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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Muammar Qadafi: Now a Martyr to the Cause

Earlier today, someone (the facts are still a little murky) put an end to Muammar Qadafi's reign of terror.  Bravo!

However, I still find it necessary to jab Obama over his LIC in Libya.  Two months ago, Obama came before the people to grandly state that Libya was liberatized.  I was certain that it was premature, and now, two months later, Obama, or his minions, finally got Qadafi.

I am pleased to see Muammar dead in the streets of Sirte, even if the babe in the woods Obama has mangled the operation and our laws in order to accomplish the feat.  But I still believe it ain't over yet.  The real unrest is just getting started.

The capture of Sirte means Libya's ruling NTC should now begin the task of forging a new democratic system which it had said it would get under way after the city, Gaddafi's hometown rebuilt as a showpiece for his rule, had fallen.

As potentially vast revenues from oil and gas begin to roll in again, Libya's six million people, scattered in towns spread across wide deserts, face a major task in organizing a new system of government that can allocate resources across long-competing tribal, ethnic and regional divisions.  It is a long process, as we have seen in Iraq and Afghanistan, or even in the United States.  Many people seem to forget that our revolution started in 1774 and it was 1790 before we had our Constitution ratified.  And we had way more in common than the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, or Libya.

UPDATE:  Apparently Muammar Qadafi was murdered.  I wonder how long it will take Obama and gang to condemn the man who shot a captive and wounded Qadafi.  I have already heard pundits saying he deserved to die without a trial.  That seems a little un-American for the crowd who gave Bush so much shit over "the rights of Gitmo detainees."


  1. Tenth,

    Personally I'll miss Muammar Qaddafi. When he saw what we did with Saddam he significantly moderated his behavior. He turned over his nuclear program which was more advanced than we had thought for example. He really wasn't bothering anyone.

    I think we all might learn to miss the 20,000 Libyan Man Portable Anti-Aircraft Missiles that no one seems to have a handle on right now.

    Anyone know who is sitting on Qaddafi's chemical weapons? Me either.

    I agree - this ain't over yet. I will be appropriately ecstatic if this works out.

  2. What this Regime fails to realize is that the Devil you KNOW is ALWAYS better than the Devil you don't.

    This war was started by Samantha Power (Ms Cass Sunstein) and for literally no reason. Libya WAS NO THREAT to us AND Ghaddafi had modified his behavoir as you note.

    Now those missiles are AWOL and who knows what other weaponry is loose.

    Liberals are to foreign policy as a toddler with a hammer is to a china shop.

  3. "Liberals are to foreign policy as a toddler with a hammer is to a china shop."


    Agreed on principle, but at the dedication of the Vietnam Memorial here in June of last year, I was told by several active duty officers that I had an extremely well disciplined fireteam of younguns. I guess my point is that the acts of a toddler depend on the abilities of the child's DI.

  4. Funny that Daffy looks as ugly dead as he did when he was alive... just sayin.


    The bad shit is about to start now in earnest over tribal rivalries.

  5. Ha! Ha! Ha!

    Pathetic pack on nannies.

  6. Mud,

    Are you going to fly to Europe anytime soon?

    When your plane is climbing out of Rome or Athens, or coming in on final at Madrid or Nice - remember - we have no idea where 20,000 Libyan man-portable, anti-aircraft missiles are.

    Have you ever stood on the quay in Naples and watched cigarette boats fly into the harbor, dock, and distribute cases of cigarettes that are quickly disbursed into the winding streets?

    Have you ever seen or handled a man-portable, anti-aircraft missile - do you know how easy they are to operate?

    Happy flying. You're an LIB (Low Information Blogger).

  7. Supposedly, many of those AA missiles have wound up in the hands of Hamas via the newly opened Egyptian border according to a news report I heard in Europe the other day.
    El-al airlines is adding missile countermeasures to their passenger planes as a response.

    I think Obama's mideast revolts are going to suffer from the law of unintended consequences...or, completely intended consequences depending on how you look at it.