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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Adrian Simone; One Tough Leatherneck

New Jersey Marine survives blast, inspires brothers
Here is a new American hero.  While many of his generation are whining and crying for society to give, give, give them everything, this young man has given.  And continues to give.

Read this article.  Take note of where LCpl. Simone considers himself lucky.  Then think about the minor problems in your life, and thank God that young men like this one are willing to defend you.

Notice the sweat soaked, tired Marines around Adrian Simone.  This kid's a man.


  1. From Gunny G (Google Banned my other account)

    A REAL American hero.

    The ONE thing I miss is formation running with my fellow Marines and chanting away.

  2. 10th -

    Great post. The very best thing about the Marine Corps is that it is full of Marines. I wouldn't trade them for anything.


  3. Absolutely. As Dad said in his retirement remarks, they drink too much, they cuss too much, they break rules just to be breaking them. God I love Marines!

  4. Outfrigginstanding! What an inspiration.