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Friday, November 4, 2011

The GOP needs to get serious about picking a conservative candidate, cause a whole lot of us independents WILL NOT vote for RINO Mitt Romney.  If it turns out that Romney or Perry had anything to do with the rumors about Herman Cain, they'll find themselves minus a whole bunch of votes when they face off against Obama.

I would like to see the actual complaints filed against Mr. Cain, and I would like to hear some uninvolved former employees come out and say Herman was a bit of a masher, before I'll put any weight, othre than blackmail, behind these allegations.

Having said that, if it turns out that Mr. Cain runs around trying to talk employees into giving him sexual favors, I'm in favor of having him stoned to death, right next to Bubba Clinton.

Once again for those just joining us, the Gunny will not vote for ROMNEY for any reason. Period. In fact, the Taxachusetts technocrat can stand in line behind Obama to kiss the Gunny's white ass.

I'll second that, Gunny.


  1. My guess that these "harrassed" women's money must have run out a long time ago and, someone has offered to refill their angry pockets.

    What gets me is the phony indignation over Cain while they were easily able to ignore Clinton, Edwards, Kennedy, Kennedy, Kennedy, Daniel Inouye, Gus Savage, Barney Frank, Gary Hart, and on and on and on.

  2. Sepp- where is the Part 2 list of REPUBLICAN sexual deviates?? Or don't they exist in your altered universe?

    Just to set the record straight:

    John Ensign
    Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Christopher Lee
    Newt Gingrich
    Mark Foley
    Larry Craig
    Mark Sanford
    David Vitter
    Donald "Buzz" Lukens
    Dan Burton
    Philip Giordano
    Dan Crane
    Henry Hyde
    Strom Thurmond

    Tenth- I would like to see the actual complaints filed against Mr. Cain,

    Kind of reminds me of those fools who demanded to see the 'actual' birth certificate of Obama. Remember THOSE clowns????

  3. Mud,

    I do remember those "clowns". I am still one of them. I want to see factual evidence, not rumor and innuendo. With Obama's BC and Cain's harassment charges. If you don't want to see the evidence, what does that say about you?

  4. I'm not going to pass judgement on any man who makes a bad choice.

    1- Cain is "accused" of sexual harrasment. That could mean anything. That could be Cain asking a woman to come up to his room. If it turns out that he chose to lie about it, instead of owning up to a mistake, then he will not get my vote.

    2- Clinton received oral sex in the oval office. Instead of owning up to his mistake, he chose to lie about it. UNDER OATH. That's what makes him a piece of shit. That, and asking people to define "IS"

  5. I am a woman. LOL! That seems quite a daffy statement.

    However, I have worked among many men in IT which at the time was a male dominated career place.

    I endured sexual harassment of all sorts, from advances to verbal abuse, etc. Not once did I ever report any of it.

    Instead, I used my own power as another human being to tell the harasser what he could do with his comments/advances. End of story. Did not happen again after being told.

    Now I understand that one of these women felt "uncomfortable" because Cain allegedly asked her to make a pot of coffee. Now, if I were in that situation, I simply would have stated, "Mr. Cain, that is not part of my job description" and walked away.

    Geez what is so hard about this?

    I am not going to pass judgment on this man until I see facts, real facts. So far all I've heard are innuendos. One pundit described it as punching into the wind. There is nothing to punch back at. Herman can't respond to something if he doesn't know what the women were so offended by. And making a pot of coffee, excuse me, but that is about as lame as you can get.

    If Herman is lying and it comes out we will all know the truth. But up to now we have nothing to go on except what I consider stupid feminazi crap. It could be true, that he did do something, but we don't know yet. I hold off judgment until then.

  6. Gang,

    Mud_PILE is right about one thing. I think that since that almost never happens, I should point it out and acknowledge it:

    Politicians on both sides of the aisle have either cheated on their wives or dabbled in perversion.

    Now - with that said, Mud_PILE attempts to draw a moral equivalency in how the two parties handle such things. That is where the difference lies. In general Republicans fall from grace and most even leave public life. Democrats (Socialists, Progressives, Liberals. whatever) only leave public life if their crimes are so vile that they can't run away from it. Some are even rehabilitated (think "Lion of the Senate").

    Newt Gingrich is probably having trouble getting traction because of his marital problems. While it seems no matter how perverse Barney Frank is, he keeps coming back.

    Therein lies the difference.

  7. mud_rake,

    You're a moron. Try putting Obummer's SSN into the GOVERNMENT RUN e-Verify and it comes up ERROR!

    WHY did Obummer SEAL all of his records via an E.O. when Bush 43 was able to release all of his?

    Be careful or your last brain cell will die of loneliness!


    As I posted on my blog, the lawyer is a libtard and two of the women are libtards! Thus perjury comes easy to them!

  8. mud-douche,

    One more post for you.

    If I was running for POTUS, I could release not only my birth certificate, but my college transcripts for my BA and MA, my Service Record Book, my awards citations from the Marines, and ALL of my Fitness Reports from Sgt to GySgt.

    Why can't your piss-ant messiah do the same?

  9. Hee, hee, Gunny, you go get that mud douche bag! Way to go!

  10. My point muddy wasn't in forgetting about GOP transgressions, it was about the phony moral indignation on exhibit by the left as if a sex scandal suddenly mattered to them.
    "It was only sex" was a common quote in 1998 when Clinton held a position of power and was sticking cigars in odd places and smoking them in the oval oriface.

    Is wrong always wrong or, does it always just depend on who's doing wrong with you guys?

    For instance if Bush would have been drone attacking Pahki-stahn, the UAE, Bahrain, Oman and, Yemen and then, conducting areial bombardment of Libya, I'm sure we'd have heard your anger over it but, he didn't and we didn't.

    The Cain issue is just another example of liberals and their selective moral outrage that is completely dependent on who is doing it as opposed to what was done.

    My guess as to the reason for this is the fact that Cain effectively snatches the race card away from the left and, they know damned well that Cain DOES have a record of solving complex economic issues in his resume while Obama pretty much has nothing to run on that could be called an accomplishment that he reached all by himself...unless you count maintaining the highest unemployment rate in our history while spending the most money in the shortest amount of time to no avail.
    Obama had better hope that any debate he ever has with Cain will NOT be pertaining to economic matters.
    9-9-9 may have it's flaws but, at least it's an idea that could be modified into a workable end product and, it sure beats the hell out of the "we'll just print money and monetize debt until we can tax the rich (unless they're donors) at a higher rate" plan that Obama has been running for the last 3 years!

    LoL..."Dammit! sounded good the way Ayers explained it to me and, the way it's written in the manifesto!
    Maybe a quick 9 holes will help me figure it out!

  11. Certain issues involving Herman Cain were settled out of court by the National Restaurant Association. Part of the agreement was total censure of the women including their names and the amount of the settlements. Herman Cain and the Association are allowed to talk as much as they want, but if the women involved utter a word about it, they will be in contempt of court. The women have asked the Association for a release so they could talk, but the Association says NO. And that is where it stands today; they aren't allowed to talk!

    "...Cain DOES have a record of solving complex economic issues..."
    No he doesn't; when are you going to stop making up stuff? He even admits he's still studying world history. You do recall his statement last week about China trying to get nuclear capacity? You know, the same China that exploded it's first nuclear bomb in 1994? I guess ole Herman hasn't got to that chapter yet.

  12. NON- The arguement with these women, and confidentiality is a little murkey. I know their was an agreement in place, but Cain may have broken it, just by talking about it. Which should allow the women to make statements. Personally, I would like too hear their side of the story. Cain has been doing alot of flip/flopping lately, and I don't like it. If it turns out that he lied about this encounter, that would be the nail in his coffin, at least for MY vote. But, he still did not commit perjury.

    As For you and Sepp, why don't you just ask him too elaborate on his statement. Sepp may be right. Making a statement where he mistakes facts, does not mean that he did not do well as a CEO, or make a franchise profitable. Maybe Cain was nervous when he made that statement about China. I've seen him during the debates and it seems to me that he has an issue with public speaking. But that still doesn't say too much about how he would be as president. I would rather see results, instead of eloquent speeches. Their, you had a nice, friendly, civil conversation on a Consevative blog.

    P.S.- Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Al Gore claim too be involved with the invention of the internet? That, my friend is an outright lie. Cain's statement was not a lie. It was a misinformed, retarded statement. And that's being nice, but it still wasn't a lie.

  13. Johnny,

    I wish you luck with NW Ohio. Reasoning with a liberal (democrat, socialist, progressive, whatever) is an exercise in frustration.

    Cain turned around 400 Burger King stores. That specifically required him to "solve complex economic issues." If we had more business men and women in Congress and fewer lawyers, we would be in infinitely better financial shape than we are now.

    This manic-depressive game of imaginary "gotcha" that NW Ohio is trying to play is evidence of a bankrupt ideology.

    Hey - NW Ohio - please provide us the office in the Federal Government that issues the "He's not a racist" certifications. We're still waiting on that.

  14. CS,

    NutWest Ohio left a plausible (ha!) explanation of that on Mud's blog. If you read schizo, you'll understand it perfectly.

  15. Tenth,

    Thank you - but I can't think of anything I would like less then wading through liberal drivel on Mud_PILE's blog.

    You are a patient soul.

  16. Godfather's pizza wasn't in good shape when Cain was sent in to turn it around and, he ended up buying the company.

    NWO and muddy's anger toward Cain seems oddly balanced with their disappointments from Obama.

    And as we slide toward that 15 trillion dollar milestone that Obama's savy economic ideas have created, it's obvious that the guy has no clue ( or even an interest) as to fix anything thats wrong with our economy.

    Adding 6 trillion in debt in less than 4 years IS a record though.

  17. Tenth,

    Well done - check and mate Mud_PILE

  18. Monica Lewinsky, Gennifer Flowers, Kathleen Willey and on and on.

    We could spar all night over who's list is longer but, I'd rather focus on the left's sudden morality and phony outrage on this issue.
    The LAST time the left gave 2 shits about a sexual harrassment case was Clarence Thomas. Until now, the left's "moral outrage" (lol) has been in hibernation for 20+ years.
    Just another typical liberal double standard on a pile of liberal double standards. So,spare me your "moral outrage" because liberalism and morality are bitter enemies and always have been.

    Liberals don't give 2 shits about "what" is wrong until it fits their storyline about "who" is wrong.

    One look at the Obama administration proves that point.

    For example, 5 years ago waterboarding was considered "torture" by the left AND by Obama and, was an issue...but, when Obama authorizes waterboarding on a suspect and Bin Laden's whereabouts are became ok?

    Of course not. It simply became ok to the left when it was no longer Bush doing it.

    Just like when Clinton can be accused of sexual assault (not harrassment...assault) and, it's a non issue until Cain comes around and threatens their race card and failing leader...then the moral indignation is dusted off and pulled from the bottom of the closet.

    Consistancy lack it on every issue.

  19. Sepp,

    One molested woman (or alleged molested woman) per post, please. We must have order among the deviates.

  20. Hey brother, all I want to see at least one time is a liberal position on something that remains the same regardless of "who" the subject is.

    The "liberal moral standard" (lol) really has no standards at all since it's based on who does wrong as opposed to what is wrong.

  21. "P.S.- Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Al Gore claim too be involved with the invention of the internet?"

    Consider yourself corrected. Al Gore never said that. It was taken out of context from a 1999 interview:

    It's kind of like the line Mrs. Palin is always accused of saying: "I can see Russia from my front lawn" She never said that. She actually stated you could Russia from islands in Alaska, which is true. SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE did a spoof of her using the fictious line.

    Once again, you can't believe everything you hear (or read).

  22. 1. Sharon Bialek
    2. Karen Kraushaar

  23. Non- Thanks for correcting me. You are right. He's not a liar. Just a clumsy, self serving, piece of shit. I got that from yout link. Minus the piece of shit part. I added that for my own gratification, that's what us LIV's do

  24. SEPP/MUD/TGP- The list of names is outstanding, but I have two questions for you guys.
    1- Did Bill Clinton commit perjury?

    2- Did Herman Cain commit perjury?

    Somehow, I suspect only two of you will answer.

  25. Johnny,

    Bubba committed perjury, and there is no doubt that he did. So far as I know, Herman Cain has not committed perjury - yet.

  26. Good ol Bubba got himself disbarred for his wonderfull ethics and for pujuring himself on the stand.

    Cain isn't under oath nor was he ever on the stand.

    Some odd things keep happening with this Cain drama.

    The chunky blond who waited 15 years before contacting Gloria Allred was seen a month ago approaching Cain, hugging and speaking to him at a political event...hmmmmm.
    "Witness" #2...wait for for the Obama administration!

    Equally odd is how none of these women mentioned any of this until Cain took the lead in the polls.

    Chicago politics.

  27. Sepp & TGP- Thanks for answering. I find it funny that the "Chunky Blonde" resides in TGP's hometown:) LOLOLOLOLO.

    Mud- I'll wait a day or two for you to (not)answer. You PILE's are unreal. It would just kill you too admit to a fact that sheds a negative light on the Democratic party, would it not?

  28. 1- Did Bill Clinton commit perjury?

    2- Did Herman Cain commit perjury?

    Somehow, I suspect only two of you will answer.

    I'll bet I'm one of them, right?

    Let me ask you, JOB and the other posse members a question:

    Did I ask anything about PERJURY? If so, please tell me where I brought that up.

    Or, are you changing the subject? Gosh, who would have suspected such a tactic??

    I quite enjoy the term, in-denial. It fits into lots of situations. Like the Herman Cain topic, for example. Seems that the man is in complete denial of his sexual deeds.

    May I also suggest that the posse here is also in-denial of the same.

    The reason that the posse is in-denial is that, unfortunately for them, Cain was their LAST HOPE in their foolish dream of beating Obama in 2012. Their LAST hope!

    So, when Herman Cain goes under, they have no one in their parallel universe worthy of going against Obama.

    That reality, the reality that they are stuck with Obama for another 4 years, trumps their moral judgment, and they are willing to support a womanizing, sexual deviant for the highest office in the land.

    That's what is so sick about the thinking of the posse. They hate Obama so intensely, they they are willing to sell their souls to the Devil.

  29. "I quite enjoy the term, in-denial. It fits into lots of situations".

    I'll second that one for you muddy because you're still in denial about Obama.

    "...and they are willing to support a womanizing, sexual deviant for the highest office in the land."

    THAT statement, comming from a Clinton supporter is the pinnacle of hypocrisy!
    When it's proven that Cain stuck a cigar into some woman's crotch and, then smoked it, we can start talking about who the pervert is...til then, you have nothing really.
    Now it seems the identity of the 3rd accuser has come out...who seems to have made herself a mini career of suing her employers for sexual harrassment.

    So, we have 1 accuser who a month ago walked up to Cain and hugged him at an event in Chicago and then decided that 15 years was as long as she wanted to wait before hiring a high profile lawyer to groom her for tv.

    Then we have an employee of the Obama administration comming forward.

    Now we have a career lawsuit filer who was also a spokesperson for the immigration dept under Clinton.

    I'm starting to see a pattern of women who are linked to the democrats.

  30. One more thing muddy, you seem to be overly concerned about our "intense hatred for Obama" and mention it often.
    Was your hatred for Bush any different?

    You hated Bush for starting the Iraq war...but, the other side of your mouth remains closed while Obama has not only continued the war but, escalated it into bombing Libya, Bahrain, the UAE, Pahkee-stahn and, Yemen.

    You bitched about Bush spending money on the war but, can't seem to force yourself to ask where Obama overspent 5 trillion in 3 years with no results or, even question where the money went or, to whom.
    Pretty much every policy you hated Bush for has been retained by the Obama administration and in some cases expanded / extended while you remain silent now.

    I'd say that damned near everything I've ever told you about Obama, has come true.

    In denial?

  31. Now it's come out that one of the accuser's kids is a writer for the leftist politico website!

    I smell rats...democ--rats!

  32. Mud_PILE,

    You did allege that Clinton was charged over sex - it is implied in your statement from another post:

    "November 4, 2011 8:41 PM Blogger mud_rake said...

    CS- I bet you were wetting your pants when the phony impeachment of Clinton was taking place, right?

    I'll also bet that you were crushed when the Senate failed on the bogus charges. Am I right again?

    Hey- maybe one of those loony Tea Party types could try something like that on Obama!! Couldn't be sex this time...what else, though??"

    End Quote -

    There is a consistent theme to your tirades in that they generally ignore the truth. Do you ever check any of this drivel out BEFORE you write it?

  33. Mud- I wasn't changing the subject. I explained to NON my position on Cain. I would like to hear from thes women as well. If Cain is lying, he will lose my vote.
    But as CS pointed out, you did bring up Clinton and perjury in a previous post. I guess I shouldn't expect a straight answer from you. But the next time the subject comes up in some way, I will ask you again, and again, and again.
    Thanks again for proving your PILE ways.

  34. Hey Mud_PILE,

    I see your Sharon Bialek and raise you Ann Coulter:

  35. Cain's decade old harrassment charges, scumbags camping out in Obamavilles demanding freebies, College coach sex scandals...Obama must be happy as hell that he's been temporarily forgotten.