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Friday, August 26, 2011

Once again, our enemies on the left think they know all the answers.  The following is a comment by Jeffio, a bi-polar lady who comments on Mud's blog.  One of Jeffio's persona's served in Vietnam, while another one never served, according to comments from his own keyboard.

As a response to my post on the pending arrival of Irene, Mud has posted his opinion on how lucky we are to have a meddling federal government to help us in the event of a natural disaster.  He is completely wrong, but since he has experienced so many hurricanes in Toledo, lets be sure and hear him out.

Jeff is replying to a pretty good comment by Minnesota Central, who seems to be very middle of the road.  Jeffio also uses misinformation as the basis of his retort.  Many of these lefties only read the mission statement of government agencies, then assume that they all do what they say they'll do.  In reality, none of them do what they propose to do.

You really think some things are better “privatized”? How much you wanna bet those private weather forecasters use some of that there government weather system? Ya think they might not get enough information on their own, not having satellites and all? I bet you’re one of them folks who think a voucher system for schools and retirement benefits is the way to go. I guess you never read about how swell things were before the government stepped in. Maybe you can ask CommonSense if he actually remembers any real history from his schoolin’?
Do ya think for a second this “Tenth” person isn’t goin’ grab all the government help he can if “prayin’” don’t protect his folk from the weather? And rebuildin’ for the neighbor folk counts if the repairs are paid for by the government and/or insurance.
I did run over to your blog to read about all the neat stuff Israel is doin’ and how the U.S. should learn from them. Are you aware Israel is the largest recipient of U.S. foreign aid? Are you aware that Israel and Egypt make up a full third of U.S. foreign aid? Are you aware that most the the remaining foreign aid is spent so other countries leave Israel alone? On second thought, maybe the U.S. can learn a thing or two from Israel. Thanks for the insight. You take care now.

Notice Jeffio thinks I will take full advantage of government help.  What a joke.  In the hurricanes in NC in the past 15 years, I have never applied for, nor have I received any "help" from the US Government, or that of the state of North Carolina.   Notice "And rebuildin’ for the neighbor folk counts if the repairs are paid for by the government and/or insurance."

Does this turd think that the money insurance companies pay out on claims comes from the government?  How is it that we have such idiots in this country?  People pay insurance premiums out of their after tax money, Jeffio.  If I work for my neighbors and their insurance company writes me a check, that is not "government assistance."  See if you can get a little more "schoolin" fore you open up yer yap again.

I have to go now.  I'm going over to a neighbors to cut down a tree that is worrying him.  For free, Jeffio.  That's how neighbors are supposed to behave.


  1. TGP,

    Sounds like this guy was "talkin Hillbilly" to you because you are from the South.
    Talk about a stereotyping (and probably racist) buffoon.

    Nice that you are helping your neighbor. That was always the standard practice. And I even bet if you get a splinter you won't sue him either. lol

  2. Paladin,

    Depends on how big, and whether or not its in my eye. I had a significant chainsaw wound seven years ago in the aftermath of Isabel. That cost me $10,000(mostly the outrageous hospital bill, the surgeon and the anesthesiologist were very nice in their billing). I never did sue the homeowner I was helping on that one, and I had a friend and fellow tree climber go finish the job, pro bono as the lawyers say. Its not all about the money the way Jeffio and his ilk think. Its more about using your unique skills and talents to help your fellow man. It does help, though, if those you are helping have skills and talent that leaves them with available cash.

  3. I'm back from cutting the neighbor's tree. As usual, the storm hit when I was at the apex of my climb. A little wind, and a good bit of rain, but its a start.

  4. 10th,

    What's hysterical is that people vote in incompetent government and then place their confidence in it to the detriment of prudent personal preparation.

    Talking to a neighbor today - he has a buddy who built a house on the river near here. It got wiped out in 2003 during hurricane Isabel. Guess what he did - rebuilt on the same place only now he can't get insurance. What do you think is going to happen to that house sometime tomorrow afternoon?

    I decline to build that idiot a new home.

  5. I'll do it, CS. If he pays me. Hopefully not with your money, but at this point in Obama's economy, I can't afford to be that picky.

  6. I hope the tree doesn't fall on you. If it does you will have to go to your GOVERNMENT-paid hospital and we can't have any of that GOVERNMENT stuff here in the land of the free!!

  7. Mud,

    You are an idiot. The government doesn't run my hospital. Where do you get that idea? You are a complete jackass. The government run hospital I would go to, the VA Hospital, is three hours away. I guess I better not rely on that hospital. Gee, I wish the government would help me.

    You make a complete fool of yourself every time you leave a comment.

  8. Tenth - the news is buzzing about North Carolina this AM - names that I remember well: Jacksonville, Morehead City, and Wilmington.

    I hope you and yours are all safe.

  9. Tenth, By the way -

    You really shouldn't expose yourself to Mud_Sling's sick rants. After begging us to come to his blog - I did - the responses from his minions was underwhelming.

    I got this late Friday from Mud_Sling:

    "Sorry pal, but I have banned you from posting on my blog, tit-for-tat [gosh, I hope your mommy won't see this comment. ] After all, tit is one of those words that a good 'christian' woman ought not see.

    Give my best regards to mommy, will you?"

    I think it might have more to do with their anemic response when faced with the truth - don't you?

    He's one sick bastard.

  10. As usual, he has to reach for a reason to create a race issue (snore) expected and typical.

    But, since he's become such a cheerleader for war suddenly, I'd love to hear why and see him explain it.

    You see, every "war" since 1990 (the exceptions being bombing Kosovo,Serbia and now Libya) O'l muddy has been a fixture on street corners holding signs, shouting slogans and, deeming Bush a "war criminal".

    Suddenly, when Obama begins bombing a country that we trade with (amoung others) and has denounced terrorism...which is a "big fucking deal" in the war against terrorism, ol muddy becomes a "hawk" now?

    And, he goes on to tout getting rid of Mubarek...and replacing him with a theocratic now he's "pro religion" too?

    It seems that the only thing Obama has changed are muddy's principles and beliefs.
    War and religion are ok now because Obama made the wind blow that way for him. Rock solid ideals there eh?

    So here you go muddy, I'll explain to you as to why the right is bashing Obama on this Libya debacle.

    You leftists claimed Obama was going to END wars not, start new ones.

    Obama campaigned on the cost of war, then began one 7 months ago.

    You liberals stopped hating war the day Obama started one...make up your minds, is it wrong or, isn't it?

    It isn't that the right is concerned about Daffy and getting rid of him.

    We're just pointing out your outright hypocrissy on the issue.

    Libs and hypocrissy seem to go hand in hand. It's just fun to watch you wallow in it and then, stutter out lame excuses.

  11. -Sepp,

    It is interesting that after begging us to come visit his cesspool - they run like cockroaches do when the light comes on. There's probably a metaphor there with light equaling truth. Sorry - that's corny.

    No need to ever go back now that I am banned. I saved an image of the webpage at the point that I was banned. You can hear the crickets chirping.

  12. Tenth,

    Listening to your governor and watching the weather channel - it looks like it isn't quite as bad as predicted. Bad none-the-less - but not catastrophic.

    Hope you and yours are well and safe.

  13. Dar she blows!! Batten down the hatches!

    Not to worry, The Government has it all under control. Thank god we have a strong Government!!

    It's really a shame that the opening of the MLK Memorial today had to be postponed.

  14. Mud_Sling,

    You're a pig. There's no other way to say it.

    I see Jeff came out of hiding now that it is safe to post without fear of retaliation. Funny that. Send him a dictionary - being stupid isn't something to brag about.

  15. My wife and I saw the Pat Tillman Story from Netflix tonight. Very interesting stuff in that movie.

    One of the most interesting parts was when it was revealed that while taking on friendly fire and already hit multiple times, Tillman told his buddy to stop praying to god and to use his head because 'that belief shit' could interfere with his survival instincts.

    By the way, is god intervening here in this on-going hurricane and spared some sections while allowing other sections to be devastated?

    Do the prayers in one area save those people while in other less prayerful areas they are hit hard?

    I hope that Tenth stopped praying and used his brain and survival skills to protect himself and his family.

  16. Mud_Sling,

    You get your "truth" from movies? That's quite revealing actually.

    A belief in God might not get you anything - you liberals always want something for nothing - but it would make you a much better person - and we all would like that.

  17. Libs have replaced the idea of God with the government.

    Some people pray for answers, wisdom or, guidance in making a good decision.

    Liberals pray that their "god" the government who will make all the decisions for them, provide them their daily bread, a place to live, etc.

    The irony is that their St Obama is spending the government into insolvency and wrecking the dollar...and if the government fails, liberalism fails.
    Every time.

  18. So, Sepp, when did you 'get' so much religion? Liberal god?? You have become a comedian of late! It's actually good to see something rather funny come out of you other than all of the bitter hate that you post here for the 'gang' members to read. Have you yet been 'initiated' into this gang? You sure as hell are trying to please them with each ugly comment you make.

    "Liberalism fails." Quite an odd and patently incorrect thought, Sepp. Throughout history it is always the more liberal point of view that has saved The People from the bastards who march their people off to endless wars. And it is liberalism that drives the bastard dictators like Gadhafi and Mubarak [and eventually al-Assad] from power.

    Review your world history books again, Sepp, to find out the REAL truth rather than that delusional 'history' that you make up to satisfy your skewed vision of 'what ought to be.'

  19. CS chirps, "A belief in God might not get you anything."

    Right on, brother! Amen and hallelujah! You've seen the light at last.

    I further note that you may not have found the Pat Tillman 'credible?' Is that what you were suggesting above, CS? Why is that? Could it be....?

    Yes. What's that psychological phrase?? Oh, yes, in-denial.

    So, if my conjecture is true- that you 'believe' that the Tillman film was untrue- is it because the film exposed some things that you don't WANT to believe about that affair? Are you like that child who shuts his eyes and hopes that the Boogieman goes away?

    If I'm wrong about my conjecture about you and what was in the film, tell me. And then tell me what parts of the film do you 'believe' were false.

    Go ahead, CS...

  20. Liberal god?
    Well, certainly muddy the government is the left's lord and master...just read anything you folks say about government and it's role in people's lives...even those who don't want it.

    Liberal governments save people?

    The Baath party is socialist...and has certaily saved a lot of folks from dying natural deaths!
    How 'bout that good old communist party?
    A real lifesaver there too!

    How many millions have died to keep leftist regimes in power? You yourself said you'd like to ship those with differing oppinions off to the tundra!
    And you aren't the first lefty to say that...most lefty regimes have done it already!

    As for anyone being a child who closes his eyes hoping the boogyman goes away...your eyes are wide open and you still pretend that liberalism works!
    On paper and in theory it could work.
    But, until the day comes that humans shed their human traits and, become programmed robots who's self interests are thrown away in favor of the ideals of a few corrupt men in charge, socialism will never work WITHOUT the use of force and fear to gain compliance.
    Humans are hard wired to be individuals with individual wants, needs and, beliefs.
    Liberals and the governments they create, object to the individual and demand cookie-cutter conformity.
    History shows that liberal governments get rid of those who show traits of independent thought and utilize fear to keep it from spreading.
    Liberalism has killed more people than it's ever set free.

  21. BTW, Tillman saw our country attacked and decided it was a duty as a man and as an American to stand up for our country.

    What have YOU done to maintain it?

    Fucking nothing.

    You spend your time shitting on it while using the rights you have that are being defended by guys like Pat Tillman to shit on it some more.

    Unlike you muddy, I wouldn't ship your sorry ass off to the tundra in a rail car.
    I'd ship your ass to a country that shits on America just as often as you do...where you'd be happy.
    Until at least you tried some of that free speech you've taken for granted while living here and ended up in that northbound railcar on your own!

    So, even if Pat Tillman was an athiest...who cares other than you?

    He did something you would never dream of something back to the last place on Earth that hasn't been completely fucked up yet by YOUR beliefs!

    Some people DO see our country as worth the risks to preserve.

    YOU see our country as something that needs to be changed for YOUR benefit.

  22. So you agree with all of the points made in the Tillman movie? The propaganda aspect by the Bush Administration of using his death as a tool to promote the Iraq War? The lying by the generals and Rumsfeld when they testified before Congress that they hadn't gotten the memo about 'friendly fire' just a few days after his death?

    Were you one of those war-cheerleaders, Sepp, that believed all of the shit that the Pentagon and the Bush Administration [and their hucksters on AM radio] fed to you?

    I have a feeling you were, sad to say. You seem ripe for propaganda because you 'believe' so much shit that the professional right-wing propagandists feed you 24/7.

    Sepp asks, What have YOU done to maintain it? Lots and lots of things that you can never even think about, Sepp. If you and your right-wing gang here 'believe' that the only way to maintain an defend this nation is at the end of a gun, then you are a sorry-ass fool.

    Since when is 'defending and maintaining' one's nation dependent upon military action alone? You really need to redo your GED American history lessons, pal.

  23. I beleived that Saddam violated every resolution imposed on him and that the UN was impotent to do anything about it...especially since ol Koffi Anan and his son were getting direct kickbacks from the oil for food program.
    Also, Saddam admitted that he played up the idea that he had WMD's and, yes I took HIM at his word since he'd used them before on a minority Iraqi population...but, as he later admitted, it was all a ruse to scare Iran and, he thought, keep Bush at bey.

    Then again, here you are cheering the bombing of a foreign country that HAS NOT violated any international sanctions, has not been engaged in terror, surrendered it's WMD stockpiles and programs 10 years ago and, arrested al-quaida operatives living in Libya.
    And, you justify this how?
    Because he was killing his own people?
    THAT excuse wasn't good enough for Bush was it?

    And, besides, Daffy was "killing his own people" because the OBAMA regime decided to destabilize the country and then act as the air force for an un named rebel group, with unknown goals and, lead by nobody anyone has heard of...who now controls those WMD stockpiles and has released those al-quaida operatives who were in jail!

    "Lots and lots of things"???

    THAT is your answer as to what you've done to preserve this country?

    YOU voted for an asshole who flat out told you he wanted to fundamentally change America...NOT preserve it!

    Stepping up and offering to defend this nation with a gun if need be takes some committment on behalf of the person willing to step up and BE that guy who might pay dearly for it.
    Most all who take that oath, take it damned seriously.
    I didn't swear to defend the democrats or, the republicans.
    I swore to defend the constitution and, if a democrat or, republican should try and comprimise or, subvert it, I'd have popped a cap in either of their asses if it came to it...and, I can find an end date to my enlistments but, no expiration date to my oath.

    So how about you just rattle off what some of those "lots and lots of things" you did to preserve this country were where there was an actual committment that involved more than your reputation amoung the other street corner shouters and sign holders.

    What did YOU lay on the line other than words you could change or, deny saying if you changed your mind later?

    Pat Tillman was probably an athiest but, unlike you he was willing to lay it all on the line for the country he wanted to maintain and defend.
    He put up when he could have easily shut up and walked away a living wealthy man.

    You? You write a blog that shits on the very ideals he was defending while using him as an example.
    He not only defended YOUR right to not have a god if you so choose while also defending other's right to have the god they DO choose!

    You've never done anything to defend and uphold the constitution. In fact, it's obvious that you hate the document.

    How about those tea party folks who have been shouting for the government to OBEY the constitution?
    THEY have "done lots and lots" to try to force the government to adhere to it's own laws...while you've shit on them on behalf of defending and upholding OBAMA...a man and, a very corrupt fucking man at that.

  24. Mud_Sling,

    You are a lost soul. Today's "liberal" (Democrat, Socialist, Progressive, whatever) is an utter bastardization of the term.

    As -Sepp points out Qaddafi is a "liberal" by the standards of Obama, Jeremiah Wright, and other modern liberals. The Bath Party is an outgrowth of the Nazi party (famous liberals all) and functions exactly how "liberal" dominated governments function.

    Government is your God - not mine.

    I haven't delved into the Pat Tillman story - but if you are getting your "history" from Amir Bar-Lev, Oliver Stone and their ilk, it's no wonder you don't seem to know anything useful. You do know that "Lord of the Rings" didn't actually happen - right?

  25. If Micheal (I make $30,000 an hour bitching about rich people) Moore has taught us anything. It is the finer points of making documentaries without using facts, or manipulating truths.

  26. Sepp writes, You've never done anything to defend and uphold the constitution. In fact, it's obvious that you hate the document.

    What a total moron you have be3come, Sepp. Total!

  27. Mud_Sling -

    I for on would be interested what you have done in your life that you consider rises to the level of patriotism. Hating your country doesn't count.

    I've have never personally seen you do anything except insult good, decent people.

  28. Looks like you guys had fun while I was away. We made it through, but I lost 5 piglets and a bunch of chickens.


    You still suck.

  29. Glad to see you up and runnin TGP....I was prayin for ya, at least as much as an agnostic can pray for...LOLOLOL. Good to see everything's well

  30. J.O.B.,

    That's the root of the problem I have with Mud. Just some good wishes, but he can't even go that far.

    Thanks, it really does mean something, whether it did any good or not.

  31. "What a total moron you have be3come, Sepp. Total!"

    Ok then, you'll just have to write it real slow so I kin understand it...

    Name a few of those "lots and lots of things" you've done to preserve this country and it's constitution.
    The old,
    "Yer a moron"
    isn't going to float as an "answer" for you this time and allow you to avoid the question.

    So just answer the question.

  32. Tenth - Splendid to hear that you are still with us.

    Thank you for taking the starch out of Irene. By the time it got to us it was pretty tame.

  33. -Sepp,

    That will probably chase Mud_Sling off. It's a well known fact that conservatives are more generous of their time and effort in support of charities. Overwhelming we serve our country as do many of our family members in greater numbers than liberals (Democrats, Socialists, Progressives, whatever).

    Hate is their most available commodity and not one that the country needs - but it's all liberals have.

  34. CS,
    I'm just interested in what those,

    "Lots and lots of things that you can never even think about Sepp"
    just happen to be.

    It must not be too proud of a list since he's so vague in one post and then tries to deflect the issue with an insult in the next one.

    I'm just curious how a man who claims to have done so much to uphold and defend the bedrock document of our nation can spend so much time shitting on those who defend it today?
    The document and it's meaning haven't changed so, somewhere along the line, muddy's value system must have.

  35. -Sepp - I doubt Mud_Sling will be back to this string - there seems to be a level of hypocrisy that even he can't withstand.

    Mud_Sling "the Patriot" appears to be the lunatic fringe that doesn't even make sense to him. It is the ultimate oxymoron.

  36. I see that you're correct.

    He's skipped over this string because the "lots and lots of things" are a mountain of nothing with zero substance and even HE knows it.
    Painted into a corner.