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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hell, Mud's right, Let's elect BO

On another blog, I mentioned that the RNC is trying to give us a "Ferdinand the Bull" in Mitt Romney.  Ferdinand was the bull who would rather sniff flowers than fight.  Willard gives me the same impression.  I have absolutely no faith in him to take the fight to the Democrats.  Hell, I think he is a Democrat.

What we really need right now is a candidate who is ruthless in his attacks on the Dems, the President, every damn liberal he gets in his sights.  I have the perfect analogy, if not the perfect candidate.  What we need is a fellow named BO.  No, not Barak Obama.  I'm talking about a bull named Bodacious.

It is fairly easy to imagine Democrats like Harry Reid and especially Nancy Pelosi as clowns.  Hell, its hard to imagine them as anything but.  What we need is a candidate that is going to tromp, stomp and trample these clowns.  And when the broken pieces all settle down, we need a candidate that will turn around and shit on them.

In the current field, I think Newt Gingrich is the one doing the best job of stomping Obama and his evil minions.  But I'd sure like to see the rest of them pile on.  That would be more of a Spanish twist to my story:

Ah, but I can dream, can't I?


  1. Your comparison of Ferdinand to Bodacious is certainly appropriate. That sums it up perfectly.

    The latest announcement by the RNC "NOT TO ATTACK" obama is weinerism (a new word) to the nth degree. Newt has surged in the polls BECAUSE he has attacked zero and not attacked his fellow candidates.

    The RNC is dead wrong on the mood of the electorate. We are PISSED and we want our candidate (whoever he may be) to attack zero on his record and declare what they would do to fix the mess that we are in.

    I'm still a Perry fan but Newt is taking it to zero and I like it. Newt is an establishment guy and that concerns me. He is one of those types that believes government can fix everything whereas Perry believes in smaller government.

    Btw, screwing with bulls is really dumb. I used to raise them and they can eff you up real quick. The spanish bulls are especially mean. I've roped those badboys as steer (nutted bulls for you city slickers) and they are as fresh 5 hours later as the first time we roped them. They are little but mean as shit.

  2. Hardnox,

    Many of my cousins from Oklahoma had big enough balls to get on one, but I never have. I have had plenty of experience in the pen, but I ain't gettin in the chute.

    I still like Perry; he has a lot going for him, but I am very concerned with debating Obama. Newt will call him a liar, and look good doing it. I'm not sure Perry can out-talk the other BO, but I'd like to see him take him outside.

  3. I think the RNC should be going after Obama full bore.

    They should be pointing out his failed ideas, his foolish gaffs, his ineptitude, his obvious disdain for America, his record past and present, his sleazy associates and associations, his collection of closet communists he's letting create policy as czars, his corrupt green jobs scams, his corrupt justice department, trillions he's spent with no accountability, kissing the asses of America's enemies while shitting on our allies, funding and training the arab spring for the islamists to take over entire countries who will now be hostile toward us!

    No, I think the RNC is making a huge mistake in letting any of that shit slide.
    They need to be reminding America constantly of what they have in the whitehouse and, what to expect if they leave him there.

    Part of the reason we ended up with this clown was because nobody had the balls to confront him and force some answers from him.

  4. I wholeheartedly concur. I have never liked people who attempt to befriend the enemy, from Hanoi Jane Fonda, to Hanoi John Kerry.

    I did not like it when Sarah Palin said Obama was out to change America into a socialist state, then in the next breath said he's a nice guy. The two are NOT compatible. He IS the enemy, and he should be treated as such.

  5. Tenth,
    HN beat me here and has left me very little wiggle room to say a damn word! Tell HN to throw a guy a bone every now and then! LMAO

    I have the same concern about Next as HN. But, he is the only one that can shoot Obuma's light's out with just his words. The other Repub's are to damn busy bashing each other. That tells me; the others cannot see the big picture, so I don't want those narrow minded people running our country.

  6. Hey guys,

    There you go beating up on the GOP again. Check this out:

    There's more at:

    Check out the NRSC assault:

    There's more here:

  7. Sense,

    Thanks for the links; all very good information and all I was already aware of. I do not believe having a healthy debate and each person being able to point out their perceived weaknesses of the GOP is a bad thing. Conservative's analyze,stay informed,do research, debate among themselves...etc. We do not play follow the Sheppard. That is a trait of a Democrat; uninformed, no desire to research actual facts, no willingness to debate among themselves...etc. They ignorantly and simply vote by pulling the big lever with the head of a Jackass on it and have no clue what the person they just voted for believes in. Yes, I am willing to see and express the weaknesses of my own party. That does not mean I will not vote for my party. Conservative's act upon our precious freedom of speech; Democrat's only tell lies about Republicans.

  8. Dave,

    Great point. I am not a member of either party, so I don't have the rabid fan derangement syndrome. My personal opinion is the Republicans should trade Romney for a Dimwit to be named later.

  9. Common Snse,

    My brother the RNC came out yesterday and said to treat Obama nice. (See my blog).

    It FAILED for Juan McShamnesty.

    The RNC is run by quislings who GO ALONG to GET ALONG!

    Hell, Congress, both D&R are insider trading and screwing US over by forcing us to pick from Turd #1 or Turd #2.

    I USED to be a generous RNC donor but after 2008? Not one thin dime. Why? because the RNC refuses to FIGHT the Socialists who use EVERY WEAPON at their disposal.

    WHY didn't the RNC come to Cain's like the DNC did for BJ Bubba, Weiner, Client #9, Frozen Money Jefferson, and on and on?

    THIS is why we attack the RNC and GOP, sorry brother, but we're sick of their bullsh*t.

  10. TGP,

    I'm thinking of a Gingrich/Perry ticket. I CAN get behind that because Rick will keep Newt from straying from the path of Conservative righteousness and Newt can school Rick on speaking in public debate-wise, and then set the stage for a Perry Presidency 2020!

    What say ye?

  11. Gunny,
    I'm an board with that plan. I'm OK with a Perry/Gingrich ticket too.

  12. Gunny,

    I could vote for that ticket. I really just want to see the rest of the pack pounce on the Dems and tear them to pieces.

  13. Gunny,

    I can't support that line of reasoning. I don't give money to the RNC either, but only so that I can direct my money to my selected candidates. I do belong to my local committee and I support it financially. I'm in a pissing contest with my State organization - but that's another matter.

    If there were an alternative to the Republican Party, I would consider it - there is not. The TEA movement isn't a "Party" by any reasonable definition and if they had to embrace an entire platform then they would be . . . . . the Republican Party.

    I laugh every time Hannity corrects someone and says "I'm not a Republican, I'm a registered Conservative." That's just stupid.

    The failings of individuals be they Romney, Gingrich, Perry, or otherwise don't paint the Party in a bad light.

    I think that having the mainstream candidates avoid personal attacks on Obama is smart. There is an entire world of people to do that so we don't need our candidates sinking to that level. Hannity, Levin, Limbaugh, Boortz, and a hundred others beat Obama like a drum and that kind of attack did not resonate with the American people. There is no reason to believe it will this time.

    All this RINO rhetoric is just so much BS. Sorry brother - you're way off base on this one. I've made that case before. Nothing has changed.

    We need to run a clean and up-beat contest that will appeal to a broad spectrum of people we call "Republicans." We conservatives can't carry the day by ourselves - that's simple mathematics - there aren't enough of us.

    Bashing fellow Republicans just plays into the hands of the bad guys. We need to build a coalition of principled people to win.

  14. CS,

    What are the qualifications for being a Republican? I think they are nothing more than saying you are one. If Romney or Huntsman or a slew of other "Republicans" were running around saying they were Marines, you'd be all over them. Why do you see it as okay for them to lie about being Republicans?

    I absolutely disagree with you that Romney is a better choice than Obama simply because he isn't Obama. And I believe Romney is exactly like John Kerry. You wouldn't support John Kerry, would you? After all, he's not Obama.

  15. Sense,
    As you, I'm a Republican by default; due to a two party system. Yes, I am a conservative, but don't spout the idiocy of Hannity. I also believe "personal" attacks only accomplishes the person perpetrating them to look bad. It is always wiser to take the higher road and avoid "personal" attacks; the voters don't want to hear that sh*t!

    I would like to see a lot more attacks on Obama's political failure's and lack of ability to lead our country by the Republican's in lieu of them constantly bashing each other.

  16. Tenth,

    My comment above was not about Mitt Romney - but for the record I have absolutely no idea where all this angst about Romney comes from. He is not my first choice but to say that he wouldn't be a vast, orders of magnitude improvement over Obama simply defies reality. He is not John Kerry either whether or not you think so.

    Your words, Gunny's, and others are extreme and do not describe reality. They are the very definition of hyperbole.

    Is Mitt Romney a Republican? Of course he is. We are a fairly big tent and we will need to be to win. You see winning is what elections are all about. But you guys are wearing yourselves out long before the first American casts a primary ballot.

    I want to win. Right now my money, my effort, and my loyalty is to Rick Perry. If he is on the ballot when we Virginians go to the polls I will pull the lever for Rick Perry. But I'm not going to demonize Mitt Romney in the meantime. We could do one helluva lot worse (Ron Paul comes to mind).

    All this talk about flip-flopping is silly too. Rick Perry changed Parties (as did Ronald Reagan and Charlton Heston), Newt Gingrich changed his religious denomination and his wife three times, and I could go on. Being consistent when you are wrong is no virtue - witness Barack Hussein Obama's dogged determination to be wrong. Changing your opinion on the basis of new and relevant information is no vice.

  17. CS,

    I agree that a man can change. My assessment of Romney, however, is that he is a panderer, just like John Kerry. I firmly believe Mitt is doing a poor job of trying to say what he thinks we want to hear. And in my opinion, the only reason he is a Republican is because he says so.

    I will vote against Obama. Since I am not a party member, and our primary is after its all said and done, I won't get to use the ballot box to show my disgust for Willard, so I will do it here, and now. And tomorrow.

    I could vote for any of the other candidates (except Paul) with a clear conscience. If I ever cast a vote for Romney, I will hate that I did it. I despise him, and I find him to be as lacking in character as Ted Kennedy. Well, that's a little extreme, but at least as lacking as John Kennedy.

  18. One other thing:

    To say that Romney will be a vast improvement over Obama is ridiculous. My two year old would be a vast improvement over Obama.

    Hell, we all agree he's the worst POTUS ever, so how can we use him as the comparison for our candidate? "He's better than Obama." Shit, who isn't? Why don't we use, as our model, say Reagan? Or even Ford for Christ's sake? We can set the bar way higher than Obama.

  19. All

    In my opinion; the worst thing that can happen in 2012 is Obuma getting another four years. So, it is my personally belief that any nominee the GOP puts forth will be better than Obuma. By not voting for any GOP that gets the nod to be our next possible President you have basically cast your vote for Obuma.

  20. Dave,
    Ditto here. I'm no Romney fan either. My guy is Perry and if he's still on the ballot in March I will vote for him.

    If Romney is the candidate that the majority choses then I will vote for him the same way that I voted for Juan McAmnesty, holding my nose. Regardless who our candidate is we need to place good conservatives in both houses for the new POTUS to be effective and to keep him straight.

    Common Sense is correct. We don't have the numbers.

    We can all push for our favorites but in the end we need to get zero out of office.

  21. Fellas,

    If we put up a man that believes in the Constitution, we will win. The polls showing a close race are bullshit. Obama has burned his bridges. If the Dems put him up again, which they are running out of time to decide, they will lose. We should not waste this crisis, to quote Rahmbo. This is our opportunity to get a real conservative like Reagan back in charge. If we blow it with a limp biscuit like Romney, we run the chance of getting the Dems back in 2016.

    Romney is unacceptable.

  22. Tenth,

    I'm of the same opinion as HN and did the same in 2008. I too have my personal favorite (not Mitt) that I would like to see at the top of the GOP ticket. But, come Nov of 2012; I will look at the bigger picture. I believe Obama will be nominated for re-election and he must go. If it's not Obama; probably Hitler Clinton and that could be even more of a disaster! I cannot look past 2012 at this point and worry about 2016. If Obama is not kicked out in 2012 or Hitler Clinton is top of the Dumbocrat ticket; we may not even have the right to vote anymore come 2016. Even with Mitt; I don't worry about my ability to vote in 2016.

  23. Dave,

    I think Obama can't win, no matter who runs against him. So I think we need to use this opportunity to get a real Constitutional conservative in office.

    When playing chess, or when conducting more important campaigns, you have to plan ahead. You should have an educated guess about the reactions to your moves and be able to counter them before they happen. Moving a pawn like Romney forward now is a dumb move. We have Obama in check - finish him off.

  24. I know my two cents about this subject does not matter much here. But trust me, from a proud Life-Long Chicagoan, anyone BUT Obama is the correct answer. Whether it's Mitt Romney, or Catcher's Mitt, anything is better.

  25. Tenth,

    Perfect analogy using chess. I've played chess for over 30 years now. When I lose at chess; I can simply walk away knowing I've lost nothing of great value...not quite the same when playing chess to pick the next GOP Pres nominee.

    I do not move Romney forward like a pawn; Romney is not my man. IE. I don't donate to Romney, I don't promote Romney, I will not vote for Romney in my primary and I will not sign anything stating I support Romney. I will do none of these things up to the date of who the mass collective have chosen for the GOP Pres nominee.

    I would "love" to get a real conservative as our GOP nominee. But, my "love" may not become reality once the masses have spoken. That is simply our system and neither of us can change our system. So, if Romney is chosen by the masses for the GOP nominee; I will set aside my difference's and vote for him in the 2012 election. Who else am I suppose to vote for at that point? Obama? Or should I just sit on the sidelines and not vote, because Romney is not my man? To me; that is "the" ultimate dumb move. I hope we all learned that lesson in 2008, while assisting ushering Obama into office by not voting against him...purely because...a lot of people didn't like McCain. Hell; I didn't like McCain and he was not my man during the run up of choosing the GOP Pres nominee. But, I voted for McCain because I knew there was no way he could screw up our country as badly as Obama. To me, in the final election our system offers two choices and two choices only: "In for a penny; in for a pound" or "no vote; no gripe."

  26. Dave,

    My main point is that we ran a limp dick like Romney last time, and lost. We need a real conservative. No one wants a wimpy candidate. We need a firebrand of conservatism to encourage the masses to get out and vote. Enthusiasm is the answer, and Romney doesn't have or inspire it.

  27. Tenth,

    I agree with your last comment 100%! Hopefully, one will rise to the top through the primary process.