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Thursday, March 4, 2010

I take my kids to work

When I came in this evening, Fox News was reporting on the air traffic controller who brought his kids in to work and let them talk to some pilots. Apparently Americans have become so pathetic that they disapprove of letting children see and participate in responsible behavior. What if the kid in question had been a Make a Wish kid? The media and the nabobs would be bragging on how wonderful it is to let this poor child talk to a pilot. And they would be right.

But these children weren't terminally ill. They wanted to see what Daddy did all day. They wanted to know why he comes home ill every evening. They wanted to know why Daddy always tells them that money doesn't grow on trees. They wanted to see where money comes from. And their daddy wanted them to appreciate the crap he went through to get them every little thing they ever wanted.

To all you people who think this was a bad thing: SHUT UP!

Everyone should take their kids to work. Everyone should make their kids work. Kids should be cutting the grass, not Pablo's Lawn Service. Kids should be washing the dishes, cleaning their own room, and washing the car. Since we have quit making our kids pull their own weight, our society has eroded into the place where a President can get oral sex in the Oval Hallway. Since we quit letting teachers paddle students, we have been having a rash of school massacres. Since we quit letting our children work at local farms during the summer, we have been overrun with illegal immigrants. Americans need to shut up and get to work.

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