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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Perry on oil pipeline

Rick Perry is obviously smarter than Obama and his minions.  Any idiot could tell you that this pipeline will do more to fix this economy than any of the crap Obama has tried.  Any idiot, that is, besides Obama.  I am getting soooo sick of this turd.


  1. Looks like the State Department is going to reject it. What a bunch of moroooons! Unbelievable.

  2. A comment I left on the story:

    All of you who think Perry isn't smart enough to be President voted for Obama. You have no room to be criticizing someones smarts.

    Again, Obama has screwed us. The decision to be made should be , "Not here. But we'll find a place." Instead, he just shuts the whole idea down. Canada will find another buyer for the oil, its in demand, you know. So we won't get it cause the IIC can't make a decision.

  3. Tenth,

    They should have told Barack that building the pipeline would put 100,000 more people on food stamps. He would have approved then.

  4. Shit, that might work. Who can we get to go feed him that line?

  5. Let's see...
    The unions support the pipeline.
    The moonbat leftnuts don't.

    Obama sided with his marxist moonbat base and threw his union support under the bus.

    If the unions had ANY balls, they'd shut the money spigot off and tell Obama to fill his coffers with "greeen" money and see how far that gets him.

    But, they won't and, Obama knows it too...because even though he'd just killed 20,000 new union jobs, their union leadership has already been bought, paid for and, will still tell their foolish membership to support the clown.

    A fine example of how stupidly self-destructive liberals really are.

  6. Unions have always screwed themselves out of work. At least this way, they don't have to do any of the work before they get the boot.

  7. Sepp & TGP- First off, the projections of this project being Unionized are greatly inflated, as are the over-all job projections. I personally don't agree with the pipeline, but that's for another discussion.

    You are both correct about the Unions. The Obama administration, along with others, has accepted our money with one hand, and slapped us with the other. And the majority of us will continue to vote for Liberals, including Obama, because the Rebuplicans have come out and said they want all states to be right-to-work. Now, I personally realize that this will not destroy Unions, but it doesn't help. I've said it before, I'll say it again. If Republicans got behind Unions, you would see year after year of Republicans ruling everything. For the most part, Union members go to church, love their family and country, and believe in gun ownership. Not to mention that alot of Union members are Vets. But they all fear the outlook of work.

  8. Johnny,

    I would contend that Republicans are fine with union members; it's union leaders we don't care for.

    I believe in right-to-work because as an employer, I believe I should be able to fire someone because I want to. Period. No rules, no explanations, no warnings. And I believe you get better work out of employees that feel they have to earn their job everyday.