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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Imaginary Numbers for those with no Imagination

Here.  Imaginary numbers are "real" in the sense that we cannot find any way to explain them, but they work.

This is from Wikipedia:

An imaginary number is a number with square that is negative. When any real number is squared, the result is never negative. Imaginary numbers have the form bi where b is a non-zero real number and i is the imaginary unit, defined such that 2 = −1.[1]
An imaginary number bi can be added to a real number a to form a complex number of the form a+bi, where aand b are called, respectively, the "real part" and the "imaginary part" of the complex number. Imaginary numbers can therefore be thought of as complex numbers where the real part is zero, and vice versa. The name "imaginary number" was originally coined in the 17th century as a derogatory term as such numbers were regarded by some as fictitious or useless, but today they have essential, concrete applications in a variety of scientific, engineering, and related areas.
If that is too deep for you, try this link.  Its on more of a gradeschool level.


  1. "This is from Wikipedia:"

    Oh my God! You are too stupid to realize that Wikipedia is not a valid reference. And even if it was, please explain what it is you cut and pasted. The saddest part is it appears you have reproduced and the gene pool is that much shallower.

  2. Jeff,

    Regardless of your opinion of me, if you insult my children again I will find you and beat you senseless. You be a man and say that shit to my face, or be a man and apologize. Your choice. And you and your looney friends on Mud's site aren't the only ones who can use IP addresses.

  3. 10th - A couple of things that I have learned:

    Liberals only have a "Transmit" button - they have no "Receive" setting. They can't be reasoned with.

    Liberals also are incapable of understanding analogies. Therefore your use of the term "imaginary number" as an analogy rather than in a mathematics context was completely lost on them.

    A liberal starts by assuming that you are stupid and they will always treat you as such. An example:

    Governor Sarah Palin while addressing a TEA Party crowd said "Let's Party like it is 1773" or words to that effect. Liberals and virtually all new outlets assuming that she was stupid pointed out that our Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776. However Palin wasn't referring the the Declaration of Independence she was talking to a TEA Party crowd and was referring to the Boston Tea Party which occurred in - you guessed it - 1773. No liberal could actually follow that perfectly logical train of thought - they don't have it in them.

    LOL - and they call us stupid.

  4. CS,

    I realize that these people are mentally deficient, either through design or through some brain injury or child abuse, but I will not tolerate insults to my children as a form of debate. If I can find this pinhead, I will re-enforce his ideas of stereo-typical conservatives as knuckle dragging Neanderthals.

    One of the big problems with Mud and his friends is they don't read both sides of the tale before they make their uninformed decisions, then they are unwilling to change their minds with the presentation of new facts. In that sense, they are not liberal at all.

    Most scientists who follow the scientific method believe in God. But most of these liberals think that Michio Kaku is presenting facts, even though his title is theoretical physicist. I have no problem accepting the possibility that Mr. Kaku may know what he's talking about, but to do so is a leap of FAITH, not an acceptance of fact. When Kaku says things like "we know the sun is going to go super nova in 400 million years," that is not provable. He may be right, but he CANNOT prove it.

    I am getting closer and closer to inciting mob rule against these libs, just like they do to us. If they can cut one of us out of the herd, like they did to Glenn Beck last week, they are as vicious as any shark or man eating tiger. And I absolutely believe it is self defense to whip the shit out of someone who injures or insults your child.

  5. 10th - you are correct. They are vicious, but you will find that they are cowards as well. They will cloak themselves in anonymity and fire insults and slurs. If you were ever to run into one in public they would pee down both legs.

  6. If Jeff isn't bright enough to figure out that talking trash about a man's kids is an asswhipping offense, Jeff should probably remain indoors.

    Google up a guy named German Talis.

    He was the leftnut who beat up a kid with cerebral palsy who is confined to a wheelchair.

    Typical liberal toughguy...did I just use "liberal" and "toughguy" in the same sentence?

  7. Sepp,

    You did use "liberal" and "toughguy" in the same sentence, and not in the usual manner, such as "That liberal is gonna piss off that toughguy." A thousand points to you, sir.