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Friday, October 14, 2011

Rep. Jesse Jackson Calls on Government to Hire All Unemployed Americans for $40,000 Each

What is in the water in Chicago?  Jesus please tell me this guy is a comedian.

Where the hell does Jesse Jr. think the governments money comes from?  You cannot generate wealth by providing a service, you must produce a product.  Giving anyone a government paycheck is basically welfare, since no government agency produces a salable product.  Granted, some of the services the government provides are very nice, like the tools for national defense, and such nice things like cops and firemen, when those services actually do what we pay them for.  But for the most part, government services have been created to give people jobs.  And then no one ensures that those government employees actually do their jobs, so most of the money is just wasted.

Jesse Jackson Jr. is obviously an idiot.  I guess he gets it honestly, though.


  1. Tenth,

    That particular nut didn't fall far from the moron tree. But more to your point - "where do they think . . . ?" They don't think - they emote. It would make Jesse Jr. feel good to give 14 million people $40K a year - that's what is important to him.

    For a Liberal (Democrat, Progressive, Socialist, whatever) there is no tomorrow. Don't worry - be happy.

  2. Isn't he the same moron that got laptop computers for school kids that ended up in pawn shops by 3 PM on the same day?

    Jackson is definitely a poster child for Term Limits.

  3. I just wish that ONE reporter would have asked him where he was going to get the money.

    Regardless, the occupier crowd keeps saying they're the beginning of the revolution and, using violence isn't out of the question (their words)
    So, Jesse jr's idea might just be his way to appease them in order to save his own scams.

    His father has made millions by suckering the welfare class out of their money...junior is doing the math and dreaming about what he could bilk from them if they all got 40 grand instead of the average 22 grand.

  4. Hardnox,
    The laptops for pawnshops scam was Kwame Kilpatrick the jailed mayor of Detroit.

  5. H-Nox,

    Wasn't Jesse Jr. the one who nearly got caught in the Blagojevich scandal?

  6. Maybe he figures Obummer can give Ol Love Puppy Jackson a job shaking down companies for the money. After all, he has the experience for it.

  7. Sepp,
    I stand corrected. Thank you. I got the wrong communist state. They all look the same.

    Common Sense,
    Yes indeed, the one and the same. Funny how that fell off the radar.

  8. Hey all-

    1st- Jackson Jr. was trying too get appointed to Obama's Senate seat. Maybe word of F.B.I. wiretaps came filtering down. At which time he chose too cut and run.

    2nd- Yes, one of the wonderful programs afforded to the welfare crowd were free laptops for kids. Along with I-Pads, and free cell-phones for qualifying applicants. Make no mistake about it, it's not the kids fault, it's their dirtbag parents selling off this shit. Welfare is a culture all in it's own, passed down too the kids, which leads to my idea of reproductive rights of citizens' who are dredges upon society. But now you'd be talking about communism, and I know how you all feel about that.

    3- Suckering the welfare class is not how Jackson makes their millions. The welfare class just keeps them in office, which could lead to a discussion about the voting rights of unproductive U.S. citizens. But again, that would probably be some sort of communism.

    4- The Jackson's money comes from their private businesses. Such as their beer distributor ownership. Then they will use the Rainbow Push Coalition to threaten businesses with boycotts, if their distributorship is not used.

    If you happen too run into a black man/woman from Chicago who is educated, or a self-starter type, ask him/her about the Jacksons. They would tell you, that the Jackson family is the worst detriment too the black race.

  9. Never EVER trust a Reverend without a church, or his son for that matter. Con men plain and simple.

  10. Jesse Jr. has enough of his own problems. From Today's The Washington Times:

    "Ethics panel extends Jackson investigation

    The House Ethics Committee has extended its investigation of Illinois Democratic Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.

    The committee is investigating whether Mr. Jackson or someone acting on his behalf offered to raise funds for then-Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich in return for an appointment to the Senate seat vacated by President Obama.

    The committee said Tuesday there was no longer a request to defer the case. That request had come from the Justice Department.

    Blagojevich, who won two terms as Illinois governor, was convicted in June of a wide range of corruption charges, including trying to sell the Senate seat.

    Mr. Jackson has acknowledged he was “Senate Candidate A” in the Blagojevich criminal complaint, one of several candidates whom authorities say the former governor considered for the Senate seat."

    He ought to take his corrupt butt back to Chicago.

  11. You called this one TGP. The $40,000 scheme is a little suspect since all sources of the comment lead back to the DAILY CALLER (not a very reliable source). However, there is an abundance of information regarding his shady dealings. He on is more than one listing of the most corrupt congressmen.

    This is a prime example of what happens when people vote straight ticket. His father probably pulled some strings to get him on the Democrat ticket and he won even though the Republican candidate was more than likely a better choice.

  12. Just to get onto something of more importance than the usual pap---

    Tenth stated, You cannot generate wealth by providing a service, you must produce a product.

    Really? Let me make a statement, then I'll expect others to try to trash my answer.

    Most of the top 1% 'generate their wealth' through dividends off of their investments. By the way, they only pay 15% tax on them, as you all well know.

    So then, a 'product' is not necessary to generate wealth.

  13. Mud,

    The top 1% are only taxed 15% on investments because that the money they put into those investments has already been taxed. They are in effect being double taxed - that money came from their labor and was taxed at 35%.

    That's why that entire Buffett Rule was a load of crap. Buffett's salary was taxed at exactly the same level as his secretary (unless she was in a lower tax bracket - unlikely) as was all the income that he earned in prior years. Then when he earned interest or dividends on that money, he was taxed again.

    This is why we have to stop manipulating the tax system. Flat tax is the only fair way to do it.

  14. CS- did you see the stunt that the goofy Tea Party representative, Tim Huelskamp, pulled as he asked Warren Buffett to release his 2010 tax return?

    Apparently Huelswkamp couldn't believe that someone as rich as Buffett would be taxed at a rate lower than his office workers.

    Buffett has said he earned $62 million in 2010 but was only required to pay taxes on 17.4% of his income.

    CS- do you think [as you pointed out above] that he already paid 35% on his assets? I don't think so. If you have the data on that, I'd be happy to see it.

  15. Mud,

    You are again mixing apples with Goose turds again - and you didn't read my response.

    The Federal government has manipulated the tax code to advantage some types of income. That's wrong and ultimately it has been destructive.

    Pay close attention - you got lost last time. Warren Buffett's SALARY for which he received a W-2 form was taxed at exactly the same rate as his secretary unless she was in a lower tax bracket than Buffett. With me so far?

    The Federal government (the same people you put so much trust in) chooses not to tax money that Buffett has already earned and already taxed when Buffett invests those dollars because it is advantageous for the United States as a whole to have Buffett invest capital. Even the most dense Federal bureaucrat knows that if Buffett invests a dollar in the market place the country is better off than it would be if he gave that same dollar to the Federal (or any other) government. Still with me?

    In that way the Federal government encourages trillions of dollars to move to specific sectors of the economy. Think housing mortgage deductions, charitable deductions, and yes lower tax rates on investments. How well does that work?

    The "Evil Rich" are frequently responding to the whims of a fickle government. The law of unintended consequences virtually guarantees that the government will screw it up. If you made it this far - Bravo!

    All that crap about Buffett paying a lower tax rate than his secretary was a red herring. The only people that believed that were the Low Information Voters (LIV's) that you and your fellows are so critical off. That line of argument was designed to appeal to and inflame morons.

    If Buffett's secretary structured her personal income and investments proportionately the same way that Buffett had structured his, then she would have paid the exact same cumulative tax rate as Buffett. That is the way the law works.

    Are you serious? You don't get this?

    This is why the flat tax would be so beneficial to the country as a whole. It's imminently fair and it would take the class warfare card right off the table. Of course that's probably why Democrats (Socialists, Progressives, Liberals, whatever) don't want it.

  16. CS - I bet a earned a ton more than you in 2010 and I bet paid a hell of a lot less tax than you did. You have just proved you know nothing of the U.S. Tax Code.

    The W-2 form does not dictate how much tax you are going to pay. Some people have to pay more with their return, some get a tax refund. Still with me? Then you got your earned income and unearned income. Lost yet? Then there's capital gains.

    And now you bring up the flat tax. Since this is TGP's blog, I'll use him as an example. He works for a living, his wife works and he's still young enough to have children at home. If a flat tax were implemented his family's income tax would go through the roof. You call yourself a "Christian" but you sure don't act like one. When I was growing up my parents claimed me as an exemption because this Country deems having children something special. So do I. His children deserve just what we got, a nice childhood and parents who don't have to work three jobs to pay taxes. There will come a day when his children move on and make TGP a grandpa and his tax rate will start to climb, but right now he needs the money to raise his family.

    I'm sure a lost you a while back so here's something for you to chew on: The flat tax rate plans they're talking about include no deductions - INCLUDING FOR KIDS - and Cain's plan even includes a lower rate for inner city folks (and I don't think TGP is planning on moving).

    By the way, anyone saying they cast a vote even though they knew nothing about the candidate is about the most irresponsible voter action I've ever heard.

  17. N.W. Ohio,

    I didn't say that the W-2 defined what taxes you pay. I used the W-2 to define salary for Mud. Buffett's taxes are complex as you in-artfully point out. To compare a secretary's tax computation to Warren Buffett's is ludicrous now just as it was when it first was reported. The point is that Buffett's SALARY is treated EXACTLY the same as the secretary's SALARY.

    Where the comparison goes off the rails is how Buffett spends that money which brings in deductions. Your angry, inarticulate tirade is laughable.

    You didn't read or comprehend my response, but then you've proved before that you stop reading when you get to what you want - remember?

    Incidentally. When Buffett's accountant finishes computing his taxes - the figure he comes up with is the MINIMUM that Buffett must pay - if he feels that he should, he can write a bigger check.

    How many people are writing under "N.W. Ohio" anyway? You actually sounded somewhat rational earlier in this string.