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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mr. Obama, you suck!

I have been working my ass off every day for the past few weeks, loading feed at a lawn and garden shop, for $8.50/hr.  The last time I worked for $8/hr, gasoline was 89c  and a loaf of bread was 50c.  That made $8/hr good money.  Today, $8/hr is barely above minimum wage.  I have to work around 18 hours a week just to pay for the gas to get me to and from work.  Fortunately, I work ten hour days, so that's only forty percent of my pay.  No problem.

A loaf of Piggly Wiggly white bread (really good for the guts) costs $1.35.  A pack of ham, $2.99.  Cheese?  $3.69.  Add mustard, mayo, chips and a drink, and lunch costs me $21.99 for the week.  That's three more hours gone.  So I wind up working 21 hours just to pay for having a job.  For all you Democrat math whizzes out there, that is unsustainable.

But what do you do?  Quit?

Obama must go.  I saw my first Obama 2012 bumper sticker on Tuesday.  It was all I could do not to run that dumb son-of-a-bitch in the ditch, drag him out of his FOREIGN car, and beat the living hell out of him.  How can anyone be so stupid as to give this shit for brains community organizer four more years to ruin this country?  It is absolutely baffling to me.  I can understand the emotion and fervor of electing him the first time.  It was misled, but I can understand it.  But to give him another chance?  Just plain stupid.

If I was a black man, I would be pissed off that the first black President is going to go down in history as the worst of all time.  Worse than Jimmy Carter.  Worse than Harding.  Worse than JFK.  There's something to be proud of, huh?


  1. The cost of EVERYTHING has doubled in the last three years but wages have stood still or declined.

    So much for the "Hope & Change" bullshit still dripping from the left's mouths. zero has single-handedly set back race relations for a generation.

    Sorry to learn that you are working for such a low rate but you can still hold your head high knowing that you are doing the best that you can when you can.

    Keep it up brother. Times will get better starting November 7th.

    Reagan 4.65%
    Bush W. 2.84%
    Obama first three years 1.47%

    And gas prices in Bush's last term pretty much stayed above $3.00 per gallon and even went over $4.50 per gallon for a while. Gas prices while Obama has been in office have pretty much stayed under $3.00 per gallon until recently, but now where near the Bush highs.

    Just the facts folks.

    1. Dear Nitwit,

      Gas ALONE is up 178% under Obuttwipe.

      Food prices up...

      Unemployment is about 16% if the U3 and U6 numbers were added to the formula.

      Your messiah sucks and sucks hard.

    2. Jeff,

      If you believe the crap you posted above, you really need help. The cost of everything is up, way up. If you're going to buy the bullshit Obama spews, you have no brain.

  3. TGP,


    I see the misery daily while that f-ing c*cksucker from sh8tcago yaps about vacationing with his pig in Columbia.

    You are an honorable man my brother, hold your head high.

  4. Don't vote for Obama if you want, but vote based on true facts. Actually check the sources* for gas prices and inflation rates before you go off name calling. If you're paying so much more, maybe you should shop around. I have not heard of any extreme price fluctuations for eastern North Carolina, but if you have I'd really be interested in reading about them. I'm not happy with the President at the moment, but for valid reasons.

    I just saw the the price of natural gas is at a ten year low. Even my own natural gas supplier agrees.

    * You don't use a personal blog as a source. Don't listen to me, but surf the web and look at more than one source for information. Still not a believer, then check where the sources got their information and be aware if they have a preconceived agenda.

    1. "I just saw the the price of natural gas is at a ten year low. Even my own natural gas supplier agrees."

      Correct. And that's because we've started aggressively harvesting our own domestic resources, which are more than abundant.

      But oil? No way, Jose! We have more than any other country in the world, and we refuse to extract it, purely due to political considerations. We have more than Saudi Arabia. Know what gasoline costs at the pump there?

      About 25 cents/gallon. That's because they don't leave their oil just sitting in the ground.

  5. Jeff,

    I am not "researching" on the internet for inflation stats. I'm basing my opinion on my experiences in the real marketplace. If you believe statistically that inflation is better over the last three years than it was under Bush, you are just plain stupid. Go to the grocery store. Go to the feed store. Go anywhere besides your desk.

  6. T- Don't you ever quit my friend. Even if you feel like you're in a no-win situation. Remember, you are teaching your daughters an important life lesson. Push forward, never give up, persevere.

    On that note, make sure to take advantage of your carpentry skills. Maybe you see a couple in the parking lot that looks like they can use some skills with countertops, new trim, or any numerous remodeling plans. Also, I heard of an out of work carpenter that started a business called Rent-a-Hubby. Maybe you can lend your home skills to some local women who do not have Husbands to change sconses, unclog drains, stuff like that. Give some ideas a try, and always keep your head up. You at least get the satisfaction of knowing that you've worked for what you have. It may be little and times may be tight, but you've earned everything you have. Noone can take that away from you.

    1. Thanks, Johnny. But don't worry. They'll get my pride shortly after they pry my gun from my cold dead fingers.

  7. TGP,

    One good thing about this Obama economy is that it backs up the life lesson I'm teaching my son...


    It will serve him well in Boot Camp so maybe I owe Zero for that!

    BTW, keep your eye to the north, we MAY be booming soon from what I hear.