recieve a barrage of juvenile responses which completely derails the topic.
    It's so commonplace on your blog, it's odd that you would notice it here.

  4. TGP, Romney is going to put on whatever face he needs to in order to get elected.
    Bush ran on a good platform and promptly took a 180 on it.

    Mitt is using Obama's tactic of being whoever he needs to portray depending on the audience.
    I think Hillary pulled the same stunt when she came to your state and spoke with a fake southern drawl.

    This country is screwed if we keep Obama or, swap him out for another 3rd rate actor.

  5. Do you eat with that mouth? Nice example to set for the kids.

    Unemployed and father of four; I wonder who's payin' for their health care.

    (All the carpenters around here are working 60 hour weeks right now. What ever could be the problem?)

  6. Jeff, you really are a douchbag of epic proportions.

    TGP is umemployed in the area he wants to work in but, is gainfully employed building some pretty nice hutches coops and, tractors for livestock. Take a look around at what those things cost online and the cheap crap goes for $300 and up for $20 worth of wood.

    TGP just simply fell back on his plan B as opposed to sucking the liberal tit of government.

    Only a sorry-assed liberal would knock a guy for falling, dusting himself off and, getting by under his own power...because it completely destroys your fool idea that nobody can succeed without government aid.

    Take your fake assed self back on over to muddy's circle jerk of Obamaphiles where it belongs.

  7. Sepp,

    Thanks. I work a lot more than 60 hour weeks. I'm pretty sure Jeff is full of shit, unless he means all the carpenters around there are cleaning gutters and picking cans out of roadside ditches. By my best guess of his location, the housing market is worse there than here. The main problem with house-building here is the illegals have cornered the market and the sheriffs are too stupid to figure out what to do about it. As a legal, natural born citizen, the government can garnish my wages and freeze my accounts if say OSHA or some other gestapo unit decides to write me a ticket. Therefore, I must obey all the rules. Therefore, I must charge twice what the job is worth to pay for unnecessary safety equipment and useless workman's compensation insurance on all my LEGAL employees.

    You are absolutely right about Jeff. He is a douche bag.

  8. Jeff,

    No one is paying for my kids healthcare. When we were forced to take the youngest to the doctor for a high fever, I was able to make payments on part of the bill and barter for the rest of it. I was surprised, but the doctor really likes fresh green beans.

    I do eat with this mouth. I eat pretty good with it, too. I grow lots of vegetables, have several fruit trees, and raise pigs, chickens, turkeys, and rabbits for meat. If it weren't for my wife's fondness for A/C, I could get by on very little. But of course, I'm not interested in just getting by, which is why I want to be rid of your communist masters. They are making life way harder than it needs to be.

  9. 10th - I admire your willingness to engage with leftists - but it's sort of like hitting yourself in the head with a hammer - it won't feel good until you stop.

    As -SEPP pointed out they have their own cesspool to wallow in - you don't need to give them a platform. They really don't have anything worthwhile to contribute anyway.

    I really tried with Mud myself - it's a waste of time.

  10. I honestly believe that if we can't make converts we will have to make corpses. I really don't want to do that.

  11. Actually, believe it or, not muddy's site wasn't always what it is today. There was once respectfull dialog on issues and debate without the juvenile bullshit that clutters the place now.
    I wouldn't bother looking for anyone over there to "convert" into a reasonable individual at this point because reason is a foreign concept to many of them and, any attempt at reason simply results in bi-polar ravings that attack you personally as opposed to the arguement you present.

    However, it is still fun to post a 1 liner over there just to watch the resulting and predictable conniption fits. ;-)

  12. Sepp,

    I doubt I could convert anyone from Mud's church, but I get a lot of traffic from non-commenters who can be reached. Showing all the moonbat comments and the arguments against them may help some of the more polite lefties lean a little to the right.

  13. You pay for your kids' health care? Ok for a little fever, but what if they have something more serious like a tumor. Do tell how you'll not let that nasty Federal Government cover the cost of treatment.

    And all this nasty name calling by a bunch of people who call themselves "Christians"; give me a break.

    And while we're at all use a bunch of monikers but I use my real name...tell me who's the phony.

    Oh, and it's Northwest Ohio where all the carpenters are working. If this Sepp person is real, he can verify that. If I had four kids to raise, I'd sure try harder to find work that could support them but I guess welfare is easier.

  14. Jeff,

    Who's on welfare? And who called anyone a Christian? And so what if you use your real name? Lots of other people use your name too. So what?

    If, God forbid, one of my children, or my wife, has a serious medical problem, it will be a burden I will have to bear. In that case, I may call on you for donations. Surely you'd be willing to help out an acquaintance with a serious problem. Or are you saying that we should all pay some egghead to insure us so he can make money off our sweat and blood, and then turn us down when we need it? Insurance is the reason health care is so expensive, not the other way around.

  15. You know 10th - young Jeff is right about something. People in Ohio are going back to work - head over to this page to find out why:

    The same guy who dragged Bill Clinton kicking and screaming to the table and made him balance the budget - is now governor of Ohio and is putting Ohioans back to work.

    They have Republican John Kasich to thank - just as we did when he produced the balanced budgets of the 1990s.

  16. Hey Jeff, instead of whining about how TGP takes care of his family, why aren't you concerned with all your looting and leaching friends on the left who won't even bother to attempt making it on their own?

    I can admire anyone who stands up and mans up, yet clowns like you seem to work overtime trying to shit on anyone who does while, making excuses for those who won't.

    You're typical of the ilk I've dealt with over at muddy's. The very idea of a person trying to be self-sufficient is just shocking to them and looked upon as if it's impossible...because to you clowns, living without taking a knee to the government is a foreign concept.

    Some folks just take pride in being as independent as they can be.