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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Another Muslim Soldier Goes Jihadi

Down in Killeen, Texas, the local law enforcement arrested a young soldier, Naser Jason Abdo, for plotting to kill American servicemen, with bombs and guns.  Just like the last soldier to plot this type of assault, Abdo is a Muslim.

Abdo was actually AWOL from Fort Campbell, Kentucky, at the time of his arrest.  He was AWOL because he had decided to be a conscientious objector, and the Army called him on it.  The Army decided that Abdo's objections were an attempt to get out of a contract he willingly entered.

In an interview last year, Abdo claimed that the Army was using up time he felt he should devote to God.  He said he was worried that if he died, he hadn't gotten right with God and might not be allowed into Heaven.  Apparently, there is a shortcut in the Muslim faith which allows you to get into Heaven simply by killing a bunch of infidels.  So, young Abdo went AWOL, rushed down to Fort Hood, which must be a very valuable jihadi target, and planned to set off bombs and go on a shooting rampage.  Thank God Islam is such a peaceful religion.

What is going on with Muslim soldiers who would rather kill their buddies instead of killing their enemies?  And why is Fort Hood such a good target?  I had a Muslim in my platoon in boot camp.  His name was Muhammed, and he was going into the intelligence field, I assume to listen in to Arab chatter.  I considered him a good Marine on graduation day.  I wonder now if he is still an American patriot, or if he has gone over to the dark side.


  1. So he's like a Muslim version of Anders Behring Breivik. Boy these religious fanatics sure are nuts.

  2. You do understand that ol' Anders is an atheist, right? That makes him a turd like you.

  3. Jio - I hope that you are at least an equal opportunity hater - do you hate Muslims as much as you appear to hate Christians?

    Are you insanely prejudiced against Buddhists?

    Do you hate a particular brand of Christian? Or all Christians?

    Or are you an intolerant bigot in addition to being Anti-American?

  4. Jio is either mudrake or jeff. I'm guessing mudrake since he is a avid anti-christian. Either way a douche.

    Back to the topic: Abdo deserves a firing squad after a speedy trial.

  5. You losers ASSume quite a lot.

    By the way, Tenth, do you think Anders ever read your anti-Muslim blather?

    That's the trouble with religious nuts-- they are so screwed up by their religion that they 'believe' that murder is OK if it is 'from' god.

    What fools religious dicks are!

  6. Mud,

    Are religious dicks any more foolish than atheist dicks? I don't think so.

  7. It is interesting that they will try and hang the mantle of "Christian" or "Right Wing" on Anders Behring Breivik. Even if he is the first "Right Wing" terrorist (that is yet to be determined) and even if you surrender on Timothy McVeigh (who was not from the Right either) - that's two. Find another one.

    However if you list "Left wing" Terrorist the list is literally endless. The Left has killed more people in the 20th and 21st Century than we can even count. The left put the "mass" in "mass murder."

    And their religion is identical to yours Mud - liberalism.

  8. Lenin, Stalin, Mao. All lefties. Ever notice that in addition to being a lefty, Obama is a leftie?

  9. Multi-culturalism crap is destroying Europe already and if these people have their way, we will be following them close by.

    Whatever happened to America where there were only Americans rather than muslim-americans or black americans, or whatever the heck else!

    BTW, thanks for following my blog. I am following yours also. Keep up the good job.

  10. This guy is a piece of shit who has suckled every benefit of being an American...and decided to shit on America as soon as he fucked it all up for himself.
    I join the military during a time of war with islamic scumbags, decide my islamic religion forbids me to fight islamic I head for Killeen Texas to get some revenge for being nailed with kiddie porn...what a leftist he is!

    BTW muddy, do you think the Norwegian read any of YOUR criticisms of Islam?

    Bwaaahahahahaha! Hell No! Mainly because it's never happened!
    You don't have the balls to critique a religion who's members will hunt your ass down over an insult.

    And besides, shitting on religious beleifs is the "in" thing for libs...unless it's islam...then you'd be a "rayycist" regardless of how accurate or, deserving your scorn is.

    It just shows how deep your convictions run.

    If you despise the hell up and hit em all for their faults and failings as opposed to picking the current "pc liberal sanctioned as hateable" people of the week.
    Anything less is just a pussy running his ballwasher in safe mode.

    Hating christians is safe but if you hate on islamists for the SAME reasons...your bipolar moonbat friends will turn on you for being a "racist".

    Funny how I know that and it's equally amusing because you know it's true too.

  11. Whoa! What "point" are your wingers attempting to make? It seems to me that you are stuck in that grade school mindset of 'they did it too!' as if that justifies the idiocy that your 'side' promotes.

    It's too bad that you all seem to be so mired in the muck of right-wingism that you cannot see the dangers of your own ideology.

    By the way, Tenth, Anders Breivik is a CHRISTIAN whether or not you like that truth. Deal with it.

    And CS, your statement about political ideology as a 'religion' is one of the most absurd things you've said, and that is quite a pile of shit to stand upon. By the way, did you ever get your GED?

  12. Mud,

    You are too late for the "they did it too" accusation - you and Jio have already been called on it and it is liberal stock in trade - listen to every one of those Democrat Congressional scumbags - they use it all the time. It is the very basis for the "Bush handed us a mess" argument.

    In the latest edition of "Mud is wrong again" please note that Anders Behring Breivik is NOT a Christian. Breivik uses Christianity as a cultural description and the difference between the Christian-based culture of Europe as opposed to a Islamic based culture sought by the Muslims currently invading Europe.

    He has specifically denied a relationship with Christ. If a person isn't an atheist and they aren't a Muslim - that doesn't make them a Christian by process of elimination.

    There is a very good explanation of that here:

    You probably won't get it - but we have the same issue here - The United States is a Christian Nation even though we Christians who make up 85% of the population still tolerate having Godless Anti-Americans like you living here.

    In short Anders Behring Breivik is in the same league as Adolf Hitler (another famous liberal) and I suspect that as we learn more about him you will see that he shares Adolf's political philosophy as well as you do.

  13. Mud,

    If you go around telling people you are an astronaut, does that make you an astronaut? Saying you are a Christian does not make you a Christian. Saying you are a patriot does not make you a patriot. Actions speak louder than words, and killing a bunch of innocent people is a pretty good way to get yourself thrown out of the Christian group.

  14. Patriot,

    Welcome to my blog. I hope you don't mind engaging the enemy directly, as some of them come here regularly. They will now probably go to your site and see if they can rile you up.

    I have been an American-American all my life, and I am disgusted by anyone who thinks hyphenating their nationality makes them better. Being an American is the top of the heap, so why dilute it with unnecessary BS?

  15. If you wingnuts would ever try to learn just a little bit about Islam, you'd know they don't condone going around killing people either. Are you too thick to realize you're using the exact same rhetoric to condemn Muslims and you trying to use to excuse this Norwegian from Christianity?

    BTW: Off topic, but here's an interesting article about the incorrect notion that Obama ran up the debt instead of Bush:

    And don't scream "lies!" Use your "computer skills" and research it yourself.

    And quit calling me a liberal Democrat. You're just making yourselves look stupid.

  16. Jio,

    You do some research and discover that Islam has promoted and still promotes conversion by the sword, and killing "infidels." It is NOT a peaceful religion.

    No one said Obama ran up the debt and Bush didn't. The facts are that Obama has accrued more debt in 2.5 years than Bush did in 8.

  17. JIO,

    I admit to not reading the whole Koran, but only selected passages and scholarly articles about the Koran. I have studied the region as when I was still in the Marine Corps I thought (correctly it appears) we were going to be embroiled there for the foreseeable future. Muslims make a distinction between how they treat each other and how they treat infidels. It's okay to lie to infidels and if an infidel doesn't cooperate the faithful are encouraged to kill them.

    But if you want to see the clearest distinction - Muslims created the Islamic Republic of Iran and Christians created the United States of America. Where do you prefer to live?

    I read your article - every word. Your conclusion is incorrect as you grossly overstate the conclusion. The conclusion that Obama has added to the debt is substantiated by the article - that fact is indisputable - they are simply quibbling over a number that they were incapable of determining.

    You don't get this whole reading English thing - do you?

  18. After 9-11 I took the time to educate myself and downloaded the English translation of the Koran in pdf format from one of the American Muslim organizations.

    Long story short, I searched "Infidels" and found dozens and dozens of commandments to kill them.

    Further, I engaged a pair of local Pakistanti brothers with whom I was friendly with and asked them about it and the confirmed my findings to the letter.

    The left likes to label Islam as the religion of peace but what was telling in my research of the Koran is that the first three-quarters of the book is about such things whereas in the last quarter Mo proclaimed that the first parts have been superceded with the new whereas the killing of Infidels is required conduct of faithful Muslims.

    My Pakistanti friends confirmed this as well.

    That was all I needed to know.

    Bottom line... do some research before you claim Islam is a religion of peace. It was born in blood to unite the Arab tribes under the veil of religion to justify their actions. To claim anything else is bullshit.

    Oh, and before anyone blathers about the Crusades please remember that was 800 years ago. Christians haven't been killing in the name of Christ for sometime now but the Jihadis continue as if the Crusades were still on.

  19. H-nox - well said.

    To put a finer point on the Crusades. When the First Crusade occurred it was in response to the second greatest city in Christendom being under assault by Muslims. At that time Muslims had been on a violent conquest for 460 years.

    In the proper context of history, the Crusades were a perfectly logical response to the reign of terror by Islamic Warriors.

  20. No, I do not mind engaging the enemy directly. In fact, on my blog, I have in the past by refuting their bastardized U.S. history with a 6 part 30+ page response. I welcome their nonsense even though I know that they are beyond help. They cannot reason their way out of a paper bag so I accept the fact that they will not change their minds.

    Unlike you, I moved to the U.S. from Europe in 1977 and never once considered myself a hyphenated american. I find that an insult. That is not what made this country what it is (or was used to be!) I am an American first and foremost!

  21. With Breivik, his being a christian or, not had nothing to do with the act he committed. It was only made a point by the lefty press in it's glee that it wasn't islamic terror for once.

    Breivik's axe to grind stemmed from the fact that very few of the islamic immigrants are even bothering to adapt or, fit into Norwegian culture and, are instead demanding that the Norwegians cater to "islamic sensibilities" in their own homeland.
    Islamic immigration to Norway is rather new in comparison to other countries but, Norwegian leftists have allowed them to immigrate in record numbers and, literally take over portions of cities where ethnic Norwegians are no longer able to go because they're attacked for venturing into these enclaves.
    What Breivik was seeing was his own culture being pushed out of it's own homeland and, he was blaming leftists who were not only responsible for bringing the islamists but, also responsible for the self-loathing and self- destructive policies that are making Norwegians into foreigners in their own land.

    Breivik wasn't on some crazy christian crusade as liberals are trying to paint him as doing.
    Breivik was on a Norwegian crusade with the belief that he was saving Norway.

    Whether Breivik is a practicing christian or, not...I don't know. I DO know that most families have to register with their own church which is a public record regardless of if they attend or, not.

    The difference that you libs out there seem to completely miss is that christians are stepping up to condemn this guy in droves.

    With all the islamic terrorism we see reported daily from around the planet, how often does anyone see muslims stepping forward to condemn those acts?
    So seldom you could probably use 1 hand to count every instance of muslim outrage for islamic terror within the last 10 years.


    Now he's shouting out the name of his brother in treachery while in court.
    Nice guy...hang him high!

  23. Jio,

    Here is some more BS for you to spread around - I got this from my daily propaganda e-mail from the White House:

    See how easy it is to shoot holes in this. But Obama at least owns up to causing an increase in the debt of $1.4 Trillion which is less than one third of what everybody else clocks him in at.

    He attributes $3 Trillion to President Bush's tax cuts as if not taking my money is an expenditure by the government. Since revenue to the government went up year-over-year AFTER the tax cuts - how can they have added to the debt?

    I know - you can't answer that - consider it a rhetorical question.

  24. Didn't mean to ignore you Muddy - but that comment about worshiping government (or in some cases science) fills a hole in the life of a liberal that would otherwise be filled by religion is a quite commonly held medical opinion. It is logical something foreign to you and your ilk.

    No need for a GED, I have all the paper work to prove graduation from both high school and college with a smattering of advanced work. As a graduate of Command and Staff College - I am a few credits short of a Masters Degree. I have a BA in History - that's why you generally can't compete in that arena.

  25. I have NEVER believed the hype that Muslims in the US military would fight against their own kind and it appears that once again, I was right.

    I actually had a Muslim in my platoon and he once sttaed that he did not think he could pull a trigger on his kind. He was not in my platoon for long.

    My reply to this piece of human flotsam?

    "someone get a rope."

  26. Gunny, that crap is typical of the left's little band of hyphen types...and the liberals stand behind these treasonous pieces of shit 100%.

    Where would we be if all the German hyphen Americans decided not to fight WW1 or, the Nazis? Liberals would be bitching from behind barbed wire and waiting to go take "showers" with their Soviet bretheren.

    I guess those Germans from past wars saw themselves as Americans first and, did what they had to to keep America from going to hell in a handbasket.

    LoL...Be a liberal, celebrate diversity...get your hyphen today!

  27. Guys,
    Have you noticed that the libs that visit can only disparage Christianity, the Military, our education, GWB, and us in general.

    They never respond with an ounce of facts that we cannot shoot holes in backed up with facts. Their only source for facts is some lame lefty talking points.

    It must suck to be them.

  28. I have noticed that every time they have been asked to provide some facts, they disappear.

  29. Spotted a headline concerned about what happened to the Neanderthals - maybe we found a couple?

  30. Hardnox,
    Libs shit on christians because they know it's safe to do so.

    As for their arguements, it's all canned and scripted bullshit. They won't form an oppinion without it first being fed to them via msnbc or, the huffpo or, the obama administration (which has been exposed as being one and the same as msnbc).

    Indeed they do seem to evaporate at the first sign of a challenge.
    They make outragous claims but, fail to back them up...or, just post a truckload of spam while trying to divert the arguement.

    I've given up trying to reason with them since it's just plain pointless since they operate in a fantasyworld anyways.

  31. By your description Sepp - by labeling them Neanderthals, I might be insulting Neanderthals