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Monday, August 29, 2011

I survived Irene

Sorry, Mud.  I know you were doing the liberal hurricane dance, chanting and yogaing your sorry little heart out, hoping Irene would wash me and my fellow conservatives out to sea, but fuck you, we made it.

Apparently 21 Americans didn't make it.  I hope you are happy.  Maybe one more good wish could have saved them.  Their deaths are on your head, Mud.

Thanks to everyone who sent a little thought up for our safety.


  1. Their deaths are on your head, Mud.

    Is that why I have a headache this AM?

    Not only did you 'survive' but you are as idiotic as ever. Welcome back. THE GOVERNMENT surely did a fine job helping you and the rest of the people get through this.

    Praise be to the government.

  2. Glad you made it through ok TGP!

    BTW, did you happen to see who MSNBC put on the air to comment on how to survive a hurricane?

    Ray "Mr failed to use 500 school buses to evacuate people from a disaster with 5 days notice" Nagin himself!

  3. Other than Obama acting concerned on tv, what did the government actually do besides overhype the situation?

  4. Tenth,

    Welcome back - as you can't see Mud_Sling didn't learn anything in your absence.

  5. 10th,
    Glad that you made it through ok.

  6. mud,
    It's the vacuum that causes the pressure.

  7. Sepp,
    That was hilarious. In a post Katrina interview Nagin was asked why he didn’t use the school buses. He answered that his people would have felt undignified being transported that way. So instead drowning or holing them up to murder and rape each other was more dignified.

    It is impossible to fix stupid.

  8. Mud,

    In the 66 hours since the start of Irene, I have seen one representative of our local government: a sheriff's deputy. He came out to a neighbors house when I called 911 to report some suspicious goings on. Turned out the neighbors house had been looted, and the looters were back for a second haul.

    I will allow you to guess the ethnic background of the looter.

    Other than that example, everything else I've seen has been neighbors helping neighbors. So, so far, no government assistance in my neighborhood.

  9. Hardnox,
    If he'd sent limos would his raping and pillaging people would drop their loot and hop on in?

    No, they jack the limos and use them to haul loot.

    But, let's hold our judgement until the rape and robbery stats from Irene come out.

    I'm sure that Mr Chocolate city will be surprised to find out that the raping and looting for some reason isn't a pastime in other places.

  10. I will allow you to guess the ethnic background of the looter.


    'm sure that Mr Chocolate city

    Is that Hershey, PA? Did they have flooding there, too Sepp? I hadn't heard.

  11. Ya'll go ahead and tear Mud up. I don't have time I have to get out and get some of this "government" money. Is Obama already writing checks?

  12. Tenth,

    Mud_Sling is really getting boring. Same old crap all the time. These theophobes are all pretty predictable.

    Terrified by having to be on their own, petrified of religion, jealous of successful people, and politically ignorant. Pretty pathetic actually.

  13. Don't mind muddy. He's certain that if a black guy robs you and, you notice he's must be a racist...and deserve to be robbed because you it muddy's version of reparations.

    WE pay for HIS guilt.