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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Maybe I'm a racist, but I really like Herman Cain

I mentioned in an earlier post that Herman Cain was growing on me, but tonight he leapt to the front of my list for 2012.

Mr. Cain is a genuine conservative, a prominent businessman, and , surprise, he's black. Some of the fools who leave comments on this site seem to think that all conservatives are racists. I am as offended by that attitude as I am at someone disparaging my mother. A recent comment I made to a liberal fool:

Mud shit, I grew up in a household that practiced Martin Luther King's
philosophy of judging a man by the content of his character. While you were
smoking dope at your whites only college, my father was bleeding and dying with
"men of color." Hispanic, Black, Asian, Native American. My father to this day
will shed tears over the death of Sgt. Alfredo Gonzales, and he openly says he
admires no man in this world more than SgtMaj JL Canley, a black American, and a
superb Marine. When I was in the first grade, South Vietnam fell to your
communist buddies. My family sponsored a Vietnamese refugee named Houng. He
lived with us for more than a year. I taught him English, and he taught me
Vietnamese. My brother was married to an American Indian for over a decade.
Don't go calling me a racist. Because of people like you, Americans are forced
to accept people like Kanye West, whose citizenship (by that I mean the
qualities of being a citizen, not whether he can vote here or not) is so poor
that in the 50's he'd have been in prison. Today, because he is black, we judge
him only on the color of his skin. If we examined his character we would find
none. But because of you, and Al Sharpton, we cannot call him a turd, because
that would be racist, right? I don't care if you comment on my blog, but please
don't come here to pick a fight with anyone but me.

The very idea that I could dislike someone based solely on the color of their skin is disgusting. I am perfectly willing to admit that I disapprove of most of America's youth, but it is their attitude and character that I am disappointed in, not their race. A full grown man who accepts responsibility for his actions, and demands the same of his children, will always get my respect, no matter what insignificant labels other people choose to label them with.


  1. One of the great ironies of life is that liberals are the most race-obsessed and racist populations on the planet - yet they wield the race-card on conservatives at the drop of a hat. That maneuver is vicious, hateful, and intellectually dishonest. In general liberals aren't self-reflective but rather they project their pitiful inadequacies on others.

    God Bless you 10th.

  2. Patriot,
    Nicely done.

    The left uses that term against the right but practices it themselves. It's an age old tactic.

    The charge of racism has gotten real old. I don't think that people are buying into that narrative anymore except the ones practicing it.

  3. When I become the 'subject' of a post on a right-leaning blog, it usually occurs when I have challenged someone so greatly that they are backed into a corner. Do you feel that I backed you into a corner?

    As you ramble on in your post, you reference your father and your brother. Good for them, but shouldn't YOU be the one clarifying your position on race and ethnicity? What do your father and brother have to do with YOU?

    My father was a bigot as was my mother and most of my relatives. I am not them; you are not your father or brother.

    You write, The very idea that I could dislike someone based solely on the color of their skin is disgusting. Yes it is, which is why I asked you IF you were a racist, not THAT you were a racist. You assumed that I called you a racist. Go back to my last comment and tell me where did I call you a racist. Here it its:

    Tenth- I note the photo of you holding your baby. That is a very nice photo that shows how much you love your 4 children. Let me ask you the same question: did you grow up in a house where your parents, like mine, were radially bigoted? If so, when did you move beyond those racial stereotypes? And finally, are your 4 children growing up in a racially unbiased household?

    Tell me, Tenth Generation, where in the statement above did I CALL you a racist?

    It seems to me that you assumed that I did. Perhaps you need to be more careful in YOUR accusations.

  4. You are a complete pile of shit. If you would care to tell me where to find you, I will gladly come debate you face to face. You have some nerve to try to weasel out of your implied comments Bill Clinton. You accused me of racism, you know it, and you meant to do it. I get the feeling you just blame your parents for your faults. I went to your blog when you first showed up around here, and read your crap about atheism. Your mama and daddy raised you Catholic, so you turned out atheist, your daddy was a bigot, so you think you're enlightened. You are just a turd. As for me, I served in combat with Marines of all races, including a gay black man, who I immensely disliked because he was a piss poor Marine, not because he was gay or black. I dislike you because you are a turd. Whether you are black, white, yellow or green makes no difference. Go away, and stay away you piece of shit.

  5. A turd? Indeed. And you? How do I compare to you? From what I've read here and on your other favorite blogs, you seem to be pretty much an empty bag of wind. Fairly unaccomplished, too. Not too much on your resume' either. Are you full of hate for those who actually made a success of their lives like President Obama and me?

    If you don't hate him because of his race, then what is it about the man that you do hate? The hate so obvious. Do you hate that he went to college and you didn't? Do you hate his law degree? Do you hate his intelligence, gift of speech, cool-headed ways of dealing with problems?

    I'll bet that you hate President Obama because he seems to be the opposite of GW Bush. Did I nail it? You put all of your hopes and dreams on President Bush and he let you down. Let the nation down, too.

    I'm betting that it burns you deep inside that President Obama turns out to accomplish all of the things that President Bush failed to do.

    He took the horrid economy back from the brink of disaster. He ordered a smarter war in Afghanistan. He got bin Laden. He has drones killing Taliban leaders nearly every day. He is, in fact, a much better and more competent Commander-in-Chief than President Bush.

    Is THAT what really bothers you about President Obama? I know it's not his race, so it must be all that I detailed above.

    Tell me, Tenth Generation, did I nail it? Is that why you are so pissed-off at our president?

  6. You are vicious - I will give you that Mud - in addition to being wrong about just about everything. We have all tried to engage you and you refuse to listen to reason or act like a human being. Hardnox was right - you don't deserve to hag out with decent people.

  7. Shitbag,

    I don't hate Obama, and I am confused about where you got that idea. But I am starting to hate your sorry ass. From now on I want you to only run your mouth to my face. I am completely confident that you don't have the balls.

    I was not very impressed with Bush, other than his conviction to do what was right, whether it was politically "convenient" or not. But the absolute stupidity that lets you say Obama rescued the economy is amazing. What part of the economy do you fit into? Are you a producer, or a drain? My guess would be that you leech off the economy, neither producing any wealth, or enabling anyone else to produce any wealth. You are a complete piece of shit, and I would take back the protections I provided for you if I could.

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  9. Tenth Generation writes, I don't hate Obama, and I am confused about where you got that idea. But I am starting to hate your sorry ass.

    You can hate me, if you feel better about that, Tenth. 'Hate' is a strong term. Are good Christians permitted to hate others? I know that in a recent comment you brought up my agnosticism, and attempted to denigrate me for my lack of 'religion.' By the way, it is agnostic, not atheist. Perhaps you are confused by those two terms?

    Tenth continues, From now on I want you to only run your mouth to my face. I am completely confident that you don't have the balls.

    You know, your buddy Hardnox tried that with me too. He even gave me his physical attributes [hgt./wgt. as if to SCARE me- that he would beat me up, like a school yard bully.

    Are you doing the same thing, Tenth Generation? Do you want to beat me up, too? Schoolyard bullies. Were you one? They really are hurting inside and so filled with anger and confusion, that they need to release their anger in physical ways- totally inappropriate in civilized society. Do you, Tenth, feel that way? Are you so angry at me [hate me] that you want to beat me up?

    Tenth angrily writes, What part of the economy do you fit into? Are you a producer, or a drain? My guess would be that you leech off the economy, neither producing any wealth, or enabling anyone else to produce any wealth.

    You have been reading too much of Common Sense's remarks. He, like you, enjoys ASSuming things about other people. He, like you, enjoys denigrating other people even when he lacks the facts. I wonder if that isn't a common thread with people who are on the far-right side of the political spectrum? They seem to enjoy putting other people down. Do good Christians do that on a regular basis?

    What do you know about me, Tenth Generation? Tell me what you know.

    You've made several assumptions about me in your last several comments- all based on some odd conspiracy that you have banging around in your head.

    You don't like my politics. That's fine. Yet, you can't leave it there, it seems. You have to denigrate me with accusations that are pure conjecture. You say things about me without even knowing me at all- just because I hang on the left-side of the political spectrum.

    Do you know what psychologists call that? They refer to it as delusional. That's why I often refer to people who speculate without factual data as occupants of the World of Delusion. People who live in this bubble 'know' because they 'know,' Circular reasoning. When delusional people fall completely out of the real world, we institutionalize them. Surely, you are not there, but you do seem to fantasize quite a lot. Fantasize about me.

    Here's quite an odd statement that really confuses me. You 'ended your comment above with this strange statement: You are a complete piece of shit, and I would take back the protections I provided for you if I could.

    What? Do you actually know what you are saying? Are you saying that you 'protected' me in the past but that, if you had to do it all again, that you would suspend reality and not 'protect' me? That is a remarkable statement. Odd and remarkable.

    One of the best lines that Jesus ever stated- a line that all caring people understand- was the one where he said, "Love one another as I have loved you." Powerful mandate. A mandate that is not easy to incorporate into one's daily life.

    Sorry that you hate me, Tenth Generation Patriot. Sorry that you would have removed your 'protection' of me if you could have. Sorry that you refer to me as a piece of shit. Sorry that you think that I am a leech on society.

    Love one another as I have loved you. Do you believe that Jesus said that, Tenth Generation Patriot? Or do you think that he put an asterisk after that statement?

  10. Are you for real? To postulate that I may be delusional? You left a huge comment in a place you have been asked to leave. Why do you think it is okay for you to trespass here?

    As for Jesus' comment to love each other as I have loved you, he was speaking to his Apostles, not everyone. And it is just like a turd to say you don't believe, but I should. I am more of an Old Testament Christian. I believe that some people need some smiting. I was not a schoolyard bully, but I bet you were. It seems to be a pattern with you. Raised Catholic, now an atheist; raised by bigots, now enlightened; schoolyard bully, now afraid of an ass whipping.

    Go away, turd.

  11. Douche Rake,
    Once again... I'll type slower... my comment that you reguarly refer to was NOT an answer to you. Got it douche bag?

    Just STFU and go away. This verbal masterbation that you practice is tiring.

    You are nothing more than a hateful old man.

  12. Good post, Marine.

    This is why I always moderate my comments.

  13. Crawfish,

    I'm still willing to let the turds make fools of themselves. It is amazing how much foot they can get in their mouths, though.

  14. You are a real hoot, Tenth Generation. Thanks for the laughs. Not only do you live in the right-wing World of Delusion, but you also live inside of the Religious World of Delusion too! That really screams madness and uber-delusion.

    I've learned throughout my long life that religion is little more than a child's pacifier, a binky for grownups. And when they cling to the Old Testament, they are double batshit!

    You claim, I am more of an Old Testament Christian. Do you know what the word oxymoron means? Look it up and tell me how a person can be a Jew and a Christian at the same time.

    Of course, that alone proves the awful delusion in which you live. That's what 'religion' does to people. Just look at those delusional Taliban in Afghanistan. They, too, are religious freaks, believing that their "holy book" tells them to do awful things to other people.

    Your "holy book" does the same. Both should be burned to ashes. They have been the ruin of civilization for as long as people have been reading them. Of course, you "believe" that your "holy book" is better than their "holy book." Then, of course, they think the same of theirs.

    It's all pure bullshit.

    I hope that your favorite chapters of the Old Testament did not mix with your military missions during your short stint in the military. If it did, then your ARE the Taliban, except you hold your "holy book" up as "god's will" while he holds his "holy book" up proclaiming the same.

    It would be laughable if so many people hadn't died over that utter nonsense.

    Got any response to this or did I pretty well say it all?

  15. I dont know much about Cain, but I will definitely vote for him before letting obama get my sit out vote. I do know about West,would love to see him run. I will vote for whoever wins the primary tho, because to not do so gives obama a vote.

  16. Obama is so arrogant, he thinks he can go around our constitution and keep troops in libya without approval, He even said so. He shoved obamacare down our throats, now he is handing our waivers to unions, large corporations, when we were all going to chip in and pay the costs. Who do you think will pay for it all now? Bin Laden sat in pakistan for 5 years, and they are our good friend? I bet he wouldnt have sat in Israel, whom obama tossed under the bus, and now he is trying to flim flam his words over that. If he had meant swap land he would have said that, he didnt. He just wanted them to give their land away to terrorists. Who he supports. And our borders, he is having states sued when he wont control those borders. That is his job, but he is so busy minding everyones elses business that he wont do it, because he wants that mexican vote. He is so arrogant he sent Queen Elizabeth an I Pod with his speeches on, his head is so big that is a strong wind blew it would pop. And Dems and liberals are so busy showing how forward thinking they are they wont even see what he is doing. Its all our country and no one person is supposed to run it, thats why we have 3 branches of govt, and as far as we the people, he locks us in our rooms and tells us what he has decided about our school lunches, police road blocks, christian prayer and everything that is none of his business. And, God, dont get me started on the entitlements, he actually wanted to give money to Harlem construction businesses, but didnt want the jobs to go to white men. And yes, he said that.