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Monday, August 29, 2011

Big Government help

Davis Beachwear Atlantic Beach

Its 10:18 pm and I'm just getting in.  I spent most of the morning helping a neighbor round up some missing pigs, and Hardnox, you're lucky to have chased some critters that don't mind being chased.  I used words today that I would normally only use on Mud.

After getting my neighbors hogs in, I went up to the local Andy's to help them throw out all their rotten food.  A little selfishly, as it all went in my hog pen, but it wasn't "government covered" labor.  The restaurant lost about $1000 worth of meat and veggies, about a weeks worth.  They still didn't have power up there when I went by about 10 pm.

After Andy's, I went to see two different acquaintances about some tree work.  One I will start cutting on tomorrow, and the other I will need to get down before we get another blow.  Both of these people being friends, they will get the friend and family discount, so darn, no government money there, either.
After checking out the two trees, I went to another friends to check the shingle damage on his shop roof.  All of the shingles, and some of the structure will have to be replaced.  He has a two percent of the value of the structure deductible, so no government money there, either.

The phone started ringing about 2 pm.  I will spend most of tomorrow cutting a huge pine tree so that I can tarp up the holes in the mans roof before it rains again, causing more damage.  Then in the afternoon or evening, I will start running around giving estimates on other work.  I'll probably get in about 10 pm again, bone weary, and still broke.  But at least I have that wonderful Federal Government to fall back on.


  1. I am giving you a 'Welcome Back' gift, Tenth. I am exiting this blog.

    Best wishes on a good life.

  2. Same to you, Mud. I actually do hope your son's infection clears up.

  3. Mud..



    Amazing how those of us in flyover country don't worry about waiting for FEMA and the Feds but rather, do it ourselves. The same across the land, except in the cities in the Blue States.

  4. Wow,
    Muddy is leaving?
    The demand to post answers and utilize logic must have been too much to ask.

    Or TGP, did you treat him rudely for no reason or, allow some of us to edit his answers and completely rewrite the posts he's made here?
    Maybe someone began picking on his wife...or, kids?
    Maybe somebody answered his posts where he DID use logic with a "yo-mamma" joke? Or, use the "yer an idiot" escape hatch to deflect using adult answers to his adult posts?

    He can't act like a leftist ass here and answer everything with an accusation of "racism" or, the usual "yer an idiot" response without being pressed for an actual answer or, explaination.

    So be it muddy.

    Run on back to your blog where deflections, non-answers and avoiding dialog and debate is the norm and, where "yer an idiot" still counts as a "real" answer to anything you're afraid to answer.

  5. Tenth -

    That sounds very . . . . well . . . American! Yes neighbors helping neighbors - what a novel and wholesome concept.

    You are lucky that you didn't have Mayor Ray Nagin and Governor Kathleen Blanco in charge. Or think about Al Gore at the helm - he would probably regulate chainsaw exhaust and limit the production of plastic tarps. He might have ruled that Mother Nature put that tree in your friend's roof - so it must remain.

    Mud_Sling is leaving? Where will we ever go to get our daily dose of vitriol and hate?

    Does anyone think that Mud_Sling actually went back and read any of the drivel that he wrote and felt a little dirty?

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. 10th,
    I've never herded pigs. I don't doubt that they are disagreeable to catch.

    On the bright side you and yours survived it all and now you have a lot of work.

    Plus now we won't have mud visiting. He never contributed to the discussion anyway. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  8. My impression is that Mud had an awakening. Notice the best wishes remark. Maybe being around us brings out the worst in him, so he will stay away to save his religion?

    I think Mud gave us plenty to talk about. We may find ourselves looking for a new idiot.

  9. Whenever he actually did try to remain civil and use logic, he was treated like a man...and then ruin it for himself by posting something from way out in moonbat land.
    My guess is that he worried about his moonbat buddies popping in and seeing him using logic and, debating points and, kicking him out of the circle of nuts.

  10. I've always believed in the "It takes a village montra". I just don't think the government should be the ones telling us to do it.

    It should be our morales, our beliefs, our love for our fellow man, that make us want to help others in need. After reading your post, I'm proud to call you my 'Blog' buddy...........

  11. JOB,
    That's the way it is supposed to work. I've spent the last days cutting trees from my neighbors houses and from the power lines.

    We haven't seen the first asshat from the gubbermint and don't expect to. Our roads are cleared (thanks to locals) and the power is back on. No one is hungry. All is good.

    I red states, disasters bring out the best in folks.

    Gee... no one was murdered, raped, or robbed...WTF!!!

  12. Hey all,

    Two days have come and gone, and I am tired, but no more tree on the roof, and I've finished two other jobs and put in estimates on about 15 more. So far, no one has seen an insurance adjuster, or a FEMA rep. Does anyone miss Mud yet? I wish he'd call the government and get us some money down here.

  13. Hardnox,
    I saw ONE news story about 2 looters who burglarized a house and got nailed...unfortunately they weren't shot but, caught is good enough.

  14. TGP,
    Those FEMA reps only go where news cameras are present.

    Last year up here, we had a tornado roll through and flatten a few neighborhoods, the police station. and the high school. FEMA decided it wasn't enough to get concerned about.

    I guess the upside to weather damage is that it will keep you busy working on least until next week when Obama announces his new jobs package speech then, I'm sure you'll be so busy you'll have to farm some work out to subcontractors.

  15. Sepp,

    I'm sure Obama is about to fix this whole mess. In fact, I think I'll just sit around and wait for him.

  16. TGP,
    Don't be contented with just sitting around waiting for Obama to deliver the promise land to you!

    While you're waiting, you're entitled...well, actually, obligated to complain that no rescuers would land choppers while you were shooting at them and, that $2000 debit card they gave you wasn't enough to cover the bar tab at the strip joint and, it's unfair that they haven't given you a seperate card for food!

    Then, when things get back to normal, complain some more that the maid has stopped comming to clean the FEMA trailer!

  17. Tenth,

    I know why FEMA might not have stopped by - do you have a Waffle House in the neighborhood? According to the Wall Street Journal, FEMA's arrival is scientific based on the Waffle House index:

    "Then there is what he calls the "Waffle House Index."

    "Green means the restaurant is serving a full menu, a signal that damage in an area is limited and the lights are on. Yellow means a limited menu, indicating power from a generator, at best, and low food supplies. Red means the restaurant is closed, a sign of severe damage in the area or unsafe conditions."

    "If you get there and the Waffle House is closed?" FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate has said. "That's really bad. That's where you go to work."