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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

WTF Supreme Court

Today, the Supreme Court ruled 8 to 1 to let the wackos of the Westboro Baptist Church trample the rights of parents to bury their child. Apparently our highly educated justices have never heard that our rights stop when they infringe on others rights. Thats why we have noise ordinances. Thats why we don't allow smoking in public areas. Thats why we don't allow people to drive when they're drunk. Thats why we shouldn't allow anyone to ruin the final moments someone spends with their child.

If I were a Supreme Court Justice, I would rule that anyone throwing rocks at the Westboro Lunatics would be fined a dollar per rock. Then I would be there, selling rocks.


  1. WTF is correct. However no one can legislate common decency which the Westboro nutjobs don't possess.

    Truth be told, the Supremes shouldn't outlaw any speech regardless of how vile it is. It's a slipery slope. What do they outlaw next? Our blogs? Our dissent?

    Here's a good read on the subject from a fellow Marine:

  2. I disagree that the issue in this case is free speech. The real issue is the right of a family to bury their dead. No one says the Westboro Wackos can't have their opinion, or openly discuss their opinion. But if they, (like Code Pink), were speaking up in the middle of a State of the Union speech, their right of free speech would be infringed because of the forum they chose. No one should be allowed to exercise their rights at the expense of others rights. Bad call SCOTUS.

  3. My wife and I went to a Westboro psychos (I won't dignify the lunatics by calling them a church) protest when they swung through town. They were going to protest at the Coast Guard recruiting station. We thought we might need to protect the knee-deep sailors. No need they were conveniently closed for the day.

    The Westboro deviants do show some real tactical savvy. There was some misdirection in their public release that created confusion for the counter-protesters.

    I don't know how the Police could stomach protecting those low-life bastards.

    I wish there was something we could do - but they appear to be able to run up right to the line without crossing it.

  4. Then we should move the line. I honestly believe they are the wrongdoers, not the families of our fallen. No one ever thought freedom of speech would include infliction of grievous mental harm.

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  6. John Adams said that the Constitution established a nation for Christian people. I think part of what he meant was that we would act towards each other with charity, humility, and graciousness. Of course none of those terms apply to the Westboro lunatics.

    We can deal with law breakers, it is tougher to deal with rudeness. If you try and legislate against rudeness you end up with stupid laws like the hate crimes bill. We cannot demand tastefulness.