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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Real Leadership

I just watched Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to a joint session of Congress. This man, a foreigner, was able to get ALL of our leaders on their feet, numerous times. At one point in his speech, he rebuked Obama's "'67 Borders Plan" as idiotic, to a standing ovation from the whole assembly. I hope Obama was watching as this man thanked America for its unwavering support of the Nation of Israel. I hope Obama sat there wishing he was half the public speaker as this man.

When I was a young man of 11 or 12 years of age, the people of Iran threw a revolution. It started out much the same as the recent revolts in Egypt and Libya, but was quickly taken over by tyrannical mullahs. Ever since that time, Benjamin Netanyahu has been fighting to save his nation from extermination. He was almost killed at least once. His older brother was killed, as were many of his close friends. But today he is still willing to live in peace beside the very people who have dedicated themselves to his destruction. I admire him greatly for being that noble. I can only hope that I would be as noble in his shoes. Fortunately, I live in America, a place that will never have the issue of destruction from abroad. We face that issue from within, and I don't believe I share PM Netanyahu's strength of character, because I do not want to live in peace with those who wish to destroy my country.

At the close of his remarks to Congress, Mr. Netanyahu asked God to forever bless America. Thank you sir, for that prayer. I pray that America will always support and defend Israel.


  1. President Obama wasn't watching the speech, he was too busy showing the rest of the world how smart he is:

    And did you see him give the toast to the Queen? You were right - no teleprompter - no brains.

  2. We were just watching him speak in London. We had to change the channel, he was so dull. I'm having problems posting comments on your blog and now on Gunny G's. My computer skills are definitely lacking, but I think I got it to finally let me post comments on my own blog.

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  4. Mr. Mud Rake,

    I don't see how I have defended Israel, but lets assume that I have. Why do you attack Israel?

    I have spent considerable time in the Middle East. The only country over there that even remotely likes America is Israel. The rest of them like our money, which they use to kill us. The Israeli's are fine people, they allow other religions to openly pray in their country. No other Middle East nation does that. By Middle East in the previous sentence, I mean Muslim. Muslims do not tolerate other religions, even yours. In a Muslim nation you would not be allowed to be agnostic. But in Israel, you could.

    I do not understand why the "tolerant" people in this country have a problem with both Israel and anti-semites like Mel Gibson. Pick a side.

  5. Why defend Israel? I think that Netanyahu may have said it best:

    "In an unstable Middle East, Israel is the one anchor of stability. In a region of shifting alliances, Israel is America’s unwavering ally. Israel has always been pro-American. Israel will always be pro-American."

    "My friends, you don’t need to do nation building in Israel. We’re already built. You don’t need to export democracy to Israel. We’ve already got it. You don’t need to send American troops to defend Israel. We defend ourselves." and,

    "Of the 300 million Arabs in the Middle East and North Africa, only Israel’s Arab citizens enjoy real democratic rights. I want you to stop for a second and think about that. Of those 300 million Arabs, less than one-half of one-percent are truly free, and they're all citizens of Israel!

    This startling fact reveals a basic truth: Israel is not what is wrong about the Middle East. Israel is what is right about the Middle East." and,

    "This is the land of our forefathers, the Land of Israel, to which Abraham brought the idea of one God, where David set out to confront Goliath, and where Isaiah saw a vision of eternal peace. No distortion of history can deny the four thousand year old bond, between the Jewish people and the Jewish land." and,

    "You see, our conflict has never been about the establishment of a Palestinian state. It has always been about the existence of the Jewish state. This is what this conflict is about. In 1947, the United Nations voted to partition the land into a Jewish state and an Arab state. The Jews said yes. The Palestinians said no. In recent years, the Palestinians twice refused generous offers by Israeli Prime Ministers, to establish a Palestinian state on virtually all the territory won by Israel in the Six Day War."

    That's why.

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  7. Mud,

    Go away. You are really annoying. Either add to the conversation or shut the hell up. I never said I defend Israel, you assumed that because I pray that the US will always defend Israel that I defend Israel. Is that parsing words enough for you you piece of crap? You attack Israel the same as I defend Israel. Quit being a dickhead, and if you can't, just go away.

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  9. Mud,

    If you believe that line of crap you are truly an idiot. The Palestinian problem is rooted in the Arab countries surrounding Israel. If you think that siding with Israel is the root of terrorist activity against the US, you are incredibly naiive. TYhe Muslim fanatics hate us for our "decadent" lifestyles, our approval of gay behavior, our tolerance of other religions. Muslim hate is the reason behind terrorism, not any other reason. Once you get that through your head, you can start to be safe from terrorists. Your attitude just brings more hate our way. Stand firm, get a pair, and quit pandering to the enemy.

    And go away.

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  11. Thats it Mud. I am tired of your bull. What good does it do to provide you with police and fire protection? Some things you do because they are the right thing to do. If you don't understand that, I feel sorry for you.

  12. Thats it Mud. I am tired of your bull.

    I'll interpret that as, "I'm really not interested in discussing the topics, just would rather post my personal opinions so that my 'regulars' can give me high-fives."

  13. You have yet to discuss any topics. You are an "empty bag of wind" as you like to say. Go away.

  14. Tenth,
    It's impossible to fix stupid. Bravo for trying anyway.

  15. I wonder how Israel's willingness to negotiate would be if the Palestinians spent a year (minimum) policing their own and, stopping the rocket and other terror attacks while prosecuting those who they catch planning and engaging in that crap?

    So far, everyone is constantly calling on the Israelis to do "goodwill" examples but, nobody ever condemns the rockets and bombers that perpetuate the problem.

    Also, when a country like Canada funds a Gaza ship, it only emboldens the assholes over there to act out on a larger scale since they see it as condoning terror.

    ...just my 2 cents