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Friday, September 2, 2011

From the mouths of babes

obama soros puppet

My five year old was supposed to start kindergarten on Monday, August 29.  Due to Hurricane Irene, school was cancelled, but the teachers were supposed to report.  My little girl got to start kindergarten Tuesday, but two hours late.

Today, she wants to know why the teachers went to school when the students didn't.  She wants to know why the teachers would be teaching if nobody's there to learn.  My kids are geniuses.  They could fix the federal deficit, and so far, all four of them have a total of six days of formal education.

How is it possible that this dummy can't figure it out?


  1. HAHA! Good post. Dumbo can't figure it out because Marxism and a hatred of America IS ALL HE KNOWS!

  2. Maybe your kids haven't spent their entire lives being taught resentment and contempt for America and they're learning at an early age that there are common sense solutions that can be figured out for even uncommon problems.

    Obama is learning the hard way that his communist mentors who filled his head with a lifetime of bunk ideas don't work in the real world.
    He's stuck between the fire hydrant and the dog while trying to please his moonbats and not looking like a fool at the same time.
    Yesterday he axed (not asked) an EPA measure that would have killed off more jobs and, added millions to the cost to businesses.

    The moonbats went nuts of course because he figured out that killing more jobs off in order to cater to lunatics is just plain dumb right now.

    Of course if he wins reelection, expect all kinds of moonbat scorched Earth policy that will plant us deeply into the 3rd world.

  3. Remember the famous words of Albert Shanker the father of the modern teacher's labor movement:

    "When schoolchildren start paying union dues, that’s when I’ll start representing the interests of schoolchildren."

  4. And when teachers earn 70K+ salaries, work nights, weekends and summers, pay a portion of their own insurance and retirement fund and be held accountable for a quality product as every other artisian then, I'll listen to them gripe about how badly they're being screwed.

  5.'ve just had a hurricane and you're wondering why the teachers are to report, but not the students?

    Did you know teachers are paid by the year, not the number of days they are in the classroom. The teaching days counted by the state are based on days students are actually in the classroom. Better get down to that school and start some yellin' at them teachers for showing up and not getting extra pay!

    And Sepp, let me know were teachers make 70K+ salaries. I know some laid off teachers looking for work.

  6. Bob,

    Introduce your teacher friends to Google - from the From the "Herald News" a Chicago Sun-Times paper:

    " . . . Highland Park or Deerfield High School, both in Township High School District 113. The district — which has no teachers union — boasted the highest average teacher pay in the state last school year, at $104,737.

    More than half of all District 113 full-time teachers — 55 percent to be exact — pulled down at least $100,000 in total compensation, including benefits and extra pay for extracurricular activities."

    It's never hard to prove you drive-by liberals wrong. Given that teachers generally work 3/4 of a day and 3/4 of the year - they are some of the best paid professionals in the Nation. This from the Wall Street Journal:

    "The average Milwaukee public-school teacher salary is $56,500, but with benefits the total package is $100,005 . . . "

    You might direct your friends to Wisconsin.

    Median household income in the US according to the recent census was $50,221 - all things considered - teachers are paid pretty damn well.

  7. Bob,

    My kid was wondering why teachers were teaching if no one was there to learn. Based on your explanation, I guess they need to show up 5 days a week, all year long. Please don't come here and leave stupid comments.

  8. On your site too? Comical how one clown disappears and, another pops up like "wack-a-mole".

  9. TGP-I know we've had the discussion about unions before. Teachers unions are different than mine though. I asked a couple friends about it. They are teachers. They had to join a union, where I had a choice and chose union. Bob was right however, teachers are paid an annual salary. I don't know what they were doing at your child's school that day. Their meetings and lesson plans should have been done before the start of the school year. Here's the kicker, your kid's school will probably have a make-up day. My buddy's wife told me that in her district, if they hace to teach on make-up days, they get overtime. So I guess you can tell your son/daughter? that they were doing nothing. They were there because admin said they had to be there. And your tax dollars will go to pay them overtime at the end of the year.

    CS- In regards to the article you mention, that is correct. But what the article tell doesn't tell you is the amount of money that district brings in. That district is in a very affluent section of the north suburbs. Their are some homeowners in Highland Park (Michael Jordan) that pay up to $40,000 a year in property taxes. Also, There are quite a few Il. districts that do not have unions. Alot of times it is because of lower enrollment. I don't know if that is the case for Dis. 113.

  10. J.O.B.,

    Point taken - Mud_Sling's ("Bob's") point was that teachers can't make $70,000 - that is a patently false statement. That was my point. When you compare total compensation nearly all teachers make more than $70,000.

    Public Sector Unions are a train wreck. You are not forced to be part of a union in Virginia and you don't have to pay dues. We are a right to work state which partially explains why our jobless rate is 6% and the Nation's is 9.1% - I dare say that Illinois is higher?

    Unions only create jobs for union bosses.

  11. CS- If That WAS Bob's point, then I'm sorry to say, he is retarded.

    My friends wife that I spoke of earlier stayed in school to get her Master's degree. When she got out of college, she got a gig with a local High school. She started at $61,000, plus another $8500 for being a coach on the debate team. $69,500 she started at, back in 2000.

    I'm sure Il. unemployment is much higher than VA. But how much of that is due to the laziness in metro Chicago, created by the welfare system, not Unions.

    Per our discussion on your blog a week ago, or so....I will concur that I don't quite understand the need for Public sector unions. You're not dealing with corporations, or contractors....But then again, I'm not a teacher. In Chicago, the Police and Fire Departments have a No-Strike clause. They routinely go YEARS working without a contract.

    As for Private Sector unions, it's quite different, but somewhat the same. Their are quite a few problems in mine, and I will continue to go to the meetings and voice my concerns with the beat-offs that represent me. But I'm still proud to be part of a Union, and I'm glad I CHOSE to join.

  12. The point of this tale was to express the genius of my 5 year old daughter. Teachers shouldn't be teaching when there is no one there to learn.

    When I was a kid, teacher's didn't assign more homework than they felt like grading. They didn't want to create "homework" for themselves. Now kids come home from school every day with a weeks worth of homework, so the teachers have scheduled days to catch up. That's pure BS.

    We now have standardized testing to ensure the children are all being indoctrinated at the same level, yet at the culmination of their public educations, most of them cannot solve simple everyday problems.

    Its embarrassing when your kid asks you a question you don't know the answer to. Its mortifying when your kid asks you a question you can't look up the answer to. I cannot answer why the teachers were teaching with no students, and I have been unable to look it up.

  13. TGP- It shouldn't be embarrasing. Ask the teacher and find out.

    I find it alot more embarrasing when my daughter asks me questions, that I do know the answers to...Like, why do you pee standing up.....lolololol

  14. Johnny O',

    Excellent point. Having four daughters, I get a lot of questions along those lines.