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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Apple theft on the rise

Obama and his minions keep repeating the economy IS recovering.  This week, unemployment went back up, and Austin Goolsbee has quit advising Obama on economic issues.

Back in the 1930's, we had an economic situation that is now called "The Great Depression."  At the time, it was called a slow recovery.  During the "slow recovery" kids stole apples.  In todays "slow recovery," thugs are stealing Apples on the subway.  I am not a big city kind of guy, but how can a criminal grab something from someone on a crowded subway, without being beaten unto death by the fellow travelers?  If these thugs acted this way on an airplane, the passengers would restrain them and they would spend some uncomfortable time being interrogated.  Then they would be imprisoned.  Why don't New Yorkers behave the same way on the subway?  I would.

The economy is not recovering, it is stagnating.  Here locally, the sherrif's department just broke up a homeless camp, created mostly by drug use, but also by poor economic times.  We have to do something to increase demand for jobs, or things are going to get even uglier than they already are.  The Republicans in the House need to force Obama and the Senate to cut taxes and cut SPENDING, or America will cease top exist.  And that would be really unfair to the future of mankind.


  1. Obama's top economic advisor quit on him yesterday.
    My guess is that the guy was probably frustrated from working for a clown who won't listen to an economist who isn't spouting marxist "solutions".

  2. If they bring out another knucklehead from Harvard or MIT - it means that they aren't serious about fixing the problem yet.

  3. The WH propagandist is claiming that the economist is returning to academia so as not to lose tenure. That might be true but it sounds like a good excuse for an exit.

    We need adults in charge. No more academics and thereoticians.

    Adding to the unfairness of theft... every police department from coast to coast has an accellerated ticket writing campaign to help offset budget woes.

  4. Hardnox,

    I met one of those ticket writers yesterday. He claimed I was doing 50 in a 35, but when he hit his lights and siren, I was on a different road, blowing the horn at some fool doing 40 in a 45. My guess is that he is out writing tickets to fill his "non-existent" quota.

  5. Sepp,

    My guess is he quit cause he's tired of people knowing he's a dipshit. Maybe he can escape back into academic obscurity where people will forget he doesn't know shit from Shinola.

  6. CS,

    I already know they aren't serious about fixing the problem. If your company first seargent didn't fix some problem, and the battalion CO kept "mentioning" to you that it still wasn't fixed, don't you think you'd have the first sergeant by the balls when you loudly told him to go unfuck himself? Obama has absolutely no idea how to motivate his subordinates, and I'm starting to think his narcism makes him think we're all crybabies for not appreciating just how "good" a job he's been doing so far.