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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Maybe Newt ain't so bad

Newt Gingrich was born on June 17, 1943, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. His mother Kathleen Daugherty and father Newton Searles McPherson divorced soon after Newt was born. Kathleen remarried to an Army officer named Robert Gingrich, who adopted the boy. Gingrich has three younger half-sisters, Candace, Susan, and Roberta.
Growing up, Gingrich's family moved around frequently, like many military families. He graduated from Baker High School in Columbus, Georgia, and received a B.A. from Emory University in 1965.

I can certainly associate myself with moving frequently; by the time I was eighteen, I had lived in three trailers, five apartments, and twenty-one houses.  By the time I graduated high school, I had been enrolled in ten different schools.  I believe that moving all over the country made me a better citizen, and I bet it did the same for Gingrich.  Maybe it didn't make him, or me, a better person, but I don't have any doubt that Newt loves America just as much as I do.  Having seen the whole damn place, I know what is good about America.

I would prefer that Newt had spent some time in the service himself, but compared to someone like Willard, who thinks his sons are serving the country by trying to get him elected, Newt understands what real service looks like.  So I like that about him.

I think I can live with Newt's stance on immigration.  Personally, I feel the best way to secure our border is to arrest people for hiring illegal aliens.  I believe letting some of these employers spend five months in Martha Stewart jail would effectively shut down illegal immigration.  As for the drugs and other stuff crossing the border, we need to decide just how bad we don't want that crap here, then take appropriate actions.  Seriously, you don't have a "war" with cops.  If we have really declared a war on drugs, we should be fighting it with troops.  And we should be killing the people responsible for sending all that crap over here.  And for all you liberal turds who think the drugs are coming here because American druggies are demanding them, I say kill them, too.  Lower the cost of healthcare, jails, government handouts.  Remove the dregs of society, improve the society.


I think I can live with Newt's philosophy on globull warming.  I tend to agree with him.  We should cut back on our carbon emissions; if not cause it may be damaging the atmosphere, then because we should leave something in the trough for those coming after us.  Probably more because of the Obama Depression than any vain attempt at saving the planet, I have already cut my driving down to only when absolutely necessary.  We no longer run to the store when we need butter or eggs (although with a yard full of chickens, we rarely need for eggs).  We make lists, and stop at the store on the way from more important business.  And my children do not like it when they miss the school bus.  I already paid for the gas in that bus, so I get irate with them when I have to buy more gas to take them to school.

So, I think I may be able to get on the Newt bandwagon.  An added bonus to Newt:  He will decimate Obowma in a debate.  Even MudPILE would have to admit that.


  1. TGP,

    I can agree with that. Newt SHOULD say something about appearing with the female version of Beezelebub on that couch! haha. I don't agree with globull warming, cooling, etc, as it is a hoax BUT good stewardship of the Earth is a MUST!

    In a former job, I saw Newt a lot in the Pentagon so he well knows the military and what they go through. I observed him on a few occasions acting with courtesy and decorum to ALL RANKS and civilian security etc. MUCH UNLIKE the current dweeb in the WH and most leftists in general.

    If Newt picks Santorum or Bachmann as VEEP, its on.

  2. Gunny,

    I may not campaign for him, but I could vote for him if he gets the nomination. Romney is a no way. I couldn't vote for Willard under any circumstances. But I would not be too ashamed of voting for Newt, unless he gets caught with a blue dress.

  3. Tenth and Gunny,
    I agree with good stewardship of the land. It is something that I have practiced my whole life and am glad that others recognize the need for it but I cannot accept Global Warming/Climate Change as man made for a hundred reasons. The fact that Newt has recanted his earlier position on the matter is fine by me.

    If its a choice between Newt or Mittens then the choice is easy. I still prefer Perry but his chances are fading barring a blue dress event occuring from the others.

    So far so good with Newt. He sounds like the only adult in the room during the debates. I look forward to him debating zero.

    Tenth, I agree with your remedy for druggies.

    Gunny, thanks for the report about Newt conduct at the Pentagon.

  4. I figured that since the Cain Train derailed, you'd jump to Newt.

  5. Who gives a shit what you think?

  6. I give you full credit for riding the Obama train off the cliff. Now how about dying quietly at the bottom of the ravine?

  7. Is this your 4th or 5th horse in the anyone-but-Romney race? I know that you were hot for Trump, then Perry. After that it was Cain and now Gingrich. Did I miss anyone?

    Did you drop Cain because of his sexual adventures with those 5 women workers or the 13-year affair with Ms. White?

    ...just wondering

  8. Mud,

    I haven't picked a horse yet. I have only expressed my opinion of the horses in the race.

    I still like Cain, but it looks as if the racist pigs in your party are forcing him out. I guess Obama wants to be able to scream racism when he loses.

  9. Tenth,

    I do not agree with Gingrich on the illegal immigrant solution. The reason we have (pick a number - no one knows how many) illegal immigrants here is that they don't believe that we have the National will to not let them stay. They might be right if Gingrich is going to roll over.

    We need a clear and unambiguous statement that if you came here illegally, the only path to citizenship is to return to your native country and apply for a visa like everyone else. No compromise.

    We cannot have a second classification of citizen in the United States. If there are 12-15 million illegals, would we count them for the purposes of representation in the House? Would they be a whole person or 4/5ths? Are we telling everyone that if you can manage to live here under the radar screen for long enough we won't send you back? Rubish.

    Everything else that Newt wants to do in addressing the illegal problem is right on target - but he's wrong on trying to sort out who can stay based on some formula that government would come up with to overturn its own laws. Who wants to fund such an effort? It's ridiculous.

    With that said - though I could support Newt - I still have Perry stickers on all my vehicles.

    I might point out that Gingrich has made a number of reversals - several for very sound and logical reasons - as has Mitt Romney. You might extend the same charity of thought to him. This mania about Romney isn't good for anyone.

  10. CS,

    Romney is a turd. I despise him. Newt has his problems, but I have no doubts about his motives. Romney wants to be POTUS for Romney. I distrust that. I am not completely sold on any of the others, but Romney WILL NOT get my vote.

  11. At least muddy has shown that he's willing to vet republican candidates since he never bothered to vet his own.

  12. CS- I still have Perry stickers on all my vehicles.

    What did the 26th Amendment to the Constitution say, CS? And when was it enacted? Which states hold caucuses rather than primaries? When was the Revolutionary War fought?

    ...and the 'historian' of this posse has Perry stickers on his vehicles???

  13. Sepp- At least muddy has shown that he's willing to vet republican candidates ...

    Vetting has been quite easy, Sepp. It was clear from the get-go that there were only 2 viable characters among the group: Romney and Huntsman. Sadly, despite the First Amendment, neither had a chance to gain full acceptance in God's Own Party because of their Mormon Faith.

    You know, Sepp, just how important it is to Republicans to be a 'good' Christian. There is a sign in the window of the GOP National Headquarters that reads, Only Good Christians need Apply.

    Yes, the Faith test. After all, America was built on the faith of good Christians. Just look at all of the ways that good Christians helped move this nation forward during the past several centuries.

    Should I innumerate them for you all??

  14. Mud_PILE,

    I think you have finally lost what little grasp on reality that you may have had.

  15. I think the Mormon issue takes a backseat to the fact that Romney is an unpigmented version of Obama and, Huntsman seems to have liberal tendencies worthy of the Huffington post's praise.
    It's no surprise that liberals like the idea of either of those two since, even if Obama loses...liberals still win with either of these two.
    They're far right leftists as opposed to being centrist conservatives.

  16. Mud,

    Why do you keep asking stupid questions like:

    Should I innumerate them for you all??

    I have asked you repeatedly to provide facts. So yes, we want you to enumerate.

  17. " Should I innumerate them for you all?? "

    Usually means that muddy is about to either leave the topic or, change the subject.

  18. So yes, we want you to enumerate.

    Let me start early in our American history with the many ways that "good Christians" have helped move our nation forward:

    1. killing of the Native Americans and taking over their land;

    2. Salem witch trials

    3. shiploads of Africans brought to work as slaves on the plantations

    How's that for the first 100 years of good Christians operating in America?

    Shall I go on?

  19. How about you explain each of your spiels above.

    1. The biggest killer of Native Americans were the liberal "give em blankets" ancestors of yours.

    2. Perpetrated more by superstition than Christianity.

    3. Yankee ship masters mostly of the agnostic bent. Also probably your forebears.

  20. Got anything recent muddy?

    Your anti-christian rants are usually based on things that are centuries old that nobody but a liberal trying to "prove" moot points would care about.

    Yeah the Indians had their land snatched up from immigrating Europeans...they aren't getting it back no matter how much you whine.

    Yeah, America had slavery at one time in it's history...just like EVERY other place on the planet has at one time. When's the last time you saw a slave here? Never?
    All white people here are bad because of slavery...especially the majority of this country who's ancestors arrived after slavery or, who's relatives served in the union army to free them...once again ancient history which is a moot point.

    We could shift gears and start a list of liberalism's harm to mankind and nations and match your list of 1500 year old "sins" of christianity while only having to going back less than 100 years.

  21. Sepp,

    Let's do that. I pick cutting the defense budget and therefore troop strength, so we were at a severe disadvantage when 9/11 happened.

  22. Mud_PILE,

    1. A stone age civilization came into contact with the iron age and they didn't make out so well. Tough. The overwhelming majority of "native Americans" died of disease - something neither culture fully understood. However turn about was fair play, the "native Americans" gave the gift of syphilis to returning Europeans.

    2. Witch trials were held all over the world. What most people forget is that there were genuinely bad people who perished in those trials and they should have. No doubt you are more familiar with the mythology of that era and have little grasp on the reality. People of that era didn't understand madness or mental retardation (liberalism). Had you lived in that era they wouldn't have had any more success that we are having understanding your moronic views and they quite possibly would have burned you. Good riddance.

    3. As -Sepp pointed out slavery was a world wide phenomena as old as human culture itself. Many think that the American turn away from England began as early as 1688 in Pennsylvania when Quakers attempted to end slavery. There is evidence that Americans turned in part to revolution as the English had continued to impose English law on the colonies to enforce slavery. Once the Nation was stabilized under the US Constitution (that contained two poison pills designed to end slavery) there were two serious efforts to end slavery that were thwarted by . . . . . democrats. Democrats managed to prevent every effort to roll back slavery nationally though individual States did end slavery starting in 1780 and running through 1804. After that democrats waged a battle with each new State that applied to enter the Union.

    Slavery was ended primarily by an abolitionist movement born in the churches, pushed by ministers, that birthed the Republican Party. It was the Republican Party that waged actual war against the Democrat Party to end slavery in this Nation.

    You actually have a very tenuous hold on reality Mud_PILE and you have absolutely no idea about history, politics, or economics. You are completely out of your element when you speak of Christianity or the church. You are in a word, ignorant.

  23. As an Athiest, muddy seems to think he's obligated to shit on Christians (but no other religions) because other "tolerant" liberals do so.
    He's afraid that christians are somehow trying to control him to the point where he'll try and convince himself that a person of faith in the whitehouse will force him to go to church but, a marxist in the whitehouse won't force anything on him.

    The other "evil" that christians have committed are hospitals.
    Almost every hospital in Toledo was began through a church organization...St Ann's, Mercy hospital, St Vincent, St Luke's, etc.

    The only hospital founded by athiests seems to be St Nowhere which is nowhere to be found.

  24. Mud_PILE,

    Nothing to say about your childish assertions? This is usually the point at which you exit the scene after being completely humiliated.

  25. Tenth- Did you sleep through your American History classes? I think you did. Let me take each of your 3 points one at a time:

    1. The biggest killer of Native Americans were the liberal "give em blankets" ancestors of yours.

    First, my ancestors arrived in America 300 years later, in 1878. As you are the 'tenth generation patriot,' I'd imagine that your ancestors might have been there selling the blankets.

    The Europeans were not 'giving' the blankets but rather bargaining with them, trading with them. That's quite the GOP, Chamber of Commerce kind of activity. And no taxes, no government regulations! WOW! How right-wing, eh?

    2. Perpetrated more by superstition than Christianity.

    Let me ask you whether you also slept through your European History class? If not, you'd know about the Inquisitions, both Papal and Spanish.

    Superstition? Lots of dead Christians killed by superstition, eh?

    3. Yankee ship masters mostly of the agnostic bent. Also probably your forebears.

    Tenth, do you know the difference between FACT and OPINION? Recall that I asked Sepp if he wanted me to tutor him in the 7th grade Ohio Proficiency Test- the part of the English test that asks if a student can distinguish FACT from OPINION.

    "The ship masters were mostly agnostic." FACT or OPINION?

    Say, what about the slave buyers? Were they also of the agnostic bent? Or did they sit in the local church each Sunday morning singing Jesus songs?

    Once again, my ancestors took a commercial ship from Bremen to New York- no slaves, all paying customers.

    Pathetic, Tenth. Just pathetic. You have to learn how to separate FACTS from OPINION otherwise whatever you post or comment on will be worthless.

  26. That's it? Tenth, sorry that I had to humiliate you but you really ought to stay away from History because it isn't your strong point.

  27. Mud_PILE,

    That's your OPINION - not fact. The rest of us all disagree with you. You are a wretched historian and a pathetic debater. You have no game.