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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Welcome to my blog

I am starting a blog because of my complete disgust with our elected officials. I hope to influence all of my readers to my way of thinking, and to draw their attention to some of the ridiculous ideas that both political parties are pushing.

About me:

I am a forty-one year old , Southern white man. I have a young wife and four daughters under six years old. For the past two years, I have been struggling to earn a living as a highly skilled carpenter. For the past year and a half, I have been building chicken coops and other critter cages in order to keep electricity under the roof I am also struggling to pay for. For the past year and a half I have been alarmed at the number of people wanting a back yard chicken flock. I have noticed that a lot of people are concerned about the future, and by concerned, I mean scared.
In the years before my mother passed away, she became very involved in researching our family history. She was able to find my ancestors all the way back to the early 1600's. As a result of that research, we discovered that I have a direct ancestor that has fought in every fight this country has fought. Except for what is now called Gulf War I. That was the one I served in. In a funny twist of time, I also have a direct ancestor that has fought in the current war - the War on Terror. My father, a retired Marine, went into Iraq with the 1st Marine Division in March of 2003. I was unable to talk him into taking me along. But, I digress. I believe in America. I believe in Freedom. I believe that the Constitution is the greatest piece of paper ever written. I believe that defending and upholding the Constitution is a worthy dedication for a lifetime. I believe that citizens who dedicate (or risk) their life defending and upholding the Constitution are more noble than citizens who don't. I believe citizens who refuse to defend and uphold the Constitution should lose some of the privileges available to Americans. And I believe that citizens who attack the Constitution should be charged with treason.
At this time in our nations history, we have a group of elected officials who are attacking our Constitution. They are so arrogant that they openly call us stupid. They tell us that they never read the bills they vote on. Then, when after thirty years or more of bilking the taxpayers, on the verge of indictment, they retire, taking their outrageous paychecks with them until they die. It is time that we the people quit sending these jackasses to Washington. We the People should send honest representatives to do the people's business. And by honest I mean true representatives, taken from the real ranks of American society. We need more blue collar Congressmen, and fewer lawyers. We need to send people to Washington who could possibly mean it when they say they are in tune with the common man. Real Americans.
Hopefully, in the future of this blog, I will ruffle your feathers, engage your intelligence, and inspire your voice. My grandpa used to say that no job is difficult if you have the right tool. I hope to use this tool to fix something that we should never have allowed to get broken.

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