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Monday, October 10, 2011

How can Willard even still be in the game?

Mitt Romney is a giant piece of liberal crap, and I am sick of hearing about him being the front runner for the GOP nomination.  The GOP needs to tighten up, or I won't be voting for their candidate.  I'd rather write in Donald Duck than hold my nose and vote for Romney.  And anyone who calls themselves a conservative should feel the same.

Stomach turning, flip-flopping, no good piece of crap.


  1. TGP- I almost welcome a governmental healthcare system. Don't get me wrong, I love my current policy, but I would love too see my Union officials squirm. I pay $9.20/Hr worked for my coverage. I can't wait to fight my union for that money on the check. Since they supported Obama in the first place, and asked us to.

    The only thing I have too say about Romney is this. My Uncle is a retired KY State Trooper, who now teaches Sunday school at his church (Baptist). He tells me that Mormonism is a 'cult. Call it my Irish loyalty, but I have to believe what my Uncle says on the subject, I love him and trust him.

    So, I too, could not vote for Romney. After-all, he is a member of a 'cult.

  2. TGP,
    I echo your sentiments. I don't like him one bit.

    His Mormonism doesn't bother me but he is nothing more than McCain with hair.

    He's nothing more that a liberal douche pretending to be a conservative. The MSM loves him only for the same reasons they loved McCain. Once nominated they will trash him.

    The more I learn about Herman Cain the more that I like him.

  3. Tenth and Gang,

    I too have a problem with Romney being a Mormon. I don't know enough about it to be precise, but it is a little unnerving.

    As for his position, this particular editorial gave me pause:

    BLANKLEY: Praising Romney’s flip-flopping ways:

    Ronald Reagan was once a Democrat - sometimes a convert is more aggressive than one who was always on the right side.

    Romney still gives me the willies - but unless we Conservatives stop sniping at each other - he is going to be the nominee.

  4. CS,

    Romney ain't no Reagan. I don't believe he's a convert either. While in rehab, I was the most contrite, hard working, want to be sober SOB in the place. I was faking and so is Romney. He's a turd and anyone supporting him is blind, stupid, or an enemy of the Republic.

  5. Chris Christie to endorse Mitt Romney

  6. H/Nox- I like Herman as well.

    CS- As you and everyone else already know, I do not believe in religion, but strangely enough, I like learning about peoples' religions. The scary thing about the Mormons is this. Their are certain aspects of their beliefs that they will not educate you about, unless you attend their church. I beleive that is a 'cult

  7. Guys,
    Every Mormon that I have ever met seemed like a nice person. Always polite and respectful. That said, they do have some strange beliefs and rules. They won't let you into their churches unless you have a valid ID card. If you are a visiting Mormon you need your ID card and a sponsor.

    Pretty weird.

    CS doesn't like them because they killed some of his relatives 150 years ago. I'm thinking he still has a score to settle.

    Religion is OK. It's the organized ones that scare me. All of them think that they own the franchise on God.

  8. ...just thought I'd drop in to see how everyone's doing. Mitt's the Man! I know that you all want a Tea Party goon, but it ain't gonna happen. Mitt's crushing them all and I understand that the posse is terribly unhappy with that reality.

    So, what are you going to do about it- just blow off your anger here like you have against Obama for the past 3 years?

    The posse needs to face reality for a change rather than constantly living in denial- in a delusional world.

    Here's a reality check for you- the citizens of the United States congregate at the center of the political spectrum, not the far-right end. You may 'believe' that America is far-right because you associate with far-right people. That myopia blurs the 'truth' for you.

    America does not elect a president at EITHER end of the political spectrum; he has always been a centrist.

    Of course, to some [you] the 'center' lies just the the left of the far-right end, whereas to the rest of the nation it is, well, in the center.

    So I suggest you stop your whining and get behind Romney and work for his nomination and election if you have any hope of defeating Obama in 2012.

    Now you can attack me for telling you the truth.


  9. Mud,

    Welcome back. I hope you enjoyed your European vacation. Did you learn anything about socialism over there?

    As for Presidents being from the "center", you got to be smoking something to think Obama is a centrist. What a fool.

  10. you got to be smoking something to think Obama is a centrist. What a fool.

    Sorry son, but your 'opinion' is not in line with those who study this for a living.

    Just because you 'believe' something, doesn't make it so.