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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cayley Anthony drowned?

Defense lawyer Jose Baez has opened his defense of Casey Anthony with the proposition that her 2 year old daughter Cayley accidentally drowned in her parents pool.  He says grandpa George, a retired police officer, assisted in getting rid of the tiny body because he was afraid the law wouldn't believe it was an accident.

Jose Baez should be disbarred.  The kind of lies he is telling in open court are a huge part of what is wrong with our society.  The idea that criminals deserve a fair trial has been distorted so badly that it is almost impossible to get a fair trial.  His job is to make sure that his client isn't railroaded, not to railroad justice.  Attempting to exonerate a murderer with a pack of lies is nearly as bad a crime as murder itself.

Listen up, America.  If you accidentally kill one of your children, do not try to make it go away by denying your child a proper burial.  Do not try to blame it on some mysterious black man like Susan Smith did.  At least the wacko in Texas who drowned her five children admitted it and faced the music.  Our society is in real trouble when the lawyers start making up lies to protect the scum, but they should at least come up with something remotely believable.


  1. The tragedy is that the truth is not what is sought. Lawyers are concerned with winning.

  2. I'll just say that if any of my kids were missing for 30 minutes, action would be taken.
    This dingbat's kid was "missing" for a month before she did anything...besides dress up like a hooker for a party and have the pics posted on facebook!

    As a father, I see ANY excuse she gives as pure B.S.

    I'd see her fry on principle.

  3. I get a little crazy if I look for one of my kids and don't immediately find them. I can't believe a lawyer would attempt this BS.

  4. Mud,

    Don't want to leave a comment here? Are you afraid of agreeing with me?

  5. Anytime muddy doesent comment, I usually guess he's secretly agreeing.

    Anytime he skips commenting on an Obama screwup, my guess is that he's secretly embarrassed.
    Just sayin!