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Friday, July 22, 2011

Obama: "I'm Here to Help"

Obama wants us to get 56 miles per gallon in our newer cars.  Apparently he doesn't care if we get wet or have to eat a couple bugs.  This asshole needs to get out on the road and see how many idiots are driving around in three ton battering rams before he makes us drive tin cans.  If anyone sees him out driving his kids around in one of these new cars, I want you to immediately call 911.

This is the kind of information Obama is given before he sticks his foot in his mouth.  Isn't it amazing that 76% of Democrats still support this dipshit?

"By the government's own study, (the new standards) will cost so much more that it will result in a loss of about 220,000 jobs," said Ed Tonkin, former president of the Automobile Dealers Association

This guy is an absolute moron, and we need to be rid of him before it is too late.


  1. Great point. If capitalism was allowed to drive the market, those who couldn't afford a decent ride would have to ride the (taxpayer provided) bus. Right now with government supported gas prices, any idiot who drives a wreck getting 3 mpg can afford it. Now this would be considered a form of socialism. Ever notice how many pickup trucks you see on the road? How many of them do you think are actually used for work? And who many drivers do you think drive 100's of miles just to drive around?

  2. Jeff,

    Again we find some common ground. I can't stand all the people driving trucks they don't need, which causes trucks to be more expensive. Last time I bought a new truck, they had to bring one from another dealership cause they didn't have one without leather seats and a lot of other "upgrades." How is it an upgrade or "option" if every truck on the lot has it?

    People just out driving gets on my nerves too. Back in the 30's and 40's, when gas was pennies a gallon, people still only went to town once a week. Now people go fire up the car to go buy one or two items at the store. And they are in my way.

    Our town has made three or four attempts at taxpayer provided buses. They are going to fail again. They only run three buses, and no one wants to wait that long for a complete rotation. I think buses are a good way to reduce both traffic and waste; I wish they'd get their act together.

    That said, I wouldn't be riding the bus cause I don't live in town, and you can't haul lumber on a bus.

  3. Actually, if capitalism was running the market as opposed to government prop ups and, artificially inflated wages, the auto companies would be competing head on with each other as well as the foreign companies which, as with every other product, keeps prices low.

    As for Obama's milage standards, good luck with that. Even the manufacturers are saying this clown must live in a bubble...but, the UAW will still endorse him for 2012.
    Al Gore stated that he wanted to eliminate the internal combustion engine...which is what keeps the UAW employed...and they endorsed him anyways!

    Liberals are self destructive as hell. The bad part is that they try to take everyone down with them.

  4. Sepp stole my thunder with the last two sentences of his post!

    Obama here to help?

    He is as useless as a condom with a hole in it.

  5. LOL - We have a left-wing nut case kick the comments off with a lecture on Capitalism. Too funny.

    Suffice to say that when the government wasn't screwing with gas prices I paid $0.17 a gallon and the guy that worked at the station cleaned the windows and checked the oil in addition to pumping the gas.

    We are so much better off now that the government is screwing with gas prices, mileage standards, and safety equipment. (That's sarcasm for the liberals)

    Free Market Capitalism created the car, put Americans (actually the world) on the road in increasing numbers, and gave us all exactly what we wanted. The only time we have to settle for less than what we want is when the government gets in the way.

    As the great one said - Government isn't the answer to the problem, it is the problem.

  6. "I paid $0.17 a gallon and the guy that worked at the station cleaned the windows and checked the oil in addition to pumping the gas."

    For what we pay nowadays, they should have a guy washing windows, checking oil and, adding air to the tires if needed!

    My first "real" job was working at a Standard oil station pumping gas and doing all the full service stuff of days gone by.

  7. Ah those were the days - I never did duty at a gas station - my first "real" job other than mowing lawns and delivering newspapers was as a bagger in a grocery store.

    Think of all the youngsters who don't get work experience growing up any more. I'm sure that leads to a liberal entitlement attitude as well.

  8. Toledo used to have a few vocational schools that created a trained and ready workforce for all the industry that USED to be here.
    Our leftist run school system closed all the vocational schools in the TPS system back in the early '90's and, now the schools churn out kids who aren't even close to being workforce ready.

    Nice eh? Close the schools that produced tradesmen and artisians in order to increase the pay of teachers who produce pizza delivery drivers / democrats.

  9. Its not just trades. Schools used to turn out housewives who could cook and BALANCE A BUDGET. They used to actually teach consumer math in school so you would know if a merchant was trying to rip you off on green beans or --- gasoline. Now it seems impossible to prove big oil is price gouging cause no one is smart enough to do the math. But we are insisting our kids know cosines and tangents before we send them off to college to get even more eggheaded. We are shooting ourselves in the foot.