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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Picket line: Planet of the Apes or Philly flash mob?

I can't believe that a group of people out demanding more money for less work would dare to look like this.  Don't these people have any pride?  Look at the guy right up front.  Hat turned sideways, sunglasses on, pants probably around his ankles.  I'd fire him just for looking like that.

I count four or maybe five white people in this picture.  For all you liberal racists who are about to accuse me of racism, this is the only picture I found with any white people in it.  The root of the problem here is that the company they work for, Verizon, employs all these people in their "land-line" division.  In case you haven't noticed, land-lines are rapidly becoming a thing of the past.  So,  if you don't think like the Obama Economic Team, that means less work for these people.  In order to keep them employed, Verizon has to cut back somewhere.  The place Verizon chose to cut back was pensions.  Enter childish crybabies who think somebody owes them a pension.  What a load of crap.

Here's a retirement plan for all of you out there that make less than $50,000 a year:

Work until you die.


  1. I'm surprised that the Obama Economic Team isn't bemoaning the loss of buggy whip makers and beaver fur hat sewers.

    I make more than 50K a year and will likely work until at least 70 or I'm dead.

    Soon as my contract with Verizon runs out, I'm dumping them.

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  3. RED seems to be the color all these scumbags wear to their protests these days.

  4. Mud-dork,

    It's FORMER Marine you sanctimonious son-of-a-bitch. Once you EARN the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor, it is yours for LIFE and that makes it sweeter to us because pussies like YOU could never GO where we've gone.

    Also they ARE apes, whether black, white, red, yellow, etc. Typical that a libtard would jump to the racist conclusion. It is SOOOO old little man.

    And speaking of apes, ain't it you libfvcks who say we're all descended FROM APES!?

  5. Mud,

    I am a former Marine. Start using examples of why I am pitiful, or don't come back.

  6. It kind of reminds me of the kid who used to live next door that would stand behind his mother and flip off other kids knowing that they couldn't get him with her there.

  7. TGP-I have to disagree here. Why shouldn't these people have access to a pension plan. Especially, if they paid into it. I pay into mine. I don't know the particulars of this strike, but I'm thinking that the CWA is an inhouse union. Only because I do not see any AFL-CIO affiliation on their signage.

    Either way, These people do have a right to organize, and protest what they feel is unfair labor practices. As I said, I do not know what the particulars of this srike is. But at least it's in the private sector, and their not on welfare. So, no burden to the tax payer

  8. J.O.B.,

    I see your point but what I think has everyone pissed off is HOW they protest. Keying people's cars, beating up people, protesting on private property AND interfering with commerce between replacement workers and customers. SEIU thugs coming into provate businesses, like banks, in order to protest, etc.

    Not to mention merely being a slush fund for Democrats.

  9. J.O.B.,

    The best pension plan is one you control. If you want to plan for your retirement, drink less beer. These people do have a right to organize, freedom of assembly, but their jobs are being outdated. They have to bend with the technology, or they will kill the cash cow for the rest of Verizon's employees. I think they are wrong, and I disagree with collective bargaining. As the demand for land-lines falls, only the best employees will stay in the land-line business. But because of collective bargaining, its all or nothing? Wrong.

  10. Gunny,

    The way they protest exemplifies the way they work. If they were all company men, they'd be out looking for land-line customers or ways to advance themselves along with technology. They are just whiny babies who are throwing a fit instead of growing up. Pathetic.

  11. What those workers need to ask themselves is "Do I need to make some concessions or, possibly just lose my job altogether?"

    Unfortunately, most will choose NOT to make concessions and just toss their lower ranking union brothers under the bus...while blaming the company.

    Verizon has almost 200,000 employees and only 45,000 are union members who's average income is over $100,000 and they pay ZERO for their benefits.
    Their jobs are mostly line hangers and analog systems people who are quickly becomming obsolete.

    I'm sure verizon can easily find willing people to replace them at half the salary and benefit co-pays who wouldn't complain at all.

  12. J.O.B.,

    I am glad that you stumbled into our midst - your contribution is much more stimulating than drive-by liberal assaults.

    I worked for several years in the telecommunications field and Verizon actually bought the company I had worked for not long after I left. I have friends who still work for Verizon as a result.

    I think I agreed with you elsewhere about the right to peaceably assemble. That is not an issue in my book.

    The problem I have with these thugs in particular is their methods. According to friends working in Verizon union members trashed work sites, cut fiber runs, broke into buildings and attempted to intimidate other workers from crossing the picket lines. That is illegal and should have been dealt with harshly.

    I don't know what kind of plan Verizon has - but everyone is going to have to transition to participatory plans and there has to be an end to defined pension plans. The formula was flawed from the beginning and demographics, longevity, and simple fairness dictate an end to it.

    These Verizon goons are dinosaurs in private business both from a technological standpoint and a benefits standpoint.

  13. JOB- it won't be long before your comments will be deleted. This gaggle of ex-Marines and wannabes don't like to be challenged. You have to be a bobblehead, high-fiver to post here.

    By the way, I have a post about all of you high-fivers which describes you all perfectly-- lily white, racist, hate immigrants and oh-so Christian. The only thing that distinguishes you from the KKK is your costumes.

  14. Certainly muddy you must not have noticed the difference between the way you post and the way J.O.B posts.
    One of you explained his position and reasons for holding that position and the other, makes lame attempts at insulting people and then whining about hostility.

    And then you try to pull the race card as if you have any business using it or, any evidence to back your moronic rambling.

    LIBERALS are racist if anyone is. Your phony concerns about minorities are steeped in the ideal that they're not capable of equality on their own merits and could never attain it without your lily white ass there to provide it for them.
    Reeks of that superiority complex all liberals seem to have.

    And dumbass, my kids are all dual citizens. I have nothing against immigration other than the fact that the laws that apply to my family should apply to everyone else's in the same manner.
    Want in? Fine...get your ass in line and go through the process.

  15. These dumb azz people never seem to get it. They would rather lost their jobs than give up anything. I've never seen such stupidity so they all must be libturds.

    I bet mudrake has quite a piece written. Too bad nobody will be reading it.

    Semper Fi


  16. Peppermint,

    I'll be reading it. I get quite a chuckle out of Muddy's fictions.

  17. Sepp,

    Dead on on Mud and his little band of liberals being racists. In fairness to them, I doubt they really understand your point, even if they take the time to read and comprehend it.

    The law should be evenly applied. No extra rights for minorities or majorities. Your point that Mud and them think minorities can't pull themselves out of the ghetto is the root of the libtard theology. That's why they are so opposed to people like Allen West and Condoleeza Rice. They think they're impostors.

  18. ALZ & CS- I understand your points. If these picketers are destroying property, and becoming violent, then yes, they are d##ks. That behavior would never be tolerated in my union (Local 21 Chicago). If we were on a picket line and destroyed property we would immediately be brought up on charges in front of the executive board. It is no longer the threat of physical force that makes us strong, it is our brotherhood.

    Sepp- I understand where you are coming from as well. When I found out teachers in Wis. didn't pay into any of of their health, or retirement plans, I too was appauled. Especially since they are paid directly through taxpayer money. Police and teachers here have to pay into those benefits. But it was still wrong to take away their collective bargaining rights.....

    TGP- Like before I disagree with your opinion on collective bargaining. I will publish a post on my blog for you and I to discuss this, if you wish.

    Mud- You seem like an intelligent guy, you know very well that Marines who used to serve do not like to be referred to as EX. Try former, and maybe you'll be dealt with a little less hostility.

    Everyone- I posted why thoughts on political issues on my blog. I did it to clear up any confusion.....

  19. J.O.B.,

    I am fine with agreeing to disagree.

    Thanks for attempting to educate Mud, I hope it works.

  20. Friends,

    A psychologist would call Mud_Slide's attacks as "projection." In their race obsessed and race biased mentality they can't envision anyone who isn't racist.

    A black friend and I were talking about the Civil Rights Act of 1964. I pointed out that Republican Minority Leader Everett Dirksen was instrumental in breaking the Democrat (Progressive, Liberal, Socialist, whatever) filibuster against passage. Then 80% of Republicans vs. 60% of Democrats voted in favor of the legislation.

    His response "Yeah, but all the Democrats who voted against it switched parties and became Republicans." I knew of one (Strom Thurmond) and said I would research and get back to him.

    There were 27 votes against (6 Republicans and 21 Democrats). All but Thurmond died as members of the same Party they were in when they cast that vote.

    The only one that I found evidence of being a Ku Klux Klansman was Robert Byrd (Racist - WV) whose public gaffs indicated even late in life where his true sentiments were.

    What was fascinating was why the two camps voted the way they did. The Democrats all had all made incredibly racist comments before and for the most part after the vote. Republicans by in large voted against it for legalistic reasons (the first Civil Rights Act passed by Republicans was good enough) or they were against the flaws in the overly broad legislation that have indeed negatively effected us today.

    Sorry Mud_Sling - the Party of racism is now and always have been the Democrats (Liberals, Socialists, Progressives, whatever).

  21. CS,

    For the next week, I don't want anyone to use facts and logic when commenting here. Please do not do research or cite examples until further notice.

    I want to see what will happen with Mud's remarks now that I've changed the rules. In theory, since he is forbidden to use facts and logic, he will now only use facts and logic.

  22. Sorry TGP,

    I've already posted 2 times before reading this!

    So, to get this straight, you want us to take some estrogen supplements and answer every posting via what our feeeelings tell us as opposed to making a rational judgement?

    1. It'll look like menopause central around here.

    2. I don't know if I'm capable of calling everyone a racist all the time and for any reason.

    3. This plan could backfire and the absence of reason could attract moonbats like moths to a porch light.

    Hmmmm let me try and get into character here...
    A hit of acid, a few female hormone pills, OUCH...head injury, glass of arbor mist chick wine, peel an onion so I can cry and look I'll try and type something...

    Bush = Hitler, yer all racists, christians are taking over the world, abortion is right, executing murderers is wrong, kill the rich and burn their businesses, print more money, welfare cheats are a myth, bush lied, Palin is satan, the world is going to end, treating people unfairly is wrong unless it's for their own benefit, I'm smarter than you, F our troops!!!!

    Wow! Good thing the wife was here to hit me with a pool cue...I'd blacked out, my eyes glazed over and began yelling at the monitor and drooling on the keyboard while muttering what she described sounded like a record being played backwards!

    Sorry TGP, I couldn't do that for a week!

  23. Sepp,

    I doubt I could stand it for a week either. How about calling it off at 8 pm, eastern time, August 22?

  24. August 22?
    What is that? Some kind of racist code date when you and your Tea-kux-klan friends will be going out and waving your racist American flags and, talking about that racist constitution while citing racist news stories about Obama's latest program that failed because racists caused it to fail?
    August 22nd IS a verified racist holiday because thats the day Hitler's next-door neighbor's brother-in-law's 2nd cousin was born on!
    I KNEW IT!

    Wow, this "going off the rails" moonbattery stuff is pretty easy...just blame Bush or, racism for everything instead of actually thinking!

  25. Very good, Sepp. You catch on fast. Or did you drink some of that Kool-Aid?

  26. Naaaaa, the kool-aid is what they use to stifle any independent thought and keep em off the rails.
    To think like a liberal, all you have to do is reverse the concept of good and bad and be a reverse barometer for common sense.