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Friday, July 8, 2011

Economists are idiots

I'm no expert, but the following confuses me.  If, according to this story on Fox News, the economy must grow at 3% a year in order to keep up with population growth, doesn't that mean that 3% growth is actually 0?  If the economy must grow at 3% to remain even, doesn't that mean that the economy "growing" at 1.9% is actually a recession of 1.1%?  Talkers can run on and on, but they are still just saying we are slowly receding still.

Still, the government said last month that the economy grew only 1.9 percent in the January-March quarter. Analysts are expecting similarly weak growth in April-June quarter.

Economic growth of just 3 percent a year would hold the unemployment steady and keep up with population growth.

I am getting sick of politicians running off at the mouth when they know what they are saying is a de facto lie.  It is past time to "re-educate" these fools.

In order for our economy to keep up with population growth, it must grow at 3%.  It has not done that since 2007.  I think the fools that lie to us on TV need to re-examine their facts and tell us when this "recession" ended.  I don't think it has.


  1. The thing that is utterly amazing to me is that all this bad news continues to be "unexpected." All these geniuses continue to be surprised about the jobless rate, the lack of business activity, and private money staying on the sidelines. All of these guys who continue to be surprised must have their heads thrust firmly up their asses as there are plenty of people trumpeting how BHO is destroying the economy.

    The news reported that economists expected the private sector to add more than 90,000 jobs yet they added 18,000. If you can't come any closer than that being an economist might not be your bag.

  2. "It is past time to "re-educate" these fools"

    Spoken like a true patriot. Maybe you should pray now.

  3. Jeff,

    While 10th and I do pray for our country, I don't leave it all up to the Almighty. I was out for several hours walking a precinct today. You might be interested to know that "We the People" hate what these socialists (progressives, democrats, liberals, whatever) are doing to our country. We're going to kick some serious ass in 2012.