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Friday, July 29, 2011

Credit Rating is No Big Deal

All of this crying over ruining our triple A credit rating is complete BS.  If we ruin our credit rating, and can't borrow any more money, then we will be forced to have a balanced budget, without the amendment.  Maybe if we live within our means for a few years, we will learn that borrowing money just for kicks is a stupid way to run a country.

Here's a little experiment:

Liberals believe in Darwinism, the survival of the fittest.  I find this notion hilarious as most liberals would have been eaten by the wolves, or their own children, if it weren't for the protections provided to them by the Neanderthals they all despise, 99% of whom believe in Heaven and Hell and goodwill to their fellow man.

So, lets let the economy collapse.  Lets welcome Armageddon with open arms.  I'm not scared.  I have everything I need to survive without money.  Money is itself a funny invention.  The only reason it has value is because we agree that it does.  If you were starving, would you like a nice plump chicken, or a cold, untasty coin of gold or silver?  In fact, without governments, money is a joke.  If the government is gone, who is richer, the man with a trunk of gold, or the man with a drove of pigs?

I say let the shit hit the fan.  If it splatters my way, I'll just grow tomatoes in it.


  1. You would think that it might occur to them that we have all the guns and we know how to use them.

  2. TGP,
    Good points! I disagree with your analysis of liberals embracing Darwinism since they believe that the government must take care of the weakest amoung us.

    If and when our society breaks down the cities will self destruct first then it will spread to the countryside. That is when the real shit will hit the fan. About that time is when some liberals begin realizing the error of their ways and beg the rest of us for safety.

    I expect that we will give it to them since that is our nature but this time it will be on our terms.

  3. CS,
    Funny that... and they are the ones calling for violent revolution.

    We'll see how well that turns out.

  4. Hardnox,

    I don't think lefties embrace Darwinism, they just use it as an attack on Christianity. As with every other facet of their belief system, they will cry foul if we force them to live by it. Its only for other people, right?

    I expect we will help them when the shit hits the fan. When "Survivor" first came out, I thought I would try it. After reading the rules and finding out that you voted people "off the island" I never applied. The idea of surviving is you have to bring everyone out with you. I assume the idiots that came up with the rules all voted for Obama.