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Saturday, April 2, 2011

No fly zone?

Apparently over in Libya, a few rebel fighters were firing their guns up in the air, an Arab tradition dating back to the time of Aladdin. But with coalition jets in the air, that particular group of Arabs won't be doing that again. Either the pilots thought the Arabs were firing on them, which would have made them 99% safe, or the rebel fighters were attempting to fly.

I'm no fan of Muammar, and I could really care less about which Arabs are on the "right" side, but I never knew Qadafi's tanks and trucks could fly. We (and the NATO "contingent") have spent alot of munitions on stuff that can't violate the no fly zone. How are we (Obama) getting away with that when we (Bush) couldn't get away with abusing a few prisoners? Its a sad reality that too many Americans are too stupid to see whats going on. Mr. Do as Bush Did is running all over the complaints he made about the 43rd President. When is someone going to impeach this bum so we can attempt to stop the bleeding and save America?


  1. Zero was hoping for a "fix" to his sagging poll numbers but instead he showed the world what a first class amatuer he really is.

    His speech proved it when he demanded Daffy's departure but insisted that this was not about regime change. WTF?

    Further, he declared "no American boots on the ground" but has announced the "secret" on TV that he has approved special ops CIA to help the rebels coordinate their efforts. Again WTF? Special Ops guys are Americans with boots.

    As always, without exception, what comes from liberal mouths is always a false narrative especially with this clown.

    Since Daffy's forces outnumber the rebels 10 to 1 he will more than likely win in the end. The Arab league has already backpeddled in support of UN 1973 and Zero has announced US air support is over.

  2. Yeah, it looks like another giant waste of taxpayer money. Obama's good at that.

  3. 10th - I guess that being a little bit war-like may be like being a little bit pregnant. The opening ante appears to have been $550 million - anyone for a raise?