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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Frontier Gibberish


  1. TGP- How you been Brother?
    "So who are the fucking racists?"
    That's a very good question, considering Biden's remarks a few days ago.

    1. Been working, actually. I'll send you some pics.

      I know who the racists are. They're the ones running around screaming racism.

  2. Sorry for my lack of posts for so long!

    Liberals love the word "racism" because they've taken it as their own and, define it to mean whatever they need it to mean...when they need it.
    Whenever you debate a liberal and it gets to the point where you're called a "racist" doesent really mean you're a bonifide "racist" under the dictionary definition of "racist".
    It now means that the liberal is losing the battle of ideas and wishes to quickly change the subject.
    Debating policy isn't a liberal strongpoint nor, is logic.
    When faced with those things, your leftnut opponent will shout "RACIST"...not because you are or, because you said something racist but, to deflect the conversation AWAY from the liberal actually having to answer for his beliefs when he himself begins to notice how foolish he is for saying them outloud.
    So, instead of facing reality, they shout "RAYYYYCISM!" so, that YOU drop your winning arguement and go on the defensive for something completely unrelated to the subject the leftnut is failing to grasp...which is usually based in reality wich confuses them from the git-go.

  3. TGP,

    Your comment was excellent. The Left has played this bullshit so long that I could care less about it now than I ever, which was almost nil.

  4. Gunny, "racism" is just another tool they use to scare common sense out of an arguement.

    It's also one of their favorite double standards.