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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Oklahoma Is Right

Oklahoma has been in the news a little bit here lately, and as a transplanted Okie, I am proud of Oklahoma, and disgusted with liberal judges.

Sarah McKinley, a young Oklahoma widow, shot and killed a man who kicked down her door.  Oklahoma says she did the right thing.

Oklahoma recently passed a law saying judges in Oklahoma couldn't use foreign laws, mainly Sharia laws, to rule on cases in Oklahoma.  A libnut judge suspended the law, and recently a libnut appeals court overruled it.  But I am proud of Oklahoma for passing the law, and I hope they keep after it.

And finally, the Oklahoma State Cowboys played some awesome football this year, beating OU for only the 17th time in 106 years, and ending their season ranked number 2 in the nation.


  1. It doesn't matter what any federal court says regarding that law. It is a STATE law, made by STATE legislatures, so the "establishment clause" does not apply. The 10th Amendment DOES apply.

  2. TGP
    Craw is Right On! As I said on the ALZ Chaulk one up for mommy bear! Good post.
    Dennis R

  3. Oklahoma is a great state---I lived there many, many years ago in a small town out from Lawton, Medicine Park. As for Oklahoma State, I'm a big LSU fan and was sick the other nite.

  4. Ron,

    My dad went to OkState, I went to Mississippi State. I feel your pain. I hate getting beat by Alabama.

  5. I was fired in 1989 in a power play by the Dallas area Oklahoma State Posse Club President and one of his classmates. I have nothing but DIS respect for that school. Nevertheless, I believe that the national championship game should have been LSU vs OSU. Alabama had no business in that game since they were the THIRD best team in the SEC (by definition, the top 2 teams in the league met in the SEC Championship, LSU and Georgia).

  6. Craw,

    As we can see with our fine President, even the coolest place can occasionally have an asshole in charge.

    I agree with your analysis though.

  7. Q: What do the Lord and vodka have in common?

    A: They're both invisible and had a hand in unexplained pregnancies.

  8. Yes and Oklahoma brought up an Open Carry law but was vetoed by the last Governor. It was brought up again after Fallon went to the Gov's Mansion but was killed in the House.
    Urge your Rep to bring it back up again.
    I have mine.
    I would also like to know which Reps voted it down.

  9. TGP, E53:

    3 Stages of Vodka Drinkng

    Stage 1 - You're irresistable;
    Stage 2 - You're invincible;
    Stage 3 - You're invisible.

  10. Tenth,

    On the stealthiness of vodka. As you know drinking on Navy ships is illegal. I do remember the words of an old Marine who once told me:

    "If you're going to drink on ship, drink vodka. They might think you're stupid, but they won't know you're drunk."

  11. As none of the comments above addressed the 'issue' that you raised, Tenth, I thought I'd add some substance.

    You said, Oklahoma recently passed a law saying judges in Oklahoma couldn't use foreign laws, mainly Sharia laws, to rule on cases in Oklahoma.

    Are you contending, Tenth, that Sharia Law ought to be applied to the citizens of Oklahoma?
    Is it your contention that "Islamic Law" ought to be part of the judicial system in the United States?

    I'm terribly confused.

  12. Mud_PILE,

    Yes - you are "terribly confused" - that has been obvious from day one of our acquaintance.

  13. Mud,

    Please don't try to convince me that you are that stupid. You are a cantankerous old pecker-head, but you aren't stupid. If you are really confused on this post, please see a doctor.

  14. so you DO want Shira Law in the U.S.?

    WOW! What an epiphany for you!

  15. Mud,

    For your safety, and the safety of those living with you, please seek help. I think you may have had a stroke. Do not operate a motor vehicle, and do not mess with the oven.

  16. "so you DO want Shira Law in the U.S.?"

    Mud_Pile, how slow are you? Do you really think he knows what Shira Law is?

  17. Jeff,

    Its hard to know what either of you idiots are spewing about when you can't fucking spell.

    You are both acting like children to even imply that I favor Sharia Law. If I did favor it, I guess I'd be lining you two up for a beheading for being non-believers. On second thought....