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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Is America Like Ol' Yeller?

America used to be like Ol' Yeller.  She was a mutt, a mixture of breeds.  She was smart, loyal, fierce in a fight, protective of her own.  Lately, America has been infected with liberalism.  Having locked America in a corn crib for a while now, maybe it is time we admit liberalism is fatal.  Maybe it is time to put the old girl down.

If you are a real, red blooded American boy, you cried when Ol' Yeller died.  But you learned to accept the fact that it had to be done.  Travis had a good pup that he could raise up to be a damn good dog.  Maybe the demise of America won't be so bad.  Maybe we can just raise up a new America to be just as good as Ol' America was before she got infected with rabid liberalism.


  1. Tenth,
    You might be right but I'll fight it to the end.

    We owe it to our forefathers, ourselves, and our kids.

    We have a huge mountain to climb before this is over or we give up. Either way, a tough job.

  2. Hardnox,

    I'm going to fight like hell, and I'll cry like a heartbroken girl in the end, but I'm pretty sure its a lost cause. We need to clean house and start anew.

  3. There is a cure for rabies and one for liberalism as well.

    I think that Clinton was the symptom, Obama is the fever and, America is just laying in bed and wishing it would quickly pass.

    People who were liberals before 2008 are seeing for the first time the debilitating effects of a fantasy based ideal.

  4. Disagree bro.

    Americans are fighters.

    Fool us once, we're mad at ourselves for being duped.

    Fool us twice, and we're gonna tar and feather your ass!

    It ain't over until Michael Mooreon squeals like a pig.

  5. Tenth,

    I'm struggling over whether Obama is LBJ or Jimmy Cater. Lyndon Baines Johnson dealt us a nearly fatal blow - things that we haven't recovered from yet. We started recovering from Jimmy Carter during Ronald Reagan's swearing in ceremony.

    I think that it will all hinge on whether or not we can exorcise Obamacare from the body politic. We have thousands of Liberals (Democrats, Socialists, Progressives, whatever) embedded like ticks in the government that we need to dislodge. They are sucking the life out of the Republic - they need to go.

    We have a great deal of work to do.

  6. Gunny,

    I intend to fight, and fight hard. But after the fight, America will be what she was, free of liberals. We cannot show any mercy once this thing gets ugly.

  7. CS,

    I pray Obama is more like Jimmy Carter. If things don't get better between now and January 20, I'll have to have an instant boost or I'll die with victory in sight. That would really suck.

  8. We have to keep up the resistance to this idiocy no matter what. Have to keep it up for our children and grandchildren. Part of what we are all doing on here is some of that resistance.