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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Still waiting

The front page of my local paper on Wednesday had the headline, "Waiting at the DMV." The story went on to say that 400 customers spend an average of $25,000 a day at the local DMV. The average wait time is four (FOUR!) hours. The story also mentioned that there was no public restroom and no law requiring one. Is it possible that the people in charge of making laws overlooked this, or is it more likely that they just don't care. The subcontractor who runs the local DMV is a former state senator. If he ran for the state senate, you would think that he cares about people; that he wants to make citizens lives better. But he is quoted in the article as saying that he looked into installing a bathroom, but it was cost prohibitive due to the utilities in the building being encased in the concrete floor.

As it turns out, he doesn't care about the comforts and satisfaction of his customers because none of them have a choice about using his services. If a citizen in this area wants to drive a vehicle, they have to go stand in Cecil Hargett's line. The law requires people to use his services, and as a result, he doesn't have to please his customers.

I have mentioned before how insurance companies take advantage of the laws requiring people to have certain kinds of insurance. They provide little or no service for your money, and constantly come up with reasons why you need to send them more. As of right now, there is no law requiring people to have health insurance, but if Mr. Obama and his evil minions have their way, insurance companies will make a huge windfall. But at least we won't have to worry about their CEO's taking enormous bonuses at the end of every year. Obama wouldn't stand for that, would he?


  1. Yet another reason to get government out of virtually every transaction in our lives. Would UPS or Fedex put up with a system that requires you to endlessly stand in line clamping down on an ever more painful bladder? Like any government fiasco, the private sector can fix it. Offer 75% of the money the government currently spends on DMV’s to ITT or Booze-Allen or Raytheon to provide the same service. Offer them incentives based on customer satisfaction, wait times, and let them keep 50% of any efficiency that they find in the system. I guarantee a less expensive and more pleasant experience – and you could probably relieve yourself without losing you place in line.

  2. They do use a take a number system, so you don't necessarily need to wait at the office. But just as soon as you decide to take a break, they'd run through a hundred numbers and you would be back to the beginning.