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Friday, August 19, 2011

Perry Questioned on Evolution

Up in Satanic Yankeeland, Rick Perry was attacked by a woman who used her son as a go between.  A sorry ass woman who was willing to use her young son as a shield, questioned Perry on evolution.  When Perry faltered, she made her son continue to attack, until Perry said, "I think what your mom wants to know..."

Heres the deal, all you Satan worshiping, just here and now, sorry ass excuses for mankind.  Evolution is a theory.  That means:

 an unproved assumption : conjecture

In order for humans to have evolved from monkeys, or from any other lower life form, a billion things had to come together all at once.  That could have happened, but to say it did without divine intervention is just plain stupid.  The theory of evolution is incredibly thin.

  Even science acknowledges that the mechanism depends on very long streaks of luck. The evidence for it is thin, a working model has not been demonstrated, and consensus within science has not been reached.

I don't care what you believe, but either way, you are acting on faith.


  1. The priests who ran the catholic high school I attended summed it up nicely. Evolution and creationism are NOT incompatible. Bible says earth created in 7 days. What is a DAY to God? Maybe HE was the one who put in place all the laws of nature/physics/biology that have resulted in the Big Bang and evolution since then. Those millions of years were how many days to God?

  2. 10th--The kid was used as a political puppet--that is dispicable because the left dos'nt care--all they want is to advance their adjenda--many are comparing Perry to Bush because they are both governors-that's a mistake-Perry is his own man and a leader.

  3. 10th - it is interesting to note that the archeological evidence appears to support our particular point of view.

    Watching a recent special on digs in the United States in one of those uncanny moments of honesty and clarity an archeologist remarks that all of the bones that support the case for human evolution wouldn't fill the bed of a pickup truck.

    There are people digging up the planet and their efforts over more than a century - wouldn't fill a pickup truck.

    To corroborate that - after two mass extinctions (250 million and 65 million years ago) life in all its current forms appears as if by magic - some 10,000 years ago.

    At least a prima facie case for creation until someone actually finds something to disprove that.

  4. Craw,

    That follows my own theory that God knew what would come out of the oven when he started cooking up this mess. I have always said to Big Bangers "What caused the bang?" To a man that has stumped them all.

  5. Knight Racer,

    It is despicable that someone would use any child, but especially their own child, for political purposes.

    I like Perry cause he's plain spoken. I liked Bush for the same reason.

  6. CS,

    I find it so odd that people are willing to take that leap of "faith" to follow pretty sketchy science, but absolutely refuse to give God the benefit of the doubt. I guess the good side to that is Heaven won't be as crowded as Hell.

  7. Apparently, Tenth, you, like Perry and Bachmann, deny scientific facts in lieu of biblical gibberish.

    Of course that doesn't surprise me at all because, from a dozen or more statements that you have made, it is apparent that you are an easy target for propaganda. You 'believe' lots of junk and easily dismiss facts.

    Perry said that he 'believed' that... Anyone can 'believe' anything that they wish. My 7-year-old grandson 'believes' in lots of stuff too.

    Try doing some valid research on the topic of evolution from credible sources and report back what you find.

  8. Typical Mud_Sling drive-by -

    Evolution has never advanced from "theory" to "scientific fact" because even though people have been excavating the earth for more than 150 years with the object of proving that theory - they have been incapable as the evidence does not appear to exist.

    Likewise evidence of divine or "intelligent design" does not specifically exist. Though an objective examination of the available data would certainly tip the scale in favor of intelligent design.

    But in all things liberal (socialist, progressive, democrat, etc.) we aren't entitled to a reasoned opinion - it's the liberal way or the highway. That's how liberals are.

    With that said - the only existing evidence that man might have evolved from apes is the existence of liberals. You have to give Mud that . . . .

  9. "Of course that doesn't surprise me at all because, from a dozen or more statements that you have made, it is apparent that you are an easy target for propaganda. You 'believe' lots of junk and easily dismiss facts."

    Wow...that sounds like 99% of the Obama voting populace!

    And, so what if a person has a faith they believe in muddy? As long as Perry isn't forcing you to get a religion, WTF do you care?

    Oddly enough (not really) you neglect to complain about Obama...the guy you say isn't a muslim...when he's celebrating rammadan or, broadcasting islamic religous greetings during those holidays...why is that?
    For that matter, you had no problem voting for Reverend Strickland either.
    So is it the faith that bothers you or, is the (D) make all your fears go away?

  10. Mud,

    I've done some research on evolution and creation. I posted some of that research to back up my opinion. Post some of your research to back up your opinion. Use facts and logic. Quit slinging mud, Mud, and do some research yourself you sorry excuse for a blogger.


    Mud-dumbass trying to sound smart again! Common Snse did a great job refuting your trash, you ignorant diaper stain. You have YET to post ONE CREDIBLE fact to back up your bullshit but then again, that is typical of you liberal fvcksticks.

    I'd bet a month's salary that your monitor is covered with rabies infected spit as you scream at it as type.

    What a douche.

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. Mudrake, you never left junior high apparently. Your critical thinking skills are either quite damaged from the socialist, godless, Marxist, brain washing schools.

    Too bad, what a shame.

    Just who do you think started the big bang? Super man? Carl Marx?

    What a bunch of trash.

  14. Mudrake, you never left junior high apparently. Your critical thinking skills are either quite damaged from the socialist, godless, Marxist, brain washing schools.

    Too bad, what a shame.

    Just who do you think started the big bang? Super man? Carl Marx?

    What a bunch of trash.

  15. Ah, poor widdo mud brain.

    I LOVE how the libtards either go straight to an ad hominem attack or take the "I'm so smarter than thou," condescending route. So predictable.

    Muddy, we're WAY smarter than you'll ever be, simply because you're stuck in a mental jr high school and the rest of us are mentally wayyyyyyyyy past you. THAT is why we're Conservatives and you're a dumbass lib.

    You should check out that study by a shrink on Liberalism as a mental disease. You might volunteer for his next study subject!

  16. Gentlemen,

    This isn't the proper forum to debate this subject at depth but we know 3 things:

    1) Divine Intervention is absolute because one would need to be absolutely stupid not to see. Spend a day in nature. It's not an accident as the libs would like to believe.

    2) mud is absolutely a liberal moron.

    3) Liberlaism is a mental disease.

  17. Mud,

    I will now delete all comments from you. If you can't do anything but nanny nanny boo boo, you don't get to play with the big kids.

  18. TGP- Before I jump into this bicker-fest, I feel I should let you know one thing. I too, am agnostic. With that said---------

    Mud- This is what I was talking about on your blog. You viewed this blog, and left comments to purposely start a fight. I've been viewing and commenting on your blog for the past week. Noone here has left any comments trying to antagonize you. They haven't left comments period.
    You know that all the people here believe in God. (except fo me of course) I believe they're all Christian, but I'm not sure. Why would you come here and leave a comment referring to the bible as gibberish? Did you ever think that the quote from Perry was him expressing his belief in religious freedom. You're no better than Bill Maher. If a belief in a god makes someone a better person, why would you attack him/her for it. Why would you call his whole belief structure gibberish? You, like Bill Maher need to start realizing one thing. Just because you are sympathetic to the racial equality of mankind, not to mention your "inherant" need to help the oppressed minorities of the world. You (Bill as well) are definitely not tolerant. I think your comment proves that.

    So---On behalf of other agnostic/atheists, I would like to apologize for Muds tirade. I do not believe in the same thing you do, but I do respect you for having beliefs, even if they differ from mine.

    CS- Can you post some sort of website or info. on these archeology digs. As I've said before, I'm always open.
    Plus---I have to disagree with you about the proof of evolution. I don't know if anyone watches MMA, but their is a fighter named Antonio 'Bigfoot' Silva. If this dude isn't the missing link, I don't know what is....LOL

    P.S.- I will be posting on my blog tonight. It will be my political beliefs and ideas. Please feel free to visit and comment. I'm always open to discussion, and debate. Either here, or there. Good-night all.

  19. TGP- did you delete my comment? Or did I hit a wrong button?

  20. No, I didn't delete any from you, but all of Mud's will be from now on.

  21. In that case I will try again.

    TGP- before I jump into the fray, I would like you and your commenters to know that I am agnostic. With that said...........

    M_R- This is what I was talking about on your blog. I've been a regular visitor for about a week, maybe longer. Noone here posted any antagonizing comments. In fact I didn't see a single comment published from anyone here. Yet, you feel the need to come here and start sh#t. You know the people here are religious, most likely Christian. Why would you come here and refer to the bible as gibberish. If a man/woman believes his/her religious beliefs make them a better person, who are you to tear that down? You probably believe that something makes you a better person. Have these poeple ever ripped on that? One day you will have to realize the same thing that Bill Maher should realize...................
    You pride yourselves on your tolerance of other races and ethnic groups. Your belief in total equality. The welfare system and why it is necessary. And the inherant goodness in all.
    What you fail to see, while you strive for your personal goals, is that you are in reality the most intolerant person I've come across since visiting these blogs. You hide under a cloake up openess and tolerance, at least until someone has a differing belief..........
    And you mentioned how you thought you were out of Jr. High..... I don't see CS or anyone else here leaving comments on your blog about your mother............
    I would just like to let you know that tolerance works both ways. Try being respectful of these commenters religious beliefs.

    On behalf of agnostic/atheists, I would like to apologize for M_R comments. Even though I don't agree with your beliefs, I do respect you for them.

    CS- Can you post a website, or some kind of info regarding those archeological digs. As I stated on your blog, I'm always open for discussion. Also, their is other evidence of evolution. I don't know if you watch MMA, but their is a fighter named Antonio 'Bigfoot' Silva. If that guy isn't the missing link, I don't know what is.....LOL....

    P.S.- I posted my political beliefs and ideas on my blog. Please feel free to visit. Maybe we can debate and discuss.

  22. I take it that I missed something enlightening that was respectfull, fact based and, a well worded arguement on his own behalf?
    Or, did he just follow the usual protocol?

  23. TGP- you deleted my comment again, didn't you? Do you have a problem with differing opinions on religion?

  24. J.O.B.,

    I haven't deleted any of your comments, now or before.

  25. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  26. Mud,

    I delete your comments because you refuse to play by the rules. Get it straight, and I'll quit deleting your asinine remarks.

  27. Hey muddy,
    On the serious side, at what point did you decide to just ditch civility?
    Really, we've bickered back and forth for a long time and, kept the debate civil and, on the issue.

    Ever since you let the moonbat brigade take over your blog, you've become more and more like they are and LESS and less like the reasonable debater you used to be.

    Really man, up until the last year or so, you never would resort to name-calling or, outlandishly absurd behavior...nor would you put up with it on your blog.

    Stopping in here to hurl insults and then wondering why they're deleted or, replied with hostility is just plain ignorant and you know it.
    If you have political differences and, wish to debate them with TGP, all he's asking you to do is state your case as to why you see things in a different light and, go from there with the debate.
    Act like an ass and, get treated like one...the concept isn't difficult.

  28. TGP- I'll try 1 more time. I too am agnostic. Unlike Mud, I respect you all for your beliefs, and do not pass judgement.

    Mud- Coming on here and calling the basis for these peoples' belief structure, gibberish is rude. I believe you need a lesson in manners and tolerance.

    CS- Can you post some website regarding these archeological digs.

  29. From what I understand, agnostic means you are not convinced of the existence of God, but you are also not convinced He doesn't exist. I used to be what I called a devout agnostic. I firmly believe that this "existence" didn't happen on accident, and that God created the world and everything in it.(If He created the world, and the rest is just a result of that, then He created everything else)

    I did not believe God had anything to do with our everyday lives, and still have some doubts as to the greater plan, but after I met my wife, I truly believe every wrong turn I ever made was to get me where I wound up.

    Mud absolutely could benefit from a seventh grade English class regarding citing examples and bibliographing his sources. I don't mind the hurled insults if they accompany a point.

  30. J.O.B.,

    The specific archeologist that I mentioned was speaking on a program on the Science or the Discovery channel (I'm addicted to those along with the History channel). However think about it - most of the missing link "discoveries" have been hoaxes and there are only a couple of partial skeletons on which the theory of human evolution has been based.

    Archeologists have been digging up the world trying to find such evidence. Their inability to find evidence isn't necessarily proof that none exists - but the circumstantial evidence points in that direction.

    Either way you fall on the argument a huge leap of faith is required.

  31. CS- thanks, I'll check it out.....I like history channel too, especially the military history channel.

    TGP- I don't believe in a god per/say. But I will agree that their may be a higher power. I think atheists don't believe in anything.

  32. J.O.B.,

    I found the two comments you thought I deleted in the SPAM box. I have no idea how they got there, but I have them both posted now. The first attempt was really good, thank you for posting it.

    I recently saw Penn Jillette on Red Eye and he explained agnosticism and atheism really well. He seems to share your opinion to leave the faithful alone.

    Sorry for the confusion, let me know if a post doesn't show up again, though I have no idea how it happened.