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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Why do Atheists get up in the morning?

I was reading the comments on Ann Coulter's weekly column today, and I saw a post that said, "there is no god, no santa clause, and no easter bunny, and anyone with an IQ higher than sara palins would see that fact." I decided not to turn the other cheek, and responded to the audacity that there is no Santa Claus by informing that knucklehead that Santa wore dress blues this year and passed out a record number of toys to the tots affected by Obama's economic advisors. I can understand how someone could be so stupid that they believe the theory of evolution over the theory of creation, but I cannot understand how someone could be so sure of one that they deny the possibility of the other. I have never been a tambourine whacker, but I have always believed in the existence of God. I have seen God, and I don't mean the burning bush or other visions. I have seen the sun rise over the desert of Oman, I have seen the miracle of birth, I have seen children learn new things. How someone could think that its all just an accident is beyond me.

Another atheist on the site said the story of Genesis is absolutely unbelievable because of the scientific method. He said in his quote that the peoples intelligence at the time was infantile, but why didn't God define "the Heavens." If a small child asks a complicated question, as almost every small child in the history of small children has, you don't give them calculus equations and DNA diagrams. You answer, if you know the answer, in words and concepts that the child will understand. Otherwise the childs mind will melt and they will lose interest in gaining knowledge. So God explained himself in words and concepts that the infantile minds of the time would understand. I am amazed at the highly educated, informed minds that are incapable of understanding that today.

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  1. That was well articulated and mirrors my exact thoughts on the matter. In my view, liberals spend too much time indoors and never see the miracles that God has given us.