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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ann Coulter is at it again

Ann Coulter has to be brain damaged.  She keeps saying things like Romney is a conservative, Romney is the most conservative.  Apparently, she doesn't know what that word means.

If the Republican Party wants to win this race, they need to get behind a true conservative.  I believe the only one still in the race is Michelle Bachman.  I think Herman Cain would have fit the bill.  And what does it say about the Republicans that the guy they choose out of this crowd to face Obama is the fat white guy?  I think they are trying to set us up for failure.

And Trump is considering an independent run?  He is certainly no conservative.  What the hell are we gonna do?


  1. Bachman jumped the shark long ago.

    On Dec 7th she was asked by a conservative reporter about the question the little kid was sent to bait her with about her response to it.

    She said nothing as she walked by and, then sent a staffer out threatening to pull the reporter's credentials and have her arrested if she "upset" Bachman again!
    Bzzzzzzzzzzzz...wrong answer for the congresswoman who needs all the help she can get and blew it.

    Newt the chronic philanderer who can't even be truthfull to his wife (but will be to us?) or, Romney the far right liberal democrat who can't even remember his own lines of bullshit from week to week.
    Ron Paul who I like for many of his policies and ideas keeps blowing it by comming off as "old man Withers of the haunted amusement park" when his frustration starts boiling.

    Rick Perry who has a somewhat decent / clean record. plan and, history comes off to people as too "Bushy".

    As bad as all of them are, none could possibly be the trainwreck the Obama administration has been.
    That clown can't make a solid decision on anything until it's too should have been a clue when it took him months to pick out a damned dog and 2 more months to decide to name it after himself.

  2. Yeah, Coulter is a lost soul on this one.

    I'm still a Perry/Santorum Santorum/Perry guy.

    Ron Paul is a kook, a truther, and a foreign policy loon.

  3. Tenth,

    I remain a Rick Perry fan. I haven't seen anything to sway me from that position and I don't see anyone better suited for the Oval Office among this batch. I think we need a governor to straighten this mess out.

    My requirement for executive experience puts in Santorum out of the running and I don't think that he would bring much to a Perry ticket. With that said, I wouldn't feel any reservation in pulling the lever for him if he becomes our nominee.

    I do find it odd that people like us who dabble in politics can reject the opinion with a eight time best selling author and darling of the conservative movement who lives and breathes politics - but that might just be me. While I think that Ann Coulter may be overstating the case a bit, I do think that it is entirely possible that Romney is more conservative than he gets credit for and certainly more conservative than Huntsman will ever be.

    Michelle Bachmann has less experience than Barack Obama did in 2008 - that concerns me. We don't have very much evidence at all beyond her statements that she is a conservative. The TEA movement is not synonymous with "conservative."

    Ron Paul is a lunatic who talks too much.

  4. If you're looking for a Theocracy, have you given any consideration to moving to the Middle East or Africa? I'm sure you'd be so much happier there not having to live by that nuisance we call The Constitution.

    Or, if you still insist on a Theocracy, there's always the Pope. He's got experience with control using the Bible.

  5. Jeff,

    Are you kidding or what? What about this post makes you draw the conclusion that anyone wants a theocracy? As for living by the Constitution, I suppose your children Occupying Toledo wanting to "share the wealth" is Constitutional. You are delusional.

  6. Jeff- Atheism doesn't mean you have to ridicule and mock Christianity. I see Scum_PILE_Rake has taught you well.

  7. You must have forgotten all those comments about putting "God" back into the government YOUR God I assume. Do you remember all those rants about prayer in school? Those would be YOUR prayers again. You were all in a tizzy because the President didn't mention "God" in his Thanksgiving address. You obviously forgot that many Presidents preceding him, including Bush, also left out "God" at least once. And then there's all those claims about the Founding Fathers being "Christian" and wanting a "Christian" Country. Not true no matter what Sgt. Price claims. Or could it be you don't understand what a Theocracy means.

    What? Someone might be fibbing? Oh no, do tell!

    During the last debate, your girl Bachmann said, "After the debate that we had last week, PolitiFact came out and said that everything I said was true."

    No they didn't. She lied. Right in front of "God" and everybody.

  8. Never said if I was a Christian, Atheist or even Muslim. You people just fill in the blanks too much.

    (i.e. my military service - been purposely vague on that, yet some of you have it all figured out.)

  9. You have no military experience. You are completely full of shit. It must be awful to wake up every morning and still be you.

  10. Jeffio, YOU yourself stated that you never served and that your wife served in the Gulf during Desert storm.

    And seriously, you certainly enjoy taking words out of context and running off at the mouth with whatever dumbshit interpretation you come up with and remain stuck on stupid endlessly repeating the idiocy.

    When you first began posting, it was hit and miss but, you weren't a full fledged moonbat at that point.
    Now you fit in rather nicely with that band of bipolar moonbats elsewhere.
    You must be a hoot at parties until people find out you're not telling jokes.

  11. Jeff,

    There is a tendency here to make fun of you, but that is only because you sound like such a lunatic. I for one am concerned that your lithium levels are falling to dangerously low levels.

    Generally as you struggle with acute mania or depression you should be consulting your doctor at least weekly.

    In a sincere effort to help, I checked on line and you would benefit from any of these Antipsychotic medications:

    * Olanzapine (Zyprexa)
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    * Clozapine (Clozaril)

    Please seek help - you are one sick puppy. That little man in your head isn't helping you and you should never repeat things that he says to you in public.

  12. Jeff- I fill in the blanks, because I try to get to know all you guys on a somewhat personal level. You are just very vague.

  13. Johnny, Jeffio has a paranoia that we give a shit who he is.

    Then again, if I were saying the foolish crap he does, I'd want to keep from being embarrassed too.

  14. Sepp- From his comments, you would think he killed Kennedy. Not only on this blog, but many others. I don't think realizes that kind of behavior, opens yourself up for interpretation. I really don't mean any ill-will against him. I will still engage him in conversation, unlike his buddy Ass_PILE. I just look at other bloggers as I look at myself. If he is not honest about his beliefs, I just assume things. I can't help it.