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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Come get it

Hey Libtards,

If you really think violence is necessary, let me explain the rules:
Rules for a gun-fight:
1) Bring a gun.
2) Bring more than one gun if you have it.
3) Bring all of your friends with their guns.'s very simple.

So anytime you're ready, kick it off.


  1. Funny how these lefties are screaming for a violent revolution. These asshats would shit razorblades if the lights went out for more than a few hours.

    I doubt that any of these jagoffs know what a firefight is. Their version is a video game which is about as much reality as their protest demands.

    I'm getting really tired of their threats.

    When they get bored these asshats will begin to break stuff, then its wood shampoo time from the cops. After the first shot is fired they will all scramble home to mom's basement all the while the media will declare them heroes.

  2. Tenth,

    Great one - I don't think that a little pepper spray is going to get them ready for a real revolution.

  3. Yeah! We'll have a gun fight just like that former Marine started in California. God, it's like shooting fish in a barrel. I just love that we get to kill anybody who disagrees with us! This is what democracy is all about.

  4. Jeff,

    That wasn't a gunfight, it was a massacre. And none of us are interested in killing anyone because they disagree with us. We will not let nuts like you start a fight that we won't finish. So tell your nut-job friends that if they start a gunfight, they'll die in a gun fight.

  5. Tully,

    I guess those dead women didn't know your "Rules for a gun-fight" with a former Marine. Maybe you could print up some flyers and post them in beauty salons so they'll know next time. Oh, but what if the shooter doesn't call ahead or what if the beauty salons aren't interested in gunfights?

  6. NW Ohio Libtard,

    You mean like the Leftist kook did in Arizona or the libtard college professor did to her fellow libtard professors?

    Stop trying to cloud the issue. if you libscum start a ruckus, WE'LL FINISH IT! It is YOUR SIDE that is calling for a violent revolution and your piece of shit potus who is trying to fundamentally change America.

    WE WILL RESIST and if a few libtards get whacked in the process, oh well, buzzards gotta eat too.

  7. Ah, but we still control the military. And the justice system. And the money as I doubt most of you pay taxes. And many of us were in the military; we're the college educated ones you saluted (you know, the brains of the operation). I remember calling your type "rocks".

    I'm sure there is some government agency that would be very interested in your group's constant threat of killing people and starting a revolution. I believe the charges might include treason against the United States government. You're just the kind of soldiers the Muslim terrorists recruit. Your parents must be so proud.

    And since there are at least three of you commenters (can't count Sepp because his military service record keeps changing) who claim to be former Marines. maybe after all these repeated killings of innocent people by current and former Marines, something can be done to get you fromer Marines the therapy you so badly need.

    (And someone needs to do a little more research. The shooter in Tucson was one of your boys. See, your words do have an effect and not in a good way.)

    And you really shouldn't mess with people who out smart you. Brains win wars, not brawn. You do realize that you're defense against opposing views so far is to censure the opposition. That sure sounds like a dictatorship, not a democracy, to me. Oh, I guess you may have not taken government classes in high school as it was probably only offered to upper class students.

    As your hero Herman Cain says, don't blame others for the failure that is your life. Just go a long with his 9-9-9 tax system (I want to buy some nice things).

  8. Jeff,

    Your post, as stupid as it is, got published here.

    If you think for one minute that officers do the thinking in the military, it proves you never served. And in a recent court decision, you can go to prison for stealing valor, which means lying about your military service.

    I still invite you to take up arms against me. You will lose.

  9. And you really shouldn't mess with people who out smart you. Brains win wars, not brawn. You do realize that you're defense against opposing views so far is to censure the opposition.

    NON- I find it funny that your misuse of the word "You're" comes after your statement about out smarting people...Just sayin' LOLOL

  10. Johnny,

    He sure is smart, ain't he? We don't hardly no how to swalk and talk, but he's a right smart feller. Or vice versa.

  11. N.W.,
    Do you even bother reading before you comment?

    No one here is advocating violence. As a matter of fact we are all against it. The left are the ones advocating for the violent overthrow of our way of life. You are obviously not paying attention.

    The only thing that we absolutely will do is defend our country. That said, if the left starts a shooting war, we on the right will finish it. That is simply a fact.

    You imply that you were a military officer. Not possible.

    You are a pretender and nothing more.

  12. "Ah, but we still control the military. And the justice system."

    You sure about that?

    Regardless of who's in charge, the military took an oath to defend the constitution from domestic vermin.

    And, during a civil war, there is no justice system you fool.

    Do you think that amidst the violence, there will be cops arresting people and driving them to jail?
    No. The cops will be home defending their families from leftists who called for violence!

    Keep in mind jackass that it's your "brainy" bretheren calling for civil war without first considering the consequences involved.
    So, during your civil war, how are you going to feed those folks?
    Do you think that while violence is raging, trucks are still going to deliver food to stores and emplyees of those places are going to dodge the violence and report to work because they're so loyal to walmart?
    Guess again.
    When your revolutionary friends run out of stuff to loot, they're comming for YOUR stuff.

    I watched an entire populace in Yugoslavia who's survival depended on food being delivered from outside of the urban areas and I saw grown men eating baby food that was sent to feed babies...except the babies couldn't defend what was theirs.

    So you go right on ahead with your "brainy" friends who want this and encourage them to get it started.
    It'll be my pleasure to watch your bad idea fail once and for all.