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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Impeachable Offense

This guy is unbelievable.  "Sitting out the month"?  An absolute failure as a leader, his press secretary should tell him to shut up.

"Obama, who's spending the week on Martha's Vineyard with his family before his two girls start the school year, said he's sitting out the month..."

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  1. The douche might actually be doing all of America a favor. He should stay on vacation until November 2012.

  2. The clown expects to be judged on whether things continued to get better?
    I'll judge him on that if things get better.

  3. Things are getting better, aren't they? Unemployment is up, inflation is up, gas is up. Things are looking up. Go Obama!

  4. Obama is actually making people miss Jimmy Carter at this point.

  5. Sepp,

    What a hateful thing to say. But true.

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  7. 10th and friends,

    I just got back from a trip to Costco and some radio time with Hannity. He was going over polling results with Dick Morris. Interesting. As 10th has pointed out that though miserable - Obama's general approval rating is surprisingly high at 42%.

    However Morris pointed out that by category (economy, jobs, budget, etc.) Obama's approval rating are in the 20s. You might recall that polling in the United States has been consistent for decades in that about 20% of respondents self describe themselves as Liberals (Democrats, Socialists, Progressives, whatever). Given that statistic, we can't really expect Comrade Obama's approval rating to ever dip below 20%. It's there in all meaningful categories - he's at rock bottom.

    He won't fall below the low 20s until we hear Mud_Sling say he's voting for the Republican candidate. Of course that ain't gonna happen.