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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Get it together, Conservative Christians

The Faith and Freedom Coalition had a two day conference this weekend, and all of the declared Republican candidates, except Newt, attended.  They all apparently spent too much time concerned with the economy than with issues like abortion, gay marriage, or don't ask, don't tell.  Funny how Willard has a record on those issues.

Romney, seen as the Republicans' early front-runner, may have the toughest task in wooing religious conservatives. As a Senate candidate and one-term governor in Massachusetts, he supported legalized abortion, gay rights and gun control.

Romney has reversed his stands on those positions. Since speakers didn't take audience questions at the event, he had an easier time than he will in other settings.

How can this polished turd be the front-runner in the campaign to be rid of Barak Obama?  Hell, he's just like Barry.  And like Barry, he'll say whatever he has to to try to get people to vote for him.  My stomach hurts.


  1. I would not worry too much about Romney as nobody likes him except the media.

    It's too early. The cream will rise to the top provided people prevent the media from picking our candidate like they did last time.

  2. They all apparently spent too much time concerned with the economy than with issues like abortion, gay marriage, or don't ask, don't tell.

    Most Americans don't give a rat's ass about those three issues, Tenth. They have moved on from their adolescence to real meat and potatoes issues like their pay check, mortgage and whether they will have a job in 2012.

    Only easily manipulated evangelical Christians will vote for candidates who espouse those issues that you raised.

    And you'll be hood winked once more as usual.

  3. 10th - I don't think that Romney is going to be our choice. He might be the leader in a 12 candidate pack - I doubt seriously that he will be the leader as it is winnowed down to two or three. I still think that the super-stars are sitting on the sidelines. Governors Christie, McDonnell, or Perry could still be drafted. Though I favor governors over legislators, Senator DeMint or Representatives Ryan or Bachmann are still on the periphery. In short - the fat lady ain't singing yet.

  4. Mud,

    If thats the case, how come your fearless leader has abolished don't ask don't tell, but has done nothing about the economy "pay check, mortgage and whether they will have a job"? Shut up you stupid fool. Your wind is really empty, like your head. Politicians, like mudrakes, have no idea what the people really want, because they spend all their time listening to talking points and polls. They don't know whats important, they don't know how much a gallon of milk costs, they don't know anything. It was nice while you stayed away, please feel free to stay away.

  5. It was nice while you stayed away, please feel free to stay away.

    Was it 'nice' because you could say anything that entered your head without having another person challenge you?

    I wrote a piece on those idiotic fundamentalist Christians who wear the flag pin of Israel on their clothes-- specifically Palin and Bachmann. Do you also wear an
    Israeli flag?

    Do you know why these two airheads wear an Israeli flag pin? Further, as a veteran, would you be willing to fight for Israel if the U.S. was sucked into a war between Israel and some Muslin nation?

    Where do you draw the line in fighting 'religious' wars? Or, don't you think that a war with Israel would be a religious war? Before you answer, dust off your European history book and find these chapters:

    the German Peasants' War (1524–1525)

    the Schmalkaldic War (1546–1547) in the Holy Roman Empire

    the Eighty Years' War (1568–1648) in the Low Countries

    the French Wars of Religion (1562–1598)

    the Thirty Years War (1618–1648), affecting the Holy Roman Empire including Habsburg Austria and Bohemia, France, Denmark and Sweden

    The Wars of the Three Kingdoms (1639–1651), affecting England, Scotland and Ireland

    Scottish Reformation and Civil Wars

    English Reformation and Civil War
    Cromwellian conquest of Ireland

  6. Mud,

    If I was willing to fight to defend your stupid ass, why wouldn't I fight to defend Israel? Israel is a friend to my country; I guess you would let your friends get beat on? You are a sorry excuse for a man, and a pathetic example of what America is becoming.

  7. TGP, actually muddy isn't a "bad" person.
    It seems that he's more guided by emotion than common sense most of the time.

    Just keep in mind that anything he doesent like to hear, he assummes comes from FOX or, Limbaugh and, anything that MSNBC, abc, CBS, CNBC, NBC or, the daily kos doesent report...could not have possibly happened or, true for that matter.

    To his credit, he doesent erase my rebuttals to some of the crap his Obamaphile followers parrot constantly.

  8. Mud,

    I hope you appreciate the defense Sepp is providing for you. For the record, I completely disagree with him. I think you are a bad person. You only come to my site and others to cause problems. You have been asked not to come back, and you still do. You are rude, and a royal pain in the ass. Please go away.

  9. 10th - the Club For Growth did an interesting piece on Romney:

    They also have one on your choice Cain:

  10. OK Mud,

    What's your point? True enough that more people have been killed throughout history over religious reasons than for any other.

    War with Israel by Muslim nations will most certainly be about religion. Muslims have been declaring that since 1948. Have you not been paying attention?

    Please explain for us why the left has chosen to abandon Israel. We'd like to know. Please be honest.