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Monday, September 26, 2011

Obama Attacks Republicans on West Coast Tour

Obama: GOP Would 'Cripple America'

This guy cracks me up.  Except I've laughed so hard that tears are running down my face.

Verb1.cripple - deprive of strength or efficiency; make useless or worthless; "This measure crippled our efforts"; "Their behavior stultified the boss's hard work"

The GOP would cripple America?  Just what kind of shape does this idiot think America is in now?
A few examples of the above definition.    An economy crippled by inflation and high taxes.  Looks to me like observations on Obama.  And the son-of-a-bitch has lost millions of jobs.  Look at the un- and under-employment numbers.  Obama is crippling America.

Jobs are a major concern in California, where unemployment stands at 12.1 percent, highest of any state except Nevada.
California and Nevada, home to Obama's two staunchest supporters, are in depression.  California's numbers would be even worse, but many Californians have left the state for greener pastures, most notably Texas, home of GOP candidate Rick Perry.  But the GOP will cripple America?  This guy must have found Bill Clinton's stash.

 "Californians voted for him by 24 points in 2008 and the Democrats and nonpartisans were the backbone of his support and he's losing some of that now," DiCamillo said. "They're looking for Obama to do something."

How about resigning?  That would provide an instant boost to the economy.

State or District↓Unemployment rate
(seasonally adjusted)↓
Monthly percent change
(decrease=drop in unemployment)↓
Puerto Rico16.0increase 0.5%
Nevada13.4increase 0.5%
California12.1increase 0.1%
Michigan11.2increase 0.3%
District of Columbia11.1increase 0.3%
South Carolina11.1increase 0.2%
Florida10.7steady 0.0%
Rhode Island10.6decrease 0.2%
North Carolina10.4increase 0.3%
Mississippi10.3decrease 0.1%
Georgia10.2increase 0.1%
Alabama9.9decrease 0.1%
Illinois9.9increase 0.4%
Tennessee9.7decrease 0.1%
Oregon9.6increase 0.1%
Kentucky9.5steady 0.0%
New Jersey9.4decrease 0.1%
Arizona9.3decrease 0.1%
Washington9.3steady 0.0%
Idaho9.2decrease 0.2%
Ohio9.1increase 0.1%
United States (mean)[5]9.1decrease 0.1%
Connecticut9.0decrease 0.1%
Missouri8.8increase 0.1%
Indiana8.7increase 0.2%
Colorado8.5steady 0.0%
Texas8.5increase 0.1%
Arkansas8.3increase 0.1%
Pennsylvania8.2increase 0.4%
Delaware8.1steady 0.0%
West Virginia8.1steady 0.0%
New York8.0steady 0.0%
Wisconsin7.9increase 0.3%
Montana7.8increase 0.1%
Alaska7.7steady 0.0%
Maine7.6decrease 0.1%
Utah7.6increase 0.1%
Massachusetts7.4decrease 0.2%
Maryland7.3increase 0.2%
Louisiana7.2decrease 0.4%
Minnesota7.2steady 0.0%
Kansas6.7increase 0.2%
New Mexico6.6decrease 0.1%
Virginia6.3increase 0.2%
Hawaii6.2increase 0.1%
Iowa6.1increase 0.1%
Vermont5.9increase 0.2%
Wyoming5.8increase 0.1%
Oklahoma5.6steady 0.0%
New Hampshire5.3increase 0.1%
South Dakota4.7steady 0.0%
Nebraska4.2steady 0.0%
North Dakota3.5increase 0.2%

 Seven of the top eight states on the unemployment chart above voted for Obama in '08.  Think they'll do it again?  My guess is that California will.

A guy walks in to the doctor and says, "It hurts when I do this."  The doc says, "Quit doing that."  Dems:  Quit doing that!


  1. Tenth,

    You don't mean to imply that this is Obama's fault do you? (Dripping Sarcasm - Liberals wouldn't have detected that)

    2006 BP (Before Pelosi) the Nation's unemployment rate was at 4.6 - with her Party in charge (Democrats, Socialists, Progressives, whatever) it rose to 5.8% and in 2007 Obama took to where it is today - 9.1%.

    But it's the Republicans that you have to fear. (For Libs - that's Sarcasm) America can't be that stupid anymore. Obama is the disease and Republicans are the cure.

  2. CS,

    I thought I was pretty clear - no "implication", but straight out accusation.

  3. What Obama meant was "The GOP is going to cripple the leftists".

    His delusions of shaming America before the world and, destroying her economic power...those dreams of his father's...will be gone.

    The core of leftism sees "fairness" as our country being cut off at the knees in order to make us more equal with other countries...which is the same ideals they use when trying to make the poor richer by making the rich poorer.

    I intend to be the proverbial baseball bat who kisses the kneecap of liberalism. It's an ideal that should have been phased out by natural selection long ago.