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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sgt. Jason Prostrollo

Justice for Jason Prostrollo
Police in Scottsdale, AZ, recently surrounded a drunk Marine.  They issued orders for him to drop his weapons, (half of a pool cue in each hand), sicked their dog on him, and then shot and killed him.  When asked if the use of deadly force was absolutely necessary, the cops replied it was too windy to use their tasers.  According to the National Weather Service, the winds in Scottsdale that night were 6-8 knots.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- According toScottsdale police, a Scottsdale police lieutenant shot and killed an intoxicated man who had threatened a couple and a cab driver with a knife and then came toward officers with a pool cue in each hand.
No officers were injured


I think Lt. Dipshit is a coward.  No cops were injured.  A man with a pool cue didn't hit a single human being with them, and the cowardly cops shot him?  Pathetic.

The cop shot his partner, and he killed a man for no apparent reason.  I think that should result in life in prison, or worse.  The cops in this country have really got things screwed up.  Have you ever noticed that they catch child molesters alive, then release them on their own recognizance, but they shoot drunk Marines?

Not all cops are cowardly, lunch money victims.  But the ones who aren't are not policing the ones who are.

Rest in Peace, Devildog.  God Bless your Mom and Dad.


  1. Just another scumbag cop who exceeded his authority and will go scot free. They get more and more aggressive under this regime knowing that murdering a Marine or a Border Agent means nothing to the DOJ.

    One day Lt Gutless will get his.

  2. I'll probably take some flak for this but, if I were driving the cab and he pulled a knife on me, he'd have been shot right there in the cab and, justifiably so.
    If he'd have shown up at my house brandishing a knife and trying to get in, he'd get popped then too.
    I don't know what the circumstances were on the ground when Lt Fuzznuts arrived or, if he had any backup units besides the dog but, I do know that if you swing a weapon be it a ballbat, club, stick or pool cue, you're very likely to be shot.

    I'd love to be able to give the guy the benefit of the doubt but, he'd already blown his first lucky break when the cab driver didn't blow him away.
    His being a Marine became a moot issue the second he decided to draw a weapon and threatened to kill the cab driver and, then the homeowners.

    I think (if I know some of you correctly) that the guy would have never lived long enough to have even seen the cop had he'd gotten into your cab and pulled a knife or, appearred at your front door trying to get in with a knife in his hand.

  3. We don't know if he actually threatened a cab driver. Where is the proof of that??

  4. By the way, amazing article. Jason was an amazing guy and the police really fucked up here. The way they spun the "police dog shot" story so quickly reeks of a coverup.

  5. "We don't know if he actually threatened a cab driver. Where is the proof of that??"

    "Police said Prostrollo got in an argument with the male homeowner and left in a cab. They said he pulled a knife on the cab driver and demanded he be taken back to the home.
    When he arrived back at the house police say he brandished the knife again, and the couple called 911.

    My guess would be that the cab driver called the cops.

    It seems that the story is being tainted by the "he was a Marine" factor.
    I don't care if he was Chesty Puller, Audie Murphy or, even Eddie Murphy if any man pulls a knife on me, I have to assume he has the worst intent and, cap his sorry ass.

    Had he murdered the cab driver or, the homeowners, would his Marine service be brandished as a symbol of his goodness? I've known plenty of damned good soldiers who became piss-poor civilians.

    Shawn, if you were driving the cab and some drunk pulled out a knife and threatened you, would you be singing his praises later? If he was trying to get into YOUR house with a knife in his hand, what then?

    Jason may have been a damned good Marine. Maybe he was one of the best Marines. But, HE fucked up.
    He fucked up when he pulled a knife on a cab driver.
    HE fucked up when he tried to get to the homeowners while armed with a knife.
    HE fucked up when he was in the wrong from the word "go".
    Jason got lucky when the cab driver didn't blown him away.
    Jason got lucky when the homeowner didn't blow him away.
    Jason's own actions got him blown away by a cop who was responding to likely the 2nd call about and armed and belligerant man...who then attacked the cop!

    Ask yourself, "who could have diffused the entire situation?"

    The answer is Jason.

    It's unfortunate that it all had to end the way it did but, simply blaming the cop (and yes, there are some shitbag cops on the job) is a shortcut to thinking as well as a scapegoat excuse.

    I don't doubt for one second that TGP, CS, Gunny or, anyone else posting here would give two shits as to who this clown was, the minute the knife came out and their safety was in question.

    If you're trying to enter MY house angry with a knife in your hand...expect to be shot! And, I don't give two shits if he'd been drinking because a drunk stabbing your ass will make you just as dead as a coffee drinker doing it would!

  6. Sepp,

    I totally agree with you in regard to the cab driver or the homeowner. I completely disagree with you when it comes to the cop. They had the man surrounded, and he did not have a gun. If I was alone and he attacked me with a pool cue, if I had a gun, he'd get shot. But if I was with five or six buddies, he'd tote an ass whippin' from hell. He might even die from injuries, but he would not get shot. The cop was wrong, and there was no reason for anyone to die ONCE THE COPS ARRIVED ON THE SCENE.

    I know you come from a long line of cops, and not so many years ago it was a noble profession, but more and more of them are exceeding the authority we entrust them with.

    Please note, however, that though I disagree with you, I don't think your opinion is valueless. I know that because you aren't Mud or Jeff, we can disagree and move on.

  7. Shawn,

    Welcome to my blog; I hope you'll come back.

    A few years ago, the local sheriff's deputies responded to a call of a man threatening suicide. He was in his trailer, holding a gun, and telling the cops to go away. At some point, he apparently pointed the pistol out the window. A deputy fired a single shot, killing him. The shot was over 100 feet. It is my opinion that the cop's gun went off on accident, otherwise he would have fired the standard doubletap. The fact that he killed the man also proves to me that it was an accidental discharge. Most cops have to empty their gun, then reload and empty it again to hit the target, like the ones in New York who fired over fifty rounds into a car without receiving a single return shot.

    Thanks for your visit, and I am sorry for your loss.

  8. I come from a line of one cop and an even longer line of dealing with shitbag cops in my teen years.
    But like I said, Jason had (from the reports) at least 4 chances to have made a life or, death dcision and pissed each opportunity away.

    If it had been you or I, the cop's only contribution would have been drawing a chalk line around his stupid ass.

    As it turned out, the cop ended up being the guy who popped him.

    Sure, we can blame the cop and, in most cases would probably rather see it as an instance of a bad cop, making a bad shooting against a defenseless man this case the guy had already put at least 3 people's lives in jeopardy before the cop even got there so, he was no angel by any stretch.
    And, after serving you have to be well aware that some folks have a nasty violent side to them after drinking and are beyond reasoning with.
    We wouldn't even want to mention that the guy was a Marine had he killed the cab driver or, the man and his wife...I'm sure alpha-bat and muddy would have been making it a point to remind you of his USMC status had that been the case!
    HE screwed up and if YOU were in his place, I'm sure that something would have clicked in your head BEFORE you took it as far as he did.

    The cop's decision to shoot, that will come out during the review but, SGT Jason's own actions were ultimately the root cause of his own demise.

    If the taxi driver would have capped him, it's ok?
    If the homeowner would have capped him, it's ok?

    But, the cop is supposed to get stabbed with a pool cue (and from personal experience, those things break along the grain and are sharp enough to cut paper) before putting him down?

    He wouldn't have stabbed me before I'd defended myself! And, who's to say that the cop isn't also a Marine?
    Would that change things?

    Sadly, he was a young, good looking kid with probably a nice career ahead of him but, made a series of jacked up choices that common sense AND being an NCO should have been telling him not to do.
    He was a Marine NCO and NOT a Paris Island punk fresh from the hood who did'nt know how to act accordingly.
    As much as I'd like to think it was an idiot cop with the "picked on in school" issues, the story looks to be more like an alcohol induced asshole with "I'm never wrong" issues.

    What bothers me is the fact that people are trying to use his good service as a cover for his fuckups over the course of an evening.

    He was a man. He was an NCO. And, he is supposed to have the same sense as WE, as former NCO's had drilled into us to conduct ourselves and act accordingly!
    None of the NCO's I came up under would ever act like that!
    TGP, would your father get hammered, and threaten a taxi driver with a knife...or, a woman for that matter?
    Would he have been smart enough to call it quits when he had a pool cue at a gunfight?

    It might be unpopular for me to say this but, Jason's actions not only shit on the USMC but, also the NCO corps from every branch as a whole!

    Had the cop NOT shot him, he'd be advertised by the media as a Marine NCO who took an innocent cab driver hostage at knifepoint, threatened the life of a woman, been busted down to e-1 and sent to the brig...and painted as the "typical" NCO of the leftist-loathed "military" with the caption stating that we're all that violent.

    SGT Jason should have checked himself and knew he was taking things too far when he pulled his knife the first time and, suffered the ride in the cab home as evidence of his own foolishness.

    I don't ask people to leave my house because I'M a dick, I tell em to leave because they're acting like one.
    THAT should have been his first hint.

    Like I've said, I'm no fan of the cops by any means but, after at least 4 chances at a charmed life where he didn't get his ass blown away due to his own motivations, he obviously didn't know when to quit.

  9. Sepp,

    The cops have said repeatedly that he was only armed with a pool cue. Where is the knife?

    I once had over forty cops pointing guns at me because a waitress at a restaurant I hadn't even been to said a guy in a black Chevy pickup had a gun. I had a black Chevy pickup, but no gun. I was asked to do a lot of things that night, which I did. But once the situation defused to the cops apologizing for the mistake, I got so mad at these assholes for pointing loaded guns they obviously don't know how to handle at me, I told them next time, they'll have to shoot me.

    The cops are called to defuse a situation, not fan the flames. Piss poor performance, and now I'm convinced they are covering up, instead of manning up.

  10. By the way, I agree that had he killed the cabbie or the homeowner, (who may have deserved it - we'll see), I wouldn't want the press making a big deal out of him being a Marine. But truth be told, I don't want cops killing anyone before a real, imminent threat of bodily harm or death is exhibited. Seven cops on scene, Prostrollo could only attack one at a time. The cops screwed up.

  11. Tenth,

    I have to come down on -Sepp's side on this one. As Marines we have to accept it when one of ours goes off the reservation. I wish like hell it would have turned out different, but when you cross that line - you have to accept the consequences.

    As the brother-in-law of a cop - I'm amazed that more folks don't get shot. I was always amazed on "ride-alongs" when this guy who was married to my sister, the father of my nieces and nephews, and uncle to my kids - got out of the car, hitched up his belt, and waded into the unknown all by himself (I had to promise not to play).

    I can tell you - if a guy has been on a drunken rampage, comes upon me with two pool cues, and I'm armed - he better be prepared to receive a bullet - probably two as bullets are cheap.

    I've tried on an number of occasions to reason with a drunk - it nearly always turns out bad. In this case the policeman's top priority was the law abiding people of Scottsdale - my opinion.

  12. Everyone,

    I have not sided with Jason Prostrollo because he is a Marine. This cop committed murder, among other crimes. Dereliction of duty, abuse of office, probably some more, yet we let these cops get away with it "cause they face death everyday." What complete horseshit! When they face death, they nearly always fuck up.

  13. Where did the knife go? It ended up someplace between the cab driver, the homeowners and, picking up a splintered pool cue.

    I've also dealt with my share of jackass cops in my time and, had a weapon drawn on me before which purged my yearning to act like a fool quickly.
    Sadly for Jason, the thought that he was in the wrong seemed to have escaped him.

    I think that any decent person would begin to question himself the moment it seemed like a sound idea to draw a weapon on an innocent taxi driver and consider "What in the hell am I doing?" and, then ask the same question while trying to get into someone's house and then again when the cops are arriving.
    He didn't.

    Maybe the cop IS the biggest asshole on the force but, I assure you that if you swing anything thats considered a weapon toward a cop, it does meet the criteria for using fatal force. They don't need to wait until you do strike them, they only need to wait until you try. And even the biggest asshole on the force with a 20 year career doesent want to blow it all for a bad shooting.

    We'll find out later when the review board's investigation is completed whether the cops was reckless.
    Right now, it appears that Sgt Jason had multiple opportunities to simply stop what he was doing and, his intent was to do harm to someone.
    It's a tragic chain of events that was wholly preventable.

    1. Typical sheep reading the media and not bothering to look at a bigger picture, thus the current situation the United States is in. Jason had respect for authority. He was an amazing person and his family deserves respect during this time.
      -Sarah B

  14. Sarah,

    I am sincerely sorry for your loss. Don't judge Sepp too harshly, he is nowhere near as bad as some of the whackos I've seen posting stuff about Jason.

    I think the main thing here has nothing to do with Jason's character. Under those circumstances, the cops shouldn't have fired on anyone.

    Again, I'm so sorry for you and the rest of Jason's family.

  15. It's obvious that the guy was loved by his friends and family and, certainly I'm not trying to shit on their memories and, feelings about him.

    But, what is the bigger picture? And if you have information that clarifies this, share it with us.
    All I can go by is the story I'm given to form an oppinion with.
    So far, it's he pulled a knife on a couple in their home and was booted, pulled a knife on a cab driver and demanded to be returned to the house, threatened the homeowners a second time, fought off a police dog and, was swinging a splintered pool cue.
    That is what we know from the reports and, if you have something more accurate than that, I'm open to hear the correct version of events.

  16. One thing that bothers me quite a bit is that if the shoe had been on the other foot, if this had happened in Iraq and the shooter was a young Marine, I think the media would have immediately criticized him and USMC for the shooting. But when the victim is a marine and the shooter is a police officer, the shooter automatically gets the benefit of the doubt.

    Also, if Scottsdale PD didn't do anything wrong, then why did they immediately lie about the wind conditions? Something is rotten is Scottsdale.

  17. I agree. We send them to do a tough job, usually with at least one hand tied behind their back. The cops should have the same or even more stringent rules of engagement.

    As a whole, I despise cops. They all seem to forget that they are criminals if they enforce un-Constitutional laws. I actually had a cop that told me the Supreme Court said they could lie to obtain a confession. That may be true, but shouldn't their daddies beat their ass if they lie? Any law or lawman who thinks the ends justify the means is wrong.

  18. thank you for this post. jason was an amazing man. hope this story stays alive so that there is justice for jason.

  19. If this were a Muslim, you can bet the media roaches would've been all over this story screaming police brutality & racism.

    I don't understand why they didn't taser him or just shoot him in the leg. Why use fatal force?

    RIP Jason.

  20. TGP- Nice post. Rest in piece Sgt. Prostrollo.

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