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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Poll Results In

This weeks poll results are in, and we have an overwhelming winner in one poll, and a slightly less overwhelming winner in the other.
This week, 100% of polled viewers said Barak Obama is a BECS.  Congratulations, Mr. President.

On the more serious poll, 75% went for Perry as the favored Republican candidate.  Mr. Cain got 10%, while Santorum, Pawlenty and Newt got 5% each.  Romney and Bachman received zero votes.  I absolutely agree that Romney is worth nothing and should be removed from future polls.  All in favor say aye.


  1. TGP- This is somewhat of a continuation of the post on the verizon strike.

    I've witnessed the word racist/racism thrown around alot when it comes to Republicans and especially Tea Party followers. I would just like to add my two cents.

    The Democrats, whether they realize it, or not, make everyone into slave owning bigots. The reason being?

    I can't tell you this week because of your rule.....LOLOLOL...........

    I'll get back to you when you lift your ban

  2. J.O.B.,

    Thanks. That's funny right there, I don't care who you are.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Aye! The Romney campaign had a guy hang out at our booth for awhile gathering signatures to get Romney on the ballot in our primary.

    Oddly - some Democrat (Progressive, Socialist, Liberal, whatever) activists were also gathering signatures for Obama.

    That might mean that they think that Obama will get a primary challenger.

    The kid was annoyed when I told him that the only way that a Democrat will get into the White House for 8 years starting in January 2013 will be at the invitation of President Perry.

  5. "...the only way that a Democrat will get into the White House for 8 years starting in January 2013 will be at the invitation of President Perry."

    Hahahahaha! Thats rich!

    I'm guessing that in January 2013, Obama and Moochell will go back to their ACORN roots and chain themselves to something in the whitehouse while the Sheriff is forced to evict them.

  6. CS,

    Funny how that kid would be annoyed by that statement, but is not bothered by chronic lies from Obowma, or severe unemployment, or outrageous inflation. Such poor citizens we raise these days.

  7. Maybe come 01-13 President Obama can come back here to Chicago and stand trial for his involvement in the Senate seat "Fire Sale".......
    But I'm sure Mayor Emmanuel will give him a reprieve.

  8. J.O.B.,

    Was he involved in that? I thought that was all on Blago.

  9. Blago just took his place under the bus...just like everyone else who is expendable to Obama.

  10. 10th -

    He was a typical Obama-Zombie.

  11. TGP- It was, but it wasn't, and the sad thing is that the F.B.I. had certain wire tap recordings that were deemed inadmissable. Their was something really shady happening. Then the State' attorney came out with a list of witnesses. On that list was (then Chief of Staff) Rahm Emmanuel.

    Then, Mayor Richard Daley, gets involved, and you never hear about it again..............

    By the way, you know who replaced Rahm as Chief of staff? Mayor Daley's brother, slick Willy.

    You people have never seen corruption, until you live in Chicago.........But I do find humor in it.........

    Most states' Governors go on to running for President, or becoming President. Some become best-selling authors. Some even become college professors.

    OURS become convicts....LOL

  12. J.O.B.,

    I lived in Mundelien in '76-'78. I was young, but I saw the politics in Chicago in the way I thought Jimmy Hoffa ran the Teamsters.

  13. J.O.B.,

    You know I find it curious that the same attorney that destroyed Scooter Libby while investigating a complaint where no crime had been committed - also was chasing down poor Blago.

    I think that it is suspicious that Fitz cut the investigation short before Blago had actually cut the deal. My personal opinion is that Fitz was protecting the White House.

    I find it ironic that they convicted Libby for "lying" to Fitzgerald and that is exactly what the first trial got Blago for.

    Scotter Libby had committed no crime - but got hung out to dry for a faulty memory. Blago had every intention, indeed he was working overtime to commit a crime and before the second trial - he got convicted for the same thing as Libby.

    Justice Chicago style?

  14. C.S.- Very true and a good point, but don't get me wrong, and make no mistake about it. Blagojevich is 100% PIECE OF SHIT......

    Who threatens to withhold funding from a f##king childrens' hospital.

    TGP- Why Mundelein? Father stationed at Great Lakes?. I was born in '76 LOLOLOLOLO

    BTW- where is everyone from now?

  15. J.O.B.,

    Yeah. Part of MEPCom. I didn't like it much. Too much snow and cold. But I enjoyed football and playing "Walter Payton." Did you ever play that game?

  16. J.O.B.,

    I live in eastern NC, just north of Jacksonville and Camp Lejeune.

  17. TGP- Of course I played football. Not sure about a game called Walter Payton. What was it?

    I've been to S.C.---Camp Lejeune? Home of the sand fleas? Ouch

  18. J.O.B.,

    Walter Payton was a rookie with the Chicago Bears in 1976. "Walter Payton" was a game we played where one guy with the football would jump over a plowed up pile of snow yelling "Walter Payton" while everyone else on the other side of the pile tried to kill him. It was awesome.

    It may explain a lot of aches and pains I wake up with every morning.

  19. J.O.B.,

    I agree Blagojevich is guilty and a piece of crap - he is after all a Democrat (Progressive, Liberal, Socialist, whatever). I just wish that Fitzgerald had let the thing run just a little bit longer. However if Blago had to deal with Emanuel the entire time - Rahmbo was probably too cagey to get caught dealing on the phone.

    I'm originally from Bremerton, Washington but the Marine Corps deposited me in Northern Virginia for my final tour where I retired and live now.

    In 1976 I was a Second Lieutenant and stationed in Camp Lejeune, NC. I was a Rifle and later Weapons Platoon Commander that year.

  20. TGP- Oh, I know who Walter is. That game does sound awesome. We had a similar game. We called it smear the queer. Amazing how politically incorrect I am, even at nine years old.

    C.S.- I 100% agree with your statement, The funny thing though is that he's to smart for that, but he calls some campaign guy a Retard.....In front of a journalist.
    I didn't know I was talking to an officer...WOW, a former Marine Corps officer. I almost feel obligated to refer to you as Sir from this point on

  21. J.O.B.,

    You are too kind - no need to stand on ceremony. The blogosphere is a great equalizer. Where else would a person like me run into a person like Mud_Sling? The VFW?

  22. Smear the qweer!
    We used to play it on the playground during recess until some teacher who didn't like the word qweer made us stop calling it that...but, "kill the man" which it was renamed was somehow ok with her.

    I'm from Toledo, spent my 20's stationed in Europe and, back here in Toledo again.