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Monday, August 1, 2011

I can't believe we gave the junkie another shot

If your Congress Critter voted for this unbelievable BS, you need to send them an email, or call their office, and tell them they are worse than crackheads.  We have to take the needles away from these irresponsible junkies before they take us all down with them.

Dependent Heroin users do not intend to end up with an addiction when they start recreational use. Heroin addiction comes about due to one’s attempt to self-medicate emotional pain or to alleviate withdrawal pain.

All this bill does is promise us they will do better next time.  Please, just one more hit.  I swear I'll quit after this next big high.  Jesus are we stupid.  We keep letting these people come into our homes, swearing they're clean, but our TV's and stereos are missing when they leave.

Call your representatives.  Tell them we don't want to be around junkies no more.

Congressman Jones,

I hope you were one of the Republicans that voted against raising the debt ceiling in exchange for some paltry cuts to our out of control spending, but I sorely doubt it.

Raising the debt ceiling and promising to cut spending is the whole root of the problem we have with debt.  You guys and girls in Congress need to have your pants pulled down and your bare bottom whipped with a switch.  You, and you personally, have been in DC way too long.  You have an addiction, and you need help.  I suggest you retire to a life of leisure and let us send some more responsible people up there.



  1. Yeah it was somewhat disappointing but, Marco Rubio setting John Kerry's sorry ass straight on the Senate floor was a breath of fresh air.
    While we may be disappointed, the libs are going into conniption fits right now because the Tea party folks are kicking their asses.
    The newsquote of the day was,
    "Obama may be president but, the tea partiers are running Washington D.C now".

    F'ing priceless!

  2. I can't believe anybody is calling this a Tea Party victory. The GOP caved.

  3. TGP,
    You got your wish. Jones voted against it.

    My guy, Wittman voted for it. West also voted for it claiming that 70-75% of what you want is success. Both are very conservative so I will defer to them to explain themselves.

    This bill allows for spending cuts not offered before and an opportunity for a BBA.

    Personally, I am with Crawfish on this one. I can't believe that we gave King Putt 2 trillion.

    I would like to know if this mess had parasite cuts in it.

  4. The way I understand it, there are no "cuts" in it. If the Senate passes this, then they have to get together and decide what to cut. So they gave themselves a two trillion dollar loan, with a promise to try to cut spending. Letting the debt ceiling collapse would have given us a balanced budget without the amendment. Very, very stupid to let these boobs get away with this.

  5. So, fellas, why do you have your undies all in a knot this AM?

    What's it to you, anyway? Is your life any different this AM than it was yesterday? Or would have been if Congress voted down the Debt Ceiling?

    What's your gripe? Or do you just like to bitch?

  6. LOL - you know in his (her?) own demented way Mud has a point. What we missed was an opportunity to do the right thing - we didn't actually lose. There is another opportunity coming right around the corner with the impending budget battle.

    Though the news will spin it in his favor (Tim "Tax Cheat" Geithner is already declaring an Obama victory) this at best is a Pyrrhic victory for Obama - we got a glove on him this time to use a boxing analogy (I just lost Mud).

    One more "victory" like this and Dennis Kucinich will run away with the Democrat (Socialist, Liberal, Progressive, whatever) nomination for President in 2012.

    Let's put Obama on the mat next go around. He probably just found out there is a budget due at the end of September and he's looking for a way out.

    That's him over in the corner weeping "But Michelle, they don't love me anymore." And you know - he's right.

    I suggest we look at this as Colonel David Shoup USMC did when he radioed back to the ship from the beaches of Tarawa:

    "Casualties many. Percentage dead unknown. Combat efficiency: We are winning."

    Ladies and Gentlemen - we are winning.

  7. "Ladies and Gentlemen - we are winning."

    But truth is losing.....seems some comments have been deleted.

    (First sign of an uneducated "turd".)

  8. Mud,

    They can only pile shit so high before it falls over. As high as they have it stacked now, when it falls it will be a horrible mess.

    On top of it all, we (including you) have been duped again. These junkies keep promising to quit, as long as we pay for one more bump. They will never quit until they kill this country. Apparently you look forward to that day, but the rest of us love our country and are tired of assholes like you and your lefty heroes running her down.

    Piss off troll. Your comments are no longer welcome here.

  9. Jio,

    No comments have been deleted. What are you talking about?

  10. "Piss off troll. Your comments are no longer welcome here."

    Don't you just hate it when truth and facts get in the way?

  11. Jio,

    You are hysterically funny - please run back through your many comments and return with "truth" - one will do.

    LMAO - you and Mud wouldn't know "truth and facts" if they tattooed it on the inside of your eyelids.

    It just isn't the currency of liberal thought. That was Mud's comment the last time he got thrown off a site. He couldn't compete from an intellectual or logic standpoint so he got nasty and started throwing hateful filth around. When he got cut off for his perverted rants he accused us of shutting him down because we couldn't handle his "truth and facts."

    You guys are a hoot.

    Sepp - you were right.

    H-Nox - you were right too.

    It's like arguing with demented children.

  12. Mud,

    I told you to use facts when commenting here. Goodbye asshole.

  13. The facts are that America's credit rating is probably going to be lowered which will result in the interest rates (cost) on our borrowing will increase significantly.
    The rating houses AND our creditors have warned Obama repeatedly to "get spending under control".

    So I'll ask Jeffio and muddy,
    What do you two think will happen when the credit rating is lowered or, those countries who buy U.S debt to fund our borrowing stop buying it?
    And, how is a government that has become dependent on those loans to pay for it's social programs going to fund them when the loans start being rejected?

    The answer is they won't be able to pay for them. And if you're whining about cuts now, I can't wait to hear the whining when you experience "cut off" completely.