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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

That safety net ain't no hammock.

Democrats think we need a safety net.  But they think we should all just languish around in the net, sipping Mai Tai's and spreading on sun tan oil.  We have had countless examples of their sloth, such as increasing the minimum wage or extending unemployment benefits.

I personally don't think we need a community safety net.  I don't think the government should provide for me when I cannot, or more importantly will not, provide for myself.  I should provide for my own rainy days, and so should every American.  And for those of you out there who think, "But what about when it rains?"  my response is "GET WET."

Minimum wage was a stupid idea, pushed by liberals, "to help the poor."  John Kerry still believes you can make people less poor by raising the minimum wage.  That is just stupid.  The guy getting paid the least (minimum) WILL ALWAYS BE POOR.  That is so simple that a first grader can understand it.  But apparently they teach stupid at places like Harvard.

This man understands what makes America the greatest country on earth.  Hard work; work that cannot be done while lounging in a hammock.  He also understands that Martin Luther King's dream has been realized, and he, and I, refuse to let Obama and his evil idiots ruin it.


  1. TGP, I typed out a 20 paragraph rant covering my pro's and con's of the American welfare system...and yes, I actually do have a "pro"
    side to the issue but, the rest of my oppinion was a bit too nasty (read honest)
    for public consumption and is better kept to myself.

  2. "Democrats think we need a safety net."

    Really? Just Democrats? I'm a Republican (been one a long time) and I also think we need safety nets sometimes.

    "All children do have health coverage. When you're broke, like I am, your kids get coverage from Medicaid."

    Did one of them dang-gone Democrats write that?

    I mean, isn't Medicaid a safety net? HOLD THE PHONE!!! Couldn't Medicaid be considered "welfare" too? Damn them libatards and their damn welfare!

    1. It is hilarious for you to call yourself a Republican.

      Medicaid has been around awhile now. It is a safety net. If it did not exist, insurance would not cost as much as it does. A person or entity attempting to sell a service requires customers. If they price their service higher than people can or will pay, they go tits up. Enter Medicaid and other social programs, insurance salesmen can now cater to higher incomes, raising their prices. If you don't understand that, you ain't no Republican.

  3. Tenth,

    No one ever envisioned that people would make welfare a way of life. It is liberal (democrat, progressive, socialist, whatever) economics at its worst - the toll on lives that liberalism has destroyed is incalculable at this point.

    Yet there continue to be socialist cheerleaders. Again - if they were merely stupid you would expect that they would get it right once in awhile. However a equal level of misery (with them in charge) seems to be their objective.

  4. Alpha/Anon/Jeff/Gio/NWON,

    A "safety net" is a relatively new invention. Those instituted under liberal (socialist, progressive, democrat, whatever) duress during the Depression Era were not intended to be a way of life and some were sold to the public as temporary. Most of the really ruinous ones were instituted during our lifetimes. They have been a disaster both financially and socially.

  5. I don't believe that having a safety net in place to keep folks who suffer sudden a job loss is an entirely bad thing to keep them from hitting rock bottom.
    The point is that it should be a temporary "catch your breath and get back up" type of arrangement.
    I also dont see it as a bad thing for the feeble who are actually unable to care for themselves.

    Of course, those things are a far cry from what the democrats have turned the system into...which they see as a mere "career option" for professional democrat voters.

    I need only drive through a housing project to admire the latest in fancy rims and tires and, hear what the hottest new rap star is jabbering about from 500 feet away while my windows rattle to notice that quite a few "poor" people seem to have vast amounts of disposable income but, I guess that when your utilities, food, clothing, water and, roof have no out-of-pocket expense, it leaves plenty for leisure activities.

    This year, the state of Michigan enacted a 48 month lifetime limit on welfare. The state simply cannot afford to shell out an all expenses paid lifestyle for the chronic lazy and, perpetually pregnant.

  6. Bottom line, how DID we survive without liberals trying to wipe everyone's butt from the cradle to the grave?

    Oh yeah, INDIVIDUAL INITIATIVE and PERSONAL responsibility and accountability.

    Words liberals cannot understand.

  7. Gunny, people survived because, before liberals came around, it was not only an expectation that each man carry his own weight, it was do or, die.
    Modern liberalism couldn't have gotten off the ground in the old days because people would have balked at the idea that they should contribute a portion of their earnings to keep the town drunk intoxicated, fed, clothed and a roof over his head in exchange for...the town drunk buying better hootch to get smashed on.

    If a liberal would have proposed such an idea back then, he'd have been laughed out of town along with Otis the drunk...and told "YOU support him with YOUR money!"

    Here we are in modern times and liberals have not only succeeded into conning the populace into supporting the town slug, they're encouraging him to create more drunks to enjoy their party!
    ...the more the merrier! The people paying for it are distracted at work!

  8. " keep the town drunk intoxicated, fed, clothed and a roof over his head in exchange for...the town drunk buying better hootch to get smashed on."

    I think he just called TGP the town drunk.


    Talked to an ex-Marine on Monday. When I told him about the Marine impersonators, he about lost it.

    Sepp did say he made up his military history just to annoy LaciDog.

    Common Sense has stated things that any ex-Marine would pick up in a New York second as phony.

    I just wonder why TenthGenerationPatriot embraces these phonies if he himself is an actual ex-Marine. I guess the impersonators just assume that few (or none) former Military personnel read these blogs. How pathetic your life must be to stoop to impersonating real heroes.

    (P.S. Notice when they're caught in a lie, they don't even try to defend themselves, they just attack the messenger?)

  9. Anon/Alpha/NWON/Jeff/Gio,

    There is no such thing as an "ex-Marine" but I'll forgive you because you're an idiot.

    The "messenger" in this case is a lunatic - it isn't an "attack" to point out the obvious.

    I was a Marine for 22 years, 2 months, and 17 days according to my DD-214. If you don't buy that - I couldn't care less.

  10. Nutjob,

    I will testify to CS's military career. When I was "missing" for a few days, he was the officer who came and found me, and "returned" me to my unit. I have known him now for over thirty years.

    As for my being "a real Marine," I've got a helmet and a mess kit, does that count?

    You are a turd, plain and simple. Sepp, although a lowly soldier, uses the jargon of the American fighting man, language that seems to escape your supposed Navy service. I think you're the one who is stealing valor, and you should go to jail for it.

  11. "Barred from posting at Sepp's"????

    Barred from posting off-topic and unrelated foolishness yes but, I have never once told you you were barred, banned, booted or, bitchslapped.

    I never said I made up my military history. I said I added a far-fetched mos that was just short of being James Bond to my common artillery jobs because I knew that the moonbat would go into conniptions when he spent hours looking it up...and the result was? As expected.

    I have to wonder if you also told the "ex marine" your story about serving, not serving, then it was your wife who did the serving? I imagine that if you did, it probably ran along the same lines of you returning from the restroom pretending to be someone else with each new version and leaving the "ex marine" with the impression that you're a common street nut.

    All that aside, I've offered to meet you, muddy and, even microdot when he was in town here and, while I was over there to have a personal takers ever... even during the most civil of times between us all.
    Keeping in mind that it's been you talking shit about me and, me offering to clear it up for you and you all declined the offers.

  12. As an afterthought, my invitation also goes out to TGP, CS and, Gunny G too. We ought to set something up centrally located to all of us and, hit up a drinking establishment where we can swap stories about all the stuff that we supposedly haven't done.

  13. Sepp,

    There I was, surrounded by Iraqis. I only had two bullets, and a smoke grenade. Over a sand dune came a regiment of Talibans. Things were looking pretty grim, when a division of Somali pirates sailed up on a little boat. I wanted nothing more than to pull a Bugs Bunny and tunnel my way to Pismo Beach. Then here comes a battle fleet of Iranians. Boy was I cornered.

    So, you know what I did?

    I got killed, of course.

  14. Sepp,

    Gunny G kinda throws off the central location, huh? How about Montana?

  15. We have to consider Hardnox too. I'm in Northern Ohio and willing to do my share of driving to connect the dots.
    I think it would be a blast and a nice "FU2" to our resident shit talkers we have reading this...with a group photo of us holding up our DD214's and flipping their sorry asses off.

  16. I'm all for it. CS told me today that he gets to Ohio on business. Maybe we can make this happen.

  17. I'm game and, the first round is on me.

  18. HEY GUYS- I'm late to the party, can I join?