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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Just shut up

Listen to this idiot:

Can you believe these dipshits?  This guy has never earned anything in his life, and I blame the single mom who let his grandma raise him.  Give him everything so he won't throw a tantrum, and he'll grow up to be a "Valley Forge" hero.  Shit

“Everyone’s been calling it our Valley Forge moment,” said Michael McCarthy, a former Navy medic in Providence. “Everybody thought that George Washington couldn’t possibly survive in the Northeast.”…”I welcome the challenge of this cold weather,” said Dwayne Hudson, a landscaper who has been living at the Occupy Denver site for nearly two weeks. “This is like war. You know, soldiers do it when they occupy a place. I’m sure the mountains of Afghanistan get pretty cold.” [HP]

occupy wall street - Valley Forge

“We’re going to find a place where people can sleep at night, store their stuff. We’ll maintain a continuous presence in the park but you can’t ask people to put their lives in danger. It’s Occupy Wall Street, not Freeze to Death In Zuccotti Park,” [a person closely connected with the core de facto leadership of Occupy Wall Street]  said.
Pile: The rubbish has been building up in Zuccotti Park for days now

Spreading disorder: Unrest is growing in a dozen US cities including Austin, Texas (pictured)

Patriots sacrificing for the good of the masses.  You bet.


  1. That shitbird needs to be slapped around.

  2. What a bunch of douchebags! So the guy thinks sleeping in Denver in a tent is the same as Afcrapistan or Valley Forge? What an asshole.

    The guy with the flag should be shot.

  3. So do you three 'believe' that he represents the majority of the Occupy population or is just an outlier attracted to demonstrations to get his personal point across?

    In other words, does one bad apple spoil the entire bushel?

  4. Mud,

    Before I answer another one of your questions, answer a few for me.

    One, I posted a reply on your blog and it disappeared. Surely thats just an oversight.

    Two, do you think these people comparing themselves to the soldiers at Valley Forge is acceptable? I mean seriously, some things should be sacred for all Americans, right?

    Three, do you believe this guy is an outlier, or a plant by the right, or an idiot? Surely you can admit that this person, whether he represents himself or the entire OWS crowd, is an idiot, can't you?

  5. Hard to tell. I doubt he's an outlier.

    What I do know is what I have seen via the news and the internet. It ain't pretty.

    Many are embracing communism as if it were some great alternative to America and capitalism per se.

  6. Don't underestimate this young man. Why, he could grow up to be America's First Idiot President.
    But seriously, this is so laughable it's not even funny. It is a sad commentary on the decline of our culture, educational system and family. Very depressing when you think about it. I can't help but think of those young folks out fighting in the sh*tholes of the world so a jackass like this can stumble around in his foggy world.

  7. Tenth asks,

    One, I posted a reply on your blog and it disappeared. Surely thats just an oversight.

    Two, do you think these people comparing themselves to the soldiers at Valley Forge is acceptable? I mean seriously, some things should be sacred for all Americans, right?

    Three, do you believe this guy is an outlier, or a plant by the right, or an idiot? Surely you can admit that this person, whether he represents himself or the entire OWS crowd, is an idiot, can't you?

    1. it is there;

    2. well, the Tea Party Movement that began in '09 took their title [and clothing] from the historic Boston Tea Party so what's the problem with that?

    3. the man is an idiot but you infer that he represents the majority of the people in the movement. A few weeks ago, Sepp posted photo of another idiot crapping on a police car. He did that to denigrate the entire movement. None of his usual commenters [this group] pointed out that he was an aberration.

    Let me ask you to clear things up: do you feel that the man in the photo that you posted represents the average person in the Occupy Movement?

  8. Paladin states, I can't help but think of those young folks out fighting in the sh*tholes of the world so a jackass like this can stumble around in his foggy world.

    Tell me, Paladin, how do you connect this idiot with the men and women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan?

    What's the connection with them being 'over there' and this guy? I fail to see any connection between the two situations.

    This guy had nothing to do with sending our Armed Forces into the war theater. The President and Congress made that decision.

    If your heart lies with the guys on the battlefield, perhaps you'd like to make a statement about how they got there and why they are still there?

    The 'blame' does not lie with this clown, but rather with clowns of much more import than he.

  9. Tenth,

    I for one take this affront on our liberty very seriously. I think that the news media does us a disservice by putting the lunatics in front of the camera. It hides the very real efforts of hard-core revolutionaries that is behind the effort.

    As pointed out in other locations, this Occupy ____ is well organized, funded, and orchestrated by the left:

    Stephen Lerner was the SEIU thug who warned in March of 2011 that this attack on Wall Street was coming.

    Yes - there are clowns out there (I mean think about it who else could they find for cannon fodder?), but their objectives are deadly serious and would have far reaching and entirely negative consequences for all of us.

  10. Oh good God! Must we suffer fools like this one?
    He needs a good old fashioned bitch slap.

  11. Nice to see that not much has changed!

    Muddy, it doesent matter if this guy is or, isn't representitive of the OWS clowns.
    Look at who they're locking arms with.

    It's funny...a black guy carrying an M4 rifle at a tea party was "representitive" of their being violent and, since he was the only one at that rally, it also made them "racist" according to you.
    Since 99.9% of your 99%'er friends are lilly white college educated suburbanites in which 90% are carrying signs promoting communism, socialism, anarchism and, even anti-semitism and, have been selling / using drugs of all kinds in the streets, been violent, committed sexual assaults, vandalizing property, stealing, pissing and shitting all over the place and, chasing away customers from businesses wherever they mass.

    Any finger pointing you make towards the tea party folks while making excuses for these folks is just plain fucking comical.

  12. Sepp- Welcome back. Did the Europeans that you hung with cause you to move towards the left a bit more? You know how that SOCIALIST thing tends to become contagious!

    I'm sure that your posse here will help you snap out of it quickly.

    So, what do the Germans think of the GOP contenders? Are they scared shitless that one of them may occupy the White House in 2013?

  13. Gang,

    I was on the road most of yesterday. I was listening to a local radio station as I cruised past Richmond, VA. We Virginians got rid of the vermin that were camped out in our Capitol. However the pundits were opining on air that the good Mayor was moved to action because the TEA Party of Richmond was planning to request a refund for the thousands of dollars that the City had charged the TEA Party for rallies that were lawfully organized. For the larger rallies the TEA Party had been required to bring in Porta-Johns as well.

    Again the contrast between loyal and patriotic Americans respectfully demonstrating and sanctimonious leftist vermin couldn't be greater.

  14. Sorry muddy, nobody tried to convert me since they're sick of coughing up most of their paychecks in taxes and seeing very little in return for what they're paying for.
    There is also quite a bit of resentment that they're now paying for the social perks of Greece while Italy and Spain are jumping into the freebie line as well.
    Socialism looks great on paper but, when the bill comes, it always seems that somebody forgot to add in the cost of doing everything for everybody.

  15. I'll leave the discussion of who's a RINO for another day.

    This morning while watching the news this blog post came to mind. You are picking one person out of thousands to represent the entire group. Have you noticed a particular candidate for the Republican nomination named Herman Cain? He's even the leading nominee is some polls. I'm a Republican and this man does not represent me any way. In fact, I honestly believe he's somewhat "nuts".

    Look at it this way, if Herman Cain ends up being the Republican Presidential candidate, it will make it a lot easier for many people to vote Democrat.

  16. CS,
    The reason the tea folks were charged anything was because the cities knew they'd pay, say their piece and, probably leave the parks nicer than they found them.

    What we're beginning to see with those OWS people is small scale communism hard at work imploding because they're slowly finding out that it doesnt work on people the same way it works on paper.

  17. NWO sez
    "You are picking one person out of thousands to represent the entire group."

    And you libtoads did what to the tea party folks?

    They were all "racists"...without having to do anything racist.

    They were all "violent"...without ever being violent.

    And you clowns had no qualms whatsoever in repeating that bullshit like a bunch of trained parakeets.

    The nasty little truth is that a few hundred thousand of the tea folks can assemble WITHOUT raping and, stealing from each other and leaving the venue looking like a third world garbage dump.

    Don't act like these OWS hooligans are being unfairly defamed by one lowly representitive. There are new instances of outright thuggery on the news everyday at these gatherings.

    I certainly enjoyed the guy who escaped from the Soviet union debating the braindead socialists like yourself who tout a system they've never lived in or, understand fully.

  18. Somebody must have gotten body searched on the way back from Europe.

    And just because I care about my fellow countrymen doesn't make me a socialist. I seem to recall reading about some guy in North Carolina, having a tough time of it himself, helping his neighbors after a recent hurricane and he's not a socialist.

    I'm a capitalist all the way; poverty sucks.

    (Just a footnote for all our readers from outside Northwest Ohio: The local Tea Parties were all held on public property free of charge including sanitary services. You must have forgotten that I don't live in Toledo, but out in Tea Party Land.)

  19. My point was that you're willing to make excuses for these clowns who ARE outright socialists.

    TGP highlighted one of the many examples of these looters and moochers and the list of crap these scumbags pull continues to grow daily.

    Just a footnote for you, the tea party folks never broke a law, never vandalized anything, injured anyone or, cost the cities they appearred in millions in police overtime and, damages.
    In Toledo, the flipping park was cleaner AFTER the rally!

    If you want to help your fellow man, walk on down to your closest "occupier" venue and remind a few of the braindead fools who are bitching about not finding jobs that it might be a good idea to...
    Cut off the green dreadlocks.

    Pull up your fucking pants.

    Remove the porcupine looking shit thats sticking out of your face.

    Remove the "fuck America" picture from myspace.

    Don't get anymore tattoos on your face and neck.

    Yes, poverty DOES suck but, looking like an idiot won't get you out of it.

    I saw one of these clowns being interviewed wearing a half mohawk with studs in his face bitching that he has a degree and can't find work!
    No shit? You mean that employers DON'T want you to be a reflection of their company looking like that?

    I have 3 kids who are between 16 and 21 without degrees who have jobs...I just happen to be a parent who will put a boot in their asses if they came home looking like this clown and, make themselves targets of unemployability.

    I think the 99% needed some parenting in which they never got.

  20. Tenth and -Sepp,

    It's interesting that in a city of 8 million people - 40,000 taxpayers provide 50% of the revenue for New York City. I suspect that they don't have to live there. Connecticut is nice and Virginia even nicer. If 10% of those tax payers got fed up with this crap, New York City would look like Detroit in no time at all.

  21. CS,

    Sooner or later, the guys with the money are going to quit giving it to the government. There's lots of ways they can do this, but I predict they will just take their ball and go home.

    Rich people can afford to sit on their money. If they sit on it, none of us will get any of it. If I don't get it, I'll get by, but if Uncle Sam doesn't get it, it'll kill him. And the stupid libs can't seem to understand you don't pick apples by cutting down the tree.

  22. Tenth says, Rich people can afford to sit on their money. If they sit on it, none of us will get any of it. If I don't get it, I'll get by...

    Well, Tenth, they HAVE BEEN sitting on their wealth for about ten years now and having quite a wonderful life.

    What makes you so sure that they even WANT to spend any of their billions? What's in it for them?? Another billion or so? Peanuts to them.

    There was a gathering of GOP candidates and their managers yesterday and when the question arose about the jobs problem, do you know what each person said that their JOBS PLAN was?

    If you guessed lower taxes and fewer regulations then, BINGO!

    It is actually becoming a joke- a very sad and troubling joke- that this set of characters always plays those two cards no matter what 'game' they are playing.

    Taxes and regulations!

    You said just above, the stupid libs can't seem to understand you don't pick apples by cutting down the tree.

    Really? Is that what people to the 'left' of you are fighting for and demonstrating for?

    Are you sure, Tenth, that YOU bet on the right horse??

    You don't suppose, do you, that you've been hoodwinked? Hoodwinked into believing and saying that all America needs to get jobs for The People is to lower taxes and get rid of regulations??

    Seriously. That's just a corporate slogan. Just a talking point drilled into the heads of AM radio listeners 24/7. I have to admit, it's a good slogan- just about every GOP candidate and congressman say the exact phrase whenever they speak. After a while, people tend to believe it is true.

    Do you, Tenth, believe it is true?

    Do you believe that if only, if only, if only taxes were reduced on corporations and if only regulations were lifted, then millions of jobs would be created here in the U.S.A.?

    In your heart of heart, Tenth, do you believe this quid pro quo?

    What about your specific skill? How will a lower tax rate help you get more hours of work? How will lifting regulations help your telephone ring with more work?

    Rather than mouth the tired old line, lower taxes and less regulation, you ought to think of your family's economic future. Does it really depend on taxes and regulations? Or have you been duped into 'believing' that this is the way to 'create more jobs?'

    Who are the so-called JOB CREATORS? Who are the job creators for your job? What specifically would help you get more construction work?

    That should be your analysis rather than mouthing some political slogan.

    You should be thinking: what actions will get me more work, steady work? Work that will bring in a nice paycheck for me and my family.

    Sloganeering never created a job.

    'Trickle down' always leaves yellow drops on my hair.

    Remember: Herman Cain said "If you're not rich, blame yourself"."

    He didn't say, 'lower the taxes or remove regulations,' but blame yourself.

    So where DOES the BLAME lie? Neither you, Tenth, nor I are rich. Not that either of us wants to be 'rich,' but why should we blame ourselves?

    Did you find that to be an odd statement?? Blame yourself if you are not rich.

    In conclusion, I'm suggesting that rather than repeating a tired old canard like 'lower taxes and less regulation,' think about whether those two mandates REALLY will create the number of jobs needed to lift America out of the unemployment mess that we are in.

    In the past week, Pella Windows and Maytag announced plant closings. Maytag is moving to Mexico. Pella Windows is closing a plant in Ohio and S. Carolina.

    Why? New home construction has tanked. It's all about the mortgage fiasco that came to a head in September 2008.

    That's YOUR business, Tenth. Construction. What's the cause: banking deregulation and Wall Street gamblers rolling dice.

    That's why you are short on cash. What's the GOP plan to fix Wall Street and the corporate banks?

    Less regulation and lower taxes?????????

  23. Tenth,

    After reading Mud's tirade, I was thinking that in addition to "'Trickle down' always leaves yellow drops on my [Mud's] hair." that he also had yellow spots on his trousers.

    This is very much like what I experienced with that little man going through all Rachel Maddow's talking points when I was walking last weekend.

    A liberal (democrat, socialist, progressive, whatever) can always turn the truth around. Banking is one of the most if not the most regulated endeavor in our economy. The others are telecommunications, the automobile industry, and the health care industry. Everything is going well there right?

    No less a person than Bawdy Bill Clinton put a bullet in the head of the housing market in 1999 as reported in the ultra-conservative New York Times (that's sarcasm Mud):

    You might recall Barney Frank and Chris Dodd fighting tooth and (painted) nail to defend in 2003 against a Republican lead effort to reign in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac who orchestrated the destruction of the housing market.

    Remember Maxine Waters telling the regulator (the guy you and I paid to watch Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) that he was a "racist" because Frank Raines was orchestrating the disaster just happened to be Black? That obfuscated the real reason for the hearings - the impending disaster in Home Loan Mortgages.

    Government set up the industry to fail. Government fueled the financial bubble. Government required banks to make loans to people who couldn't afford to pay them. And government resisted the imposition of rational measures to stop the madness.

    Liberals - you shouldn't run from it - you should celebrate your victory. You did what no foreign enemy ever could - you carpet bombed the home loan mortgage industry. Congratulations.

  24. I will post perhaps the most significant comment about your post, TGP -- yuck! (Ok, it's the least significant but it's the best this lady can do w/o becoming crude.)

  25. Mr. Mud,
    I'm a little confused about how you would think from my post that I was connecting the aforementioned moron with the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. My reference is only to the extent that there are people fighting and dying for this country all over the world so that guys like this can do their thing.
    So to put it as simply as I can. No this Einstein didn't send solders in harms way but, it sickens me to think of their sacrifices on his behalf.
    In my opinion there is a gigantic difference in soldiers fighting and dying to defend hardworking, honest and America loving folks like us, and making the ultimate sacrifice for sh*theads like him. I know. This is America and that's what we do. Personally, I'm tired of it.

  26. Sepp and CS,

    Great stuff. I know it's only facts and facts don't matter to the dark side but, excellent nonetheless.

  27. Paladin, thanks for the mention.

    Liberals always want something for nothing.

    "Shared sacrifice" to a liberal simply means that YOU who have earned something should give them something too...without them actually excerting effort on their own behalf.

    Mr "Pay my tuition" is a fine example of someone who could have joined the Coast Guard for 2 years or, his local national guard and, would have had the bill paid in full.
    But, THAT would have required some sacrifice on HIS part in which his leftist side rejects shamelessly.

    There is a vid clip out where job applications were offered to Occupy D.C people who were bitching about no jobs.

    36 people came to see what the jobs were and TWO of them actually filled out applications.

    Bank job? I won't do that...defense job? I won't do that.
    Subway? I can't feed my family on that...and, I can't work fulltime!

    "I refuse to join the system and work for those wages...I'm educated!"

    So yes, they want jobs...but only the jobs they feel like doing.

    Pathetic, spoiled lazy bastards.

    "I got 3 kids so, I can't work fulltime and, won't work an entry level job."

    Do you have job experience?


    THAT kind of idiot is why leftnut city councils (like Toledo's) put "living wage" restrictions on businesses.
    So that morons who have never done more than pump out children and have no job skills / experience can force a supermarket to pay them above scale wages to chase carts in the parking lot and stack milk.
    Meanwhile city "leaders" are stumped as to why nobody opens a new business within the city.

  28. Mud,

    The best defense I can mount to your attack is "What do you have in mind? How would YOU fix the fucking economy?"

    The honest truth is the government meddling in shit fucks shit up. If you're to blind to understand that, I feel sorry for you.

    Lowering taxes moves money. Moving money can be caught by those willing to work for it, but, conversely, it cannot be caught by lazy pieces of shit who want it handed to them.

    I believe that if taxes were lowered against corporations, they'd be less likely to leave the country in search of more lax taxes and regulations. And if you think that's bullshit, you are an idiot.

  29. Tully, you are a racist. There, I said it so it must be true.

    You're the guy that posted about helping your neighbors after the hurricane. Does that make you a socialist because you care about your neighbors? You used your own money to help them; so you must be a socialist because you used your own money to help other people.

    CS said his mother were offended by comments posted on his blog. Go back through his blog and ACTUALLY count the "naughty" words and name calling and make a note of who actually is responsible. Then man up and admit he is a liar.

    Let me know then you're ready for STEP TWO!

    (P.S. I'm certified by the United States government that I'm not racist. Can you claim the same? My entire life was changed, and not for the better, because I stood up against racism publically, Can you claim the same? You are just as bad as the Obama supporters who call me racist when I disagree with him.)

  30. N.W. Ohio,

    Exactly how many people are writing under that moniker?

    Neighbors engage in being neighborly and help each other without the government's involvement. It's called "charity." When my wife cooks food that we take over and serve to people at the Homeless Shelter that's called "charity." We're conservatives, it's what we do.

    It is socialism when the government takes money from us and then decides who will get help (and who they won't).

    The first is Christian charity, the second is Nazi Germany.

    If you don't get the difference you've got a real problem. I mean a problem beyond your obvious anger problem.

    I have challenged you now a number of times to find a lie in my words - you trying to con Tenth into doing your work for you? Do it yourself hero.

  31. Paladin,

    Thanks - liberals make it too easy. It's not that they are stupid necessarily, it's just that they are wrong about just about everything.

  32. Jeff,

    You commented that you would not vote for Herman Cain. He's black, so you're obviously a racist. Isn't that how you lefties operate? And you're also full of shit that the government certified you "not a racist." I think you missed your meds today.

  33. Jeff,

    And what part of my self-examination involves analyzing CS's character flaws (or strengths)? I think you are flipping out again.

  34. "P.S. I'm certified by the United States government that I'm not racist."


    Really? Was there a test involved?

    I'm just dying to hear the story on how one can be a "certified" non-racist and government approved!

    Did you also get a diploma (suitable for framing) to post on your wall for all to see?

    And, what department of the U.S government is responsible for declarations and certifications of non-racism?
    And how does one attain this status?
    What forms need to be filled out?

    Who makes the final determination?

    It would have to be a shrink in which case you really should ask for a refund.

    I've always considered you a bit misguided Jeffio or, NWO or, whichever personality your disorder has caused you to assume today but, now I'm convinced you're a complete moonbat.

    And I think the government would certify that too!

  35. Tenth- you are entitled to your own opinion, but not your won set of facts.

  36. Tenth,

    Good call. Please Mud - enlighten us as to what you would do to save our economy.

    More stimulus? More deficit spending? Taxing the rich? More demonstrations? Compulsory unionization of the work place? Take over more businesses? How about more Government Sponsored Enterprises?

    Would you draft an incoherent jumble of freebies, call it a "Jobs Bill," and run around the country hollering "Pass this Bill!"

    What would President (I shudder at the thought) Mud_Sling do?

  37. Good catch -Sepp - I was wondering that myself. A "Non-Racist" certification. And he accuses me of being a liar.

    I earned a number of titles and certifications while in the service of our government - but I never found the "Non-Racist" department.

    I went through several cycles of what was called "Human Relations" or HUMREL for short. Does that qualify?

  38. CS,
    Muddy's plan would entail marching lockstep with anything Obama would do...which has worked swimmingly hasn't it?
    The only thing stopping it from working are the pesky constitutionalists who would be boarding trains to the tundra...another novel leftist idea that didn't work.

    Muddy also stated that slogans don't create jobs...but he ate "hope and change" up like it was prime rib and, likely would fall for it again.

    As for being a "certified non-racist by the government"...that just goes to show what kind of Orwellian / Clockwork Orange fantasy our moonbat friend Jeffio is living in.

    Which is funny in a sick way because it seems that EVERY moonbat liberal seems to see the type of governments in Orwell, Rand and, Huxley's books as ideal.

  39. -Sepp,

    I read "but he ate "hope and change" up like it was prime rib" and fell out of my chair laughing.

    That should put an end to Mud_Sling's participation on this string - he usually quits when confronted with such overwhelming evidence of his own hypocrisy.

  40. Sepp- The last thing this country needs are guys like "Mr. pay my tuition" joining any branch of service. Especially, as a reservist. The next thing you know, his Mother would be in the latest Michael Moore film, asking why government always sends poor kids to fight in "Their" wars.

    TGP- Good post.

    Mud- You are judged by the company that you keep. So yes, maybe these kids are very good representatives of this movement.

  41. Sepp,
    I'll go along with CS's comment. Your line was classic. I'll be sure to steal that line.

    As for mud's intellectual skills, I doubt it would fill a thimble.

    As for Jeff being a certified non-racist... that was really funny. WTF is he smoking? Hurry, run to Staples and get a certificate printed. Don't forget the frame.

  42. Seriously, look through muddy's old achives in his previous postings when he was on blogspot back in '07 and '08.
    He swallowed "hope -n- change" hook, line and, sinker and doted over Obama like a starstruck teenage girl with a David Cassidy poster.
    For shits and giggles it's funny to read what he thought he was going to get and, comparing it to what he's gotten!

    Hope and change wasn't a was a plan! The world was going to respect us again! The wars were as good as over! No more corruption and lies! No more bombing other countries! No more secrecy!
    Yep yep yep George thats what da man said!

    Chalk all that crap right up there with diplomas from the government institute of not-a-racist certification department and, viola, you have a sucker being born with voting rights.

  43. Hold sincere apology to Jeffio, I found his certification and it's 100% I posted it.

  44. CS writes, That should put an end to Mud_Sling's participation on this string.

    Oh really? Perhaps you are just hoping that this is true, CS??

    Are you getting tired of trying to defend idiocy? You DO belabor the point; you must be exhausted by now.

    I find it humorous [even laughable] that there are 7 or 8 'replies' to just one of my points- as if the Posse needs to empty all of its ammunition to counter a simple- even simplistic- argument that I raise.

    Too funny, way-too funny fellas!

    Do I have a target on my back just like Herman Cain remarked the other day? Poor Herman, the damned Liberal media picking on the wrongly-accused man, target drawn on his back.

    Say, here's another quick observation for you all to unload on: I know that you all feel that Mr. Cain is being "wrongly' accused in this sexual harassment affair. Even your favorite Rush now appears in an ad defending him. Did you see that one??

    So, here's the question for some target practice:

    Did Bill Clinton have a similar target on his back during the Monica Lewinski affair and did you all empty your guns on him?

    ...just wondering

  45. Mud_PILE,

    You haven't made an identifiable argument yet. We are still waiting.

  46. Mud,

    If the allegations against Herman Cain prove to be authentic, real philandering by a married man, he will lose my support. However, I don't buy any of the rumors - I buy facts. Show me facts and I will believe.

    As for Clinton and Lewinsky, remember that that story emerged because Clinton was being deposed in an investigation about sexual harassment on another woman. As it turned out, Little Billy had a real pecker control issue - he couldn't get it to stay in his pants. Comparing him to Cain at this point is laughable.

  47. Tenth,

    We may have to point out to Mud_PILE that Herman Cain isn't running against Bill Clinton.

    However since Cain wasn't convicted of perjury as a result of his ALLEGED indiscretions 20 years ago - I would say that Cain wins the contest of morals hands down.

  48. CS- I bet you were wetting your pants when the phony impeachment of Clinton was taking place, right?

    I'll also bet that you were crushed when the Senate failed on the bogus charges. Am I right again?

    Hey- maybe one of those loony Tea Party types could try something like that on Obama!! Couldn't be sex this time...what else, though??

    Could you, CS, think real hard [for a change] and offer some 'impeachable charge' that the reactionary right could try to stick Obama with?

    Come on, CS, your nasty, hateful and deviant mind surely can come up with SOMETHING to get rid of that [@#%!!] Obama.

    Go ahead. Maybe you Righties might get lucky on this one.

    too funny, as usual.....

  49. Mud- Phony impeachment? You are 100% wrong. Clinton committed perjury. Which is one of the least ambiguous of the "High crimes and Misdemeanors" under Article II, section 4, of our constitution.
    Clinton deserved to be, and should have been impeached.

  50. Thanks, Johnny. Whether you like his politics or not is irrelevant. And those members of the Senate who couldn't find him guilty are also pieces of shit. It was not their job to decide if he should be impeached, that was the House's job. The Senate was only allowed to decide if he was guilty or not. And only a liar would say he's not guilty of perjury.

  51. Mud_PILE,

    As Johnny so eloquently pointed out - Bawdy Bill was not impeached for having sex with several women other than his wife, he was impeached because he was a liar. Clinton lied in sworn testimony. He raised his hand and swore to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth and then he lied.

    Had any officer in the US military done what Clinton did (committed perjury) they would have been at a minimum cashiered from the service. Clinton was our commander-in-chief. So yes, I was pleased to see that he was impeached. I would have been a damn sight happier had he been convicted by the Senate.

    You liberals (democrats, socialists, progressives, whatever) can't get anything straight - can you?

    Personally - I do not want anything to happen to Obama. I want him to continue right to the election next year and then leave Washington in January 2013 never to return again. Two reasons really. (1) As hard as it may seem to imagine someone worse than Obama for President, I think that Joe Biden would be worse, and (2) I want Obama to be beaten in the same kind of landslide victory that ushered in the Reagan revolution. I want there to be no doubt in anyone's mind who the clear choice of the American people is in the White House.

    No, there's probably plenty of things that we can charge him and his cronies with later - but I want him on that ballot in 2012.

  52. "Clinton committed perjury. Which is one of the least ambiguous of the "High crimes and Misdemeanors" under Article II, section 4, of our constitution."

    Sadly Job, you're addressing someone who isn't a big fan of the constitution in the first place.

    The left sees only the parts they like / need as usefull while ther rest of it is technicalities that need to be loopholed until abolished.

    Think I'm kidding? Read some of the crap they say on their blogs.

  53. Sepp- I go on their blogs quite often. I am always amazed at how the P.I.L.E.'s think.
    But too tell you the truth, they do bring up good points, I just get sick of their elitist attitude.
    It's almost like "Hey, I'm a Democrat, how do you vote? Oh, you like Herman Cain? Well, you're just a typical LIV. I'm the enlightened one. You're just a Low Information Voter. Translation, you're an idiot."
    You should check out my blog Sepp, we have a whole thing on the LIV subject going on.
    As far as the constitution, I don't beleive that article II is open for interpretation. Unless the elected official is an Orca whale:)

  54. Johnny,

    Don't you dare come on here with a whalist attitude!

  55. LOLOLOLOL, sorry TGP. I guess the beat-off of the month still pisses me off.