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Friday, July 29, 2011

TenthGenerationPatriot: Obama: "I'm Here to Help"

Today, Obama did something stupid.  I know, again.  Why is it so hard for libidiots to understand how supply and demand work?

Obama reached a new agreement with automakers to increase the required gas mileage in our vehicles.  The stupid BECS even said people will save $8000 in fuel costs.  I'm curious which one of his "unexpected" economic advisers told him that shit.  Since these new standards don't take effect until 2017, how does dumb-ass know what fuel will cost?  I wish he could hear the dumb shit he says.

I wrote about this a few days ago.  A few days ago, this idea was supposed to cost the auto industry 220,000 jobs due to no one wanting these new cars made out of hope and change.  I wonder if Obama still knows where these guys buried the bodies.

TenthGenerationPatriot: Obama: "I'm Here to Help"


  1. This should put the final nail in the coffin of the auto industry if the unions don't kill it off first. Ford sold more F150 model pickup truck this year than all models of hybrid by all manufacturers combined.

    With all the green hysteria by the watermelons (green on the outside, red on the inside), high gas prices, and a foolish government who hands out incentives to hybrid buyers and drivers - a single model of PICKUP truck remains the most popular vehicle in the Nation.

    Why don't we drive down gas prices instead? Drilling anyone?

    The government is suicidal in the tax arena too. Gas is taxed by the gallon. So I am paying twice the taxes when I drive my Ford Explorer than the guy across the street is paying when he drives his Prius.

  2. Watermelons? What a hoot you are, CS! Still thinking of Commie plots?

    "Drilling anyone?"

    Drill baby, drill! Your idiocy hurts my brain.

    Government and taxes. Good lord, you have been brainwashed, CS. Totally. It is people like you- the babbling ignorant- who have corrupted this nation of ours.

    You need to read more and turn off your radio. That silence might be enriching, but then, it will never happen because you are addicted to others telling you what to think.

    I used to feel sorry for people like you, but now I think you all should be shipped off in boxcars to the tundra.

    And you, Tenth, when did you become an economic expert? You can't even find a job!

  3. TGP,
    Stupidity is what he does well.

    As I have said many times, "liberalism is a mental disease". I am absolutely convinced that it is true as there is no arguing with a true liberal. Common sense is anathema to them and they will continue to run off the cliff like the lemmings that they are.

  4. Fuck you Mud. I have more work than I can get to. I work ten hours or more every day.

    I became an economic expert by living in the economy for forty years. My daddy taught me the value of a dollar when I was in diapers. He also taught me that there is no such thing as a free lunch. You may not pay cash for it, but whats a little slice of your soul worth?

    Please use facts and logic when you accuse people of being wrong. You are a complete pile of shit.

  5. H-Nox and 10th -

    Muddy always shows us where they are coming from.

    Where exactly did all the communists go? We didn't kill them all. They gravitated to the Green movement and the Democrat Party. That's not a secret.

    Obama himself devised increasing supply (releasing oil from the strategic reserves) to lower gas prices. What would gas prices be now if Bill Clinton hadn't stood in the way of implementing drilling more than 15 years ago? We would be driving on that cheap gas now.

    And shipping us off to the tundra? That's what liberals do in the great tradition of Mud's heroes Stalin, Hitler, and Mao (all famous liberals). Good luck with that Mud - we are armed and we won't go without a fight. And the military here is sworn to defend the Constitution not some power hungry liberal.

    Why don't you come deliver my train ticket to the tundra personally asshole - bring body bags.

  6. Mud is a giant turd, and I can promise you he will not show up at your door, cause he is a cowardly turd.

  7. Wow! I hit the jackpot nerve!

    Typical reactions, though. You all are such easy shooting ducks in a pond.

    Communists! Reds! Still stuck in the Cold War, CS? Pitiful at best, paranoid at worst. Buy anything from China lately?? I hope you have an arsenal of guns handy just in case the Reds try to take over our country. Good boy!

    Tenth- your profile [until yesterday] stated that you were an unemployed house builder.

    Congratulations on your new 'employment.'

  8. Mud, You Dipshit,

    My profile still says I am an unemployed house-builder. I have asked you repeatedly to provide facts when responding. Your refusal to do so is going to get you thrown out of class.

  9. Call it what you want Mud - you just wandered into an ambush that you painted for yourself. There are tens of millions like me - you won't pull the German, Russian, and Chinese liberal scam here. We will fight - you had better believe that.

    Your "boxcar to the tundra" comment clarified what you Liberals are all about. We all knew it - you just slipped and told the truth for once. I love it when liberals do that - kind of like Barack's Joe "the plumber" moment.

    I notice that you skipped over Obama's temporary move off the Keynesian nightmare he's been pursuing to venture into supply-side economics that actually work. As Chris Plante (WMAL) says:

    "If it wasn't for double standards, liberals would have no standards at all."

  10. I think we should put "God" in our government like common nonsense says. We won't use the KING JAMES versions since that was written in the last part of the 16th century by King James of England.

    Let's use the one written by "God" inspired through "prophets". That means no divorce. And if anyone gets knocked up outside of marriage, she's due for a stoning. And any children produced in the unholy union will be sold into slavery with no civil rights as they are bastards.

    And then there's that whole commandment thing about bearing false witness (lying).

    Golly gee, I hope this doesn't involve anyone who posts here.

  11. Yes muddy...communists...and yes they still suck and yes, their jacked up ideas are still worthless.

    "I used to feel sorry for people like you, but now I think you all should be shipped off in boxcars to the tundra."

    How about Siberia? Thats where your communists utopians of the past did whenever someone didn't agree with them either.

    Drill baby drill? Unlike "hope and change" it was actually part of a plan.

    How many jobs has hope and change created?
    How are those Obama policies and ideas working out for America?

    Are you beginning to run out of excuses for him yet?

  12. Sepp and 10th - I think that it is only fair to warn these liberals. It might save some miscreant liberal's life. They don't want to try "boxcars to the tundra" in the United States of America. The Founder's ensured that our right to bare arms shall not be abridged.

    It won't be like rounding up peasants in Europe and Asia - we're citizens and we own this country.

    As a side note - it looks like Jio is off his meds again. Either that or he's 12.

  13. Jio,

    I assume you will be the first bastard on the auction block.

    Probably a waste of time, but King James didn't write the King James Bible. He had scholars translate it and put his name on the translation. Did they screw some of it up? Yeah, sure. Is it still a better plan for life than anything you or your false idols have come up with? Absolutely.

    Apparently you didn't ever read the Bible. There are exceptions for divorce, and I believe Mary was knocked up outside of marriage, and she wasn't stoned. Joseph, her fiance, stepped up and did what was right, because he was a man.

    As for hoping this doesn't involve anyone who posts here, I guess you don't count you.

  14. Jio,

    The next time you stay in a hotel - open the drawer of the night table and take the Bible with you when you go. Don't worry - the Gideons will replace it.

    Come back here when you have trouble with the tough parts - we'll help you.

  15. Jeffio sure does have an axe to grind with christians...then again it seems that every liberal does.

    I'd say more but, I'd hate to find myself on a deportation list to the tundra!

    Which is funny because libs want all the illegals here in America to be allowed to questions asked...while secretly dreaming of mass deportations for anyone who does'nt believe in their marxist bullshit.

    WWUJD...What would Uncle Joe do?

  16. Sepp - I have some good news and some bad news for you -

    The bad news: you are already on their list.

    The good news: no one on their side have the balls to come get you.

  17. Whew! Thats a relief. I was almost gonna start barricading the windows and doors while the kids fill sandbags and my wife peers out of our periscope from the secret bunker watching for the fema trains muddy might send!

    Sure, they may not have the balls but, libs can get rather surley when they get a yeast infection on their mangina!

  18. CS,

    I may actually enjoy a train ride to the tundra after the past few weeks down here - can I make these libs pay for it?

    I swear it was hotter here Saturday than any time I spent on the Arabian Peninsula.

  19. Sepp,
    Now that was funny! Thanks for the laugh.

  20. Hardnox,
    In the case of liberal men, don't believe it for 1 second that it's their heart thats always bleeding!