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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pentagon to Surrender to Gay Activists

I know that Mud and hiths minionths are going to accuthse me of bigotry and homophobia, but I am going to brave their furiouths athssault on my freedom of thspeech and exprethss my opinion of thiths thstupid move.

As is usually the case, liberals, and now judges, congress, the Pentagon, are missing the real point of the issue at hand.  For some reason, these wackos think that the revulsion created in the military by the acceptance of openly homo homos is because of prejudice and 19th century thinking.  That may have some merit in the overall argument, but the leading cause of the opposition to homos serving is discipline.

Discipline is the glue that binds our military and allows them to defeat every foe ever put before them.  Without discipline, an army will fail.  It will fall in on itself and collapse.

Allowing gays, lesbians, and all the other sexually perverted deviants to openly serve in uniform will effect enlistments.  It will effect unit cohesiveness.  And, (ick), it will cause disciplinary problems created by favoritism and prejudism.

If anyone out there thinks we can send these two guys to negotiate our terms with people like Ahmanutjob, I have a beautiful swamp with a great view of a junkyard within smell distance of the landfill for sale.

gay troops_071611

Oh, thstop it, you big lug.


  1. It is enough to make you vomit. The real deal IS the destruction of the US military as an effective force so that Obumble's Gestapo, the TSA, can widen their area of operations domestically, and who can stop them.

    What Obonehead and his drones Gates and Mullen could never understan is that the military requires a strict moral and ethical code, something they have no idea of.

    This WILL end badly, bet on it.

  2. Obama has a simple formula to pay off all the special interest groups - this is one. He doesn't care about the military or the soldiers, sailors, airmen, or Marines. Taking advantage of this tragic population is part of that formula.

    Everywhere that homosexual "rights" have come to a vote, giving homosexuals a super set of "rights" has been defeated. This is the only way they can sneak things through - by executive order. Smacks of kings and their excesses . . . . . wait, didn't we rebel against that once?

    This is a clear violation of the 14th Amendment that provides "equal protection" under the law to citizens of the United States by creating a privileged or ultra protected population.

  3. All for 2-3% of our population that are fruits & nuts.

    CS is correct on the 14th amendment but when did that dusty old document matter to these DC clowns.

  4. Jesus had two dads and he turned out ok.

  5. And neither father played the role of a female since he had a mother to do that.
    Really Jeff, as a troll you're doing a piss-poor job. Work on it.

  6. Oh, so Jesus played the female:

    Jesus was a woman: He kept trying to get a message across to a bunch of guys who just didn’t get it. He fed a crowd at a moment’s notice when there was no food. Even after He died, He had to get up because there was work to do.

  7. Jeff,

    Are you queer? Do you take it or give it? ICCCK!

    Jesus had a mama and two fathers. One father was an absentee daddy, while the other, a carpenter, raised the boy. No, he didn't turn out bad. If a carpenter raised you, maybe you would have turned out better.

  8. Sorry, it's harder than that to bait me. But Jesus must've been "queer" because he got nailed by a lots of guys.

    My father didn't have kids and then ask the government to help support them. In fact, my father fought in W.W.II and would have had little patience with a veteran impostor. I do believe you were a Marine so I don't understand your tolerance of an imposter.

  9. Jeff,

    Where did your daddy send you to school? How did you get there? How much did your schoolbooks cost?

    I think the government helped raise you.

    I'm confused why you think Sepp is a veteran impostor. Or are you talking about someone else? Sepp served 12 years in the US Army. I am able to verify that through my connections with that branch of service. My uncle served 29 years in the Army, and he still knows people.

  10. TGP,
    Jeff is just parrotting what his bipolar buddy over at muddy's claims to have "proved" via shouting the loudest and, a bunch of 90 paragraph postings back to back that prattled endlessly and, discounted nothing.
    The only option I would have to shut them down would be to post my DD214 and, since one of muddy's friends is a rather creepish internet stalker, that info will never be posted.

    The drones like Jeff continue to eat it up and parrot it because they have nothing else to eat from.
    All Jeff knows is that I'm a liar because the head moonbat told him so.
    Not worth losing sleep over.

  11. Sepp,

    I get it. I wouldn't put that type of information on public display either. I'm pretty sure all those freaks over on Mud's site don't speak the military lingo cause none of them served. Jeff claims his daddy served in WWII, and I believe him. But a lot of daddy's have served, while their sons grew up to be cowards.

  12. WW2 would pretty much make jeffy draft age for vietnam wouldn't it?
    I wonder why he isn't a vet?
    Then again the core posters over there were all draft age during that period but, managed to avoid it.

  13. Sepp,
    Up until about 1970/71 there was a college deferment which helped the libs avoid the draft.

    Then the libs complained that only poor kids where being killed in Viet Nam.

    Pussies & Hypocrits!

  14. My guess is he got a limp wrist deferrment.

  15. You know Sepp - we didn't take in Communists in those days either. He might have been dual disqualified.

  16. LoL...qweers, communists...I remember back when parents didn't want their kids to be either one of those!
    Now, hoping your kid is straight is looked at as a flipping hate crime!
    And wanting him to work for a living makes you an extremist!

  17. Sepp,

    When I take my children places, I invariably get comments on how well behaved they are. People ask how we get them to behave, and I tell them I demand it. If they misbehave, they get the same treatment I got as a youngster.

    When my first child was born, I didn't even own a belt. I bought one when the suit I rented to bury my mama didn't come with one. But I would have bought one at about that time anyway, as the oldest was about 2 and a half.

    At a certain government office not long ago, after waiting in the lobby for about 3 hours, when we were finally called to the back, the "receptionist?" came out of her box to tell us how well behaved our children were. I thanked her, but then asked her, "Why don't you go out there and tell the rest of them to reign in their kids?" The answer she gave had something to do with race, and I'll leave it at that.